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Flandre Scarlet
Full Name: Flandre Scarlet

Series: Touhou: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
Class: Magical Girl
Threat Level: Planet Breaker
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Age: 506
Birthdate: June 24
Height: 4'8
Weight: 85 pounds

Short Description: Blond vampire girl with a fancy red dress and rainbow colored wings.

Miscellaneous: While not exactly a weakness, Flandre is not fond at all of garlic due to her diet that consists almost exclusively of candy. She'll often go to ridiculously great lengths to avoid it and is a very effective way of repelling her.

Flandre Scarlet
A short, slim, girl who has only just hit puberty; possessed of an enviably pale and flawless complexion, gorgeous blonde hair tied in a long side-tail, and vividly bright red eyes. Between the big, expressive eyes, her thick, full lashes, and her cute, soft pink lips, her heart-shaped face would be almost childishly adorable were it not for the visibly pointed fangs. Her frame however is markedly lithe and willowy for her apparent age, surprisingly attractive despite her lack of chest due to her curvy little hips. A pair of peculiar wings extend from behind each shoulder, incorporating a skeletal frame of some strange, jet black metal, and feathered with multi-coloured, bladelike crystals affixed in thin-air below.
Flandre Scarlet
TRANSFORMATION: Like the vampires of legend, Flandre can transform from her human form to that of a bat or a cloud of crimson mist. She cannot, however, turn into a wolf or anything else.

REGENERATION: Flandre can regenerate from almost any injury, including complete destruction of her head, and a stake through the heart, though certain injuries will take longer to recover from. Unlike her elder sister, direct sunlight can kill her with enough exposure, and attempting to cross moving water will completely immobilize her. Destroying her through any other means would take significant more effort.

MAGIC/SPELLCARDS: Flandre has powerful inherent magic, which has been refined into several spell-cards for use in formal dueling. Flandre favors raw power and 'trap' style spells in her attacks, using patterns that punish the opponent for making any mistakes or just blasting them with high speed, high power attacks.

FLIGHT: While Flandre's strange wings can't actually keep her aloft on the air, magic can compensate for that! Flan can fly using magical power in the same way as the majority of Gensokyo's residents.

FEEDING: Being a vampire, Flandre can potentially use her ability to feed on blood to heal herself in combat like her sister does...but she'd need to learn how to feed properly first.

CHARM: Like Remilia, Flandre has innate vampiric powers such as mild charm spells. However, Flandre has poor control of them. Occasionally she can use them to convince others to act on her behalf, but she rarely manages to manifest them properly and even stranger still does she use them for anything else other than order people to bring her candy. This charm can, of course, be resisted by those who have sufficient will power.

STRENGTH: Flandre's physical strength exceeds even that of her sister. Where Remilia could crush a boulder with her bare hands, Flandre could likely pommel a whole building with her fists if she had enough reason to.

LAEVATEINN: Flandre wields the legendary sword/wand once held by Loki and said to be used by the fire giant Surt during Ragnarok who used it to burn down the whole wide world!!!! Flandre's own usage of the wand is less impressive, since she lacks the imagination and the skill to fully tap into its powers, however she can still swing it around as a big freaking sword.

POWER TO DESTROY ANYTHING: Flandre has the unique ability to find and crush the 'eye' of an object or creature, causing it to detonate explosively...so long as she can find and crush it's 'eye'. The eye is not a literal term, it refers more to the center or essence of whatever she wants to destroy, like a pressure point. It is, however, possible to dodge Flandre's ability, making her miss and thus unable to destroy them, or, alternatively, it may be possible to shield one's 'eye' or the 'eyes' of others/objects so that Flandre cannot use her ability on them. Furthermore, due to Flandre's own childish inexperience, she often times simply 'forgets' she can do that or she views it as an extremely cheap cop out method for what could otherwise be a fun danmaku match, making her reluctant to even use it unless she really feels like she needs to.

Character Theme: Centennial Festival for Magical Girls
BOSS THEME : UN Owen Was Her


Flandre Scarlet is the secret younger sibling of Remilia Scarlet.

She has lived with her sister in the Scarlet Devil Mansion for over 500 years, though she only appeared in Gensokyo along with her entire home in the Gensokyo Year of 118 (2003 C.E.) during the Scarlet Mist Incident. What transpired in this incident was that Flandre's older sister, Remilia Scarlet, had blanketed Gensokyo with thick reddish mist so that she could walk freely during the day. Her efforts were confronted by Reimu and Marisa, but before the conflict escalated, Remilia revealed that she could simply move during the day using a parasol. The mist had only been created for her own selfish concerns

After the incident and thus being liberated from the basement that confined her, Flandre has had very few adventures, mostly keeping to herself as she has always done hidden in the basement of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Due to the chaotic nature of Gensokyo however, she has take many opportunities to wander into the outside world after residing inside the mansion for 500 years to have her own adventures. Thankfully for everyone, all of these ended with either Reimu and Marisa sending her packing back to the mansion.

Little is known of Flandre before she and her sister appeared in Gensokyo, although Remilia claims that the family descends from Tepes. Remilia didn't specify if she's a descendant from Vlad Tepes exactly, and obviously Flandre doesn't know either way since as far as she is concerned, her only relative is Remilia

Judging from the style of her dress, one is to assume that the Scarlet family descends from Europe, the where specifically is quite unknown and Remilia purposely has left it very vague. Naturally, Flandre has even less idea and she views the Scarlet Mansion as her whole world, having little to no notion of what lays outside the walls of her comfy house.

Flandre is very much a child, despite the fact she is now 506 years old. She has had a very sheltered life, keeping much to herself in the Scarlet Devil Mansion's basement, her social contact restricted to her elder sister and the few fairy maids that deliver her food. Flandre is naive, temperamental, and immature. Before the Scarlet Mist Incident she had never even seen a human, despite having been fed human blood for so long. Her naivet is detrimental both to herself and others. She often wishes to play danmaku with members of the mansion without realizing that she cant hold back at all. Only her sister, Marisa, and Reimu have ever beaten her, and while Flandre likes to play with her elder sister, Remilia is usually sore for weeks afterwards and tries to avoid it.

The girls temper is extremely sensitive. She can go from loving one moment to furious the next with one wrong phrase or one denied request. She is also subject to frequent cabin fever, and even though she respects Remilia and wants to avoid hurting others both for her own sake and her elder sister's, she often tries to escape the mansion anyway.

Flandre is motivated primarily by her love and respect for her elder sister, often doing (at least initially) what Remilia requests of her, though she tends to either forget or 'forget' what Remi asks if it's too troublesome or difficult, one of the reasons why Flan has made little improvement in terms of controlling her powers and emotions (It's just too hard!)

Being the child that she is, Flandre primarily seeks out fun things to do. Her motivation to do anything ever, aside from doing what her sister tells her to do, is keep herself entertained and away from the clutches of boredom. Ever since Marisa and Reimu defeated her, she has tried (and even sometimes succeeded) in convincing Remi to let her visit the humans, despite Remi's distaste for the thief of a witch.

While in her basement room, Flandre often reads books and mangas to amuse herself, as well as playing with toys (which she often breaks). All the more reason why Remi wants to keep her from playing with more people!

There is a darker side to Flandre of course, considering that she is an uncontrollable loose canon. Residents of Gensyoko have often speculated that there is very real psychosis behind those wide oblivious eyes of her, and that being perpetually stuck as a child has blurred her sense of morality rendering her unable to feel any empathy whatsoever, seeing everything else that is not her sister as a toy. What is even more disconcerting is that people are never entirely sure if her love and respect for Remilia is sincere or if she secretly resents her for keeping her in the basement and is just biding her time to usurp her power. Remilia herself, as usual, is not very forward with the information, though she also does not seem to be worried about what Flandre does as long as she stays in the Scarlet Mansion, making the girl a complete mystery to the outside world, veiling her true intentions behind the foreboding walls of the mansion.


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