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Sae comes from a simple, run of the mill school in Japan. She's a kind, bubbly girl who's eager to make all the friends she can. It's just something she's got to work herself up to! Her goal's to find a boyfriend before she graduates school, but given her stutters and nervousness around men it's not proven too successful so far.

Twisted Goings On

In the short time she's here, Sae's managed to make boatloads of friends! Between working at the Usual part time and enrolling in high school, she's met all kinds of amazing people! Rainbow sea-slugs and vampire sirens and three headed puppies galore! And best of all, she's already found herself an adorable cuddly-cute girlfriend in the form of one Flandre, willingly giving herself as a 'thrall' to her. It's a strange relationship though! Despite her position, the two are almost always exactly the same as any other girlfriend/girlfriend couple, and half the time Sae's more like a mother for her vampire. Cooking and cleaning around the dorm they share, taking care of all the chores and gently chastising Flan every so often and such! It's a strange, adorable relationship!


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