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Full Name: Silencia

Series: Original
Class: Mother Nature's little girl
Threat Level: Civilian
Gender: Female
Species: Half Fae, half human
Age: 22
Birthdate: April 13

Short Description: A black haired girl with gentle violet eyes

The girl before you is rather small in stature. If one looked with care, they would see that she does have some muscle tone in her arms and legs despite her small stature, suggesting a surprising strength from the slim limbs. Atop her head rests a dainty silver circlet, forged to look like vines and leaves wrapping around her head with a tiny purple stone shaped like a teardrop resting on her forehead. The silver of the circlet shines brilliantly against the black of her hair.

Two violet eyes, her gentle nature peeking through them, take the attention in her heart-shaped face. Her pale skin is contrasted by her jet black hair, that reaches down to her lower back. Around her neck a thin silver chain supports a small purple stone that gives off a soft shine every time her magic is used. An observant eye would see that the nature around her (if there is any) seems to react to her presence, though that reaction is usually very subtle. She is dressed in a simple white dress that reaches down to just above her knees. The back of the dress has two carefully cut slits to allow Silencia’s wings the room they need.

Two large wings, roughly twice the size of the Fae, sprout from her back. They are violet in colour and shaped like the wings of a butterfly. The edges of the wings are covered with intricate swirls, the designs actually carved into the silky wings, allowing light to pass through them. The wings look very thin and delicate, as if sewn from silk.

At her arrival, she could only perform ‘pretty’ magic. Little tricks that are mainly designed to entertain and soothe. Summoning butterflies with her touch and allowing flowers to bloom with her voice are her forte. Her voice also has a soothing quality to the ones listening, but she is not aware of this and the effects are minimal because of that. Her emotions seem to affect her magic greatly, strong emotions will affect her surrounding, mainly the nature around her will react to her state of mind. This has a similar effect on the necklace she always wears; it seems to shine a weak little light whenever she uses her magic.

The primary source for her magic seems to be the nature around her, or Mother Nature. Her connection with Mother Nature is slightly more than a source for her magic, at times it seems like the nature around her actively tries to protect Silencia. She has received the magic of the sun from Kotal Kahn as she is his priestess. At the moment she can use it to heal. Silencia is working hard to fuse the two magical sources together to allow them to work together. This takes time and effort and tremendous amounts of will.




Silencia never knew her last name. She grew up not knowing of her bloodline, even though it was something that assisted her all throughout her life. She grew up in an orphanage where she quickly assumed the role of an older sister to the other children. She would read stories to them, comfort them and love them in place of the parents they did not have. The abilities of her kind aided her with this. She realised that her state of mind and her will was able to affect her surroundings. Every time she focused on the image, little butterflies emerged from her hands, earning the excited gasps of her fellow orphans. A soft hum from her lips was able to make closed flowers bloom. That was the extent of her abilities, but it was enough for her. She was able to make the others smile and that was the greatest magic of all. She was perfectly content in her life; the children were her life.

That life would quickly be thrown into chaos. Her town, small and gullible, was gripped with fear for witches. This fear stemmed from the church and grew because of an illness that ran through nearby towns. The townspeople were convinced that it was the work of witches and that their little town would be targeted if they did not take measures to ‘protect’ themselves. Many people knew of Silencia’s abilities, so it was natural for them to target her. She was oblivious to the danger that lurked, until the townspeople stood at the door of the orphanage, ready to take her. The other orphans knew she was not what they thought she was, so they helped her escape. Silencia ran, barefoot and carrying nothing but the clothes on her back and the necklace around her neck, into the woods. Her last memories of her hometown are stained with tears and fear.

Silencia’s bloodline is that of Fae. Being a mixed blood of Fae and human, she is physically stronger than a normal Fae, but has the magical potential of the Fae. She does not know this, but as her understanding of her bloodline grows, so will her abilities. Her will is going to be a strong ally in fulfilling her potential, because she cannot learn without will. The world she’s from is a fantasy town named Arendylle and it’s set in medieval times. Magical creatures exist in fairytales, but most of the normal people do not know that magical creatures are among them. Some, like Silencia, don’t know they are one of them.

Even more background

There are many things that Silencia is unaware of. One of those things is the tragic fate of her parents. Her mother was a fae called Daralis and her father was a human called Hunter. Usually, a coupling between a human and fae would only produce a human, as the fae genes are extremely recessive. Somehow, Silencia managed to be born a perfect mixture of the two. This does not weaken anything in the fae bloodline, it only makes Silencia stronger and more resilient than the regular fae. Daralis chose to stay with Hunter and leave the presence of her kind. When Daralis became pregnant, Hunter grew obsessed, fearing she might get stolen from him because of her beauty and the magic she possessed. He locked Daralis in their home, not allowing her to leave for anything. This would be the beginning of the end. Daralis started to wither away in captivity, the fae needing her freedom to frolic in nature to replenish her strength. She understood that this obsession would not end with her death and she escaped. She ran from her beloved to save her child from a similar fate.

She gave birth to Silencia and secretly left her at a faraway orphanage, careful not to leave behind any clues that could lead to Daralis. She left her child with one last bit of her magic: a tiny gem, molded from her own magic. This stone would limit Silencia's fae side and only allow it to surface when the owner willed it to. This would protect Silencia from people who would want to use the girl for her powers. Daralis returned to her beloved after that, telling him she miscarried. Daralis died soon after that, the fae weakened by her pregnancy and captivity.

The tragic fate of the young fae caught the attention of Mother Nature. The fae always were the ones most connected to Mother Nature and thus the almighty entity took pity on the poor Silencia. Mother Nature watched over Silencia as she grew and developed into a gentle but strong young lady. It was when Silencia showed a strong affinity to magic, while still not awakened as a fae, that Mother Nature decided to make Silencia her heir.


The fae are a special type of fair folk, favoured by Mother Nature. They are a combination of wood nymphs, sirens and fairies. Every fae will have an obvious inclination towards one of those types of fair folk, allowing them to fit in with them. Their powers and appearance will be affected by this. For example, a fae with an inclination toward sirens will have an alluring and hypnotising voice as the sirens and that would be the source of her powers. Fae typically grow up looking very much like humans in their larval stage. In this larval stage, one does not have magical powers. Only when their fae awakens will they be able to properly use the magic of their kind. The awakening happens through a process called 'Metamorphosis' in which the fae surrenders themselves to the nature and residing in the cocoon that Mother Nature envelopes them with. After they mature in the cocoon, they burst out of it with newly grown wings. Usually they emerge while secreting pheromones, especially the females, since 'Metamorphosis' is also the moment where the fae come of age and can reproduce. The process is completely instinctive, the fae will feel Mother Nature's call when it is time for them to mature.

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