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Full Name: Asato

Series: Lamento: Beyond the Void
Class: Touga (Warrior)
Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: Neutral good
Gender: Male
Species: Ribika
Age: 18
Height: 5'9" (182 cm)
Weight: 159 lbs (72 kg)

Short Description: Wiry cat-man with scruffy black hair, brown skin, and strangely innocent-looking blue eyes


        Standing at a few inches under six feet, this fellow is dark in both skin and hair. He has a solid, muscular build, but is still sleek. His shoulders are not overly broad, but there is definitely strength in his wiry frame. His overall build might remind an earthly person of a panther. His skin is brown and tanned; his hair is black and shaggy, and obscures his cobalt blue eyes. A pair of black cat's ears rise up from the top of his head, and a matching tail sprouts from the proper place.
        He's dressed in blue, a sleeveless tunic and straight-cut pants. A wide belt with two gray bands on it is wrapped about his hips; two straps with square metal buckles hang from the front of the belt. He wears a pair of soft shoes much like a kung-fu slipper. His neck and right arm are wrapped with white cloth, like bandages, and his left wrist has a black-and-gray armlet upon it. Around his left upper arm, there's a pattern like several vines intertwining around themselves.
Ribika (Small Cat): The name of Asato's species, the Ribika would be called "catpeople" by humans. While they are humanoid, their physical abilities are similar to a cat. As a small-type ribika, Asato can jump roughly four times his own height, and can move about three times faster than a trained human fighter. He also possesses retractible claws on his hands, and sharp fangs in his mouth. Additionally, his senses-- sight, hearing, smell, and touch-- are all as good as a cat's.

Touga: This is the word used for a ribika warrior. Asato is trained to fight, trained to kill, and will do either in a pinch. His preferred weapon is a two-handed, double-edged sword. But in a pinch he can scratch with his claws or bite with his fangs and cause damage that way.

Treetop Locomotion: Kira is a village in the trees, and those who live in it have to learn how to get around in the trees without falling. Asato can climb, leap between branches, even brachiate, to get around in the trees. He's also more likely to survive long falls, partially due to his feline righting instinct and partially due to his skill at navigating through the trees.

Meigi Blood: More a weakness than anything else. Asato's father was of the Meigi clan, cats whose blood is tainted with darkness and evil. While his Meigi blood is currently dormant, if he grows close to someone with darkness within them, it's liable to draw Asato's darkness out. And if it does, his curse could overtake him.


        Asato's history must first start with his father and his mother. Theirs was a forbidden marriage. His mother Kaya was born in a village called Kira, a tribal village in the trees of the mist-covered Yuukoku Valley. Kiran cats do not associate with other cats, and outsiders are usually either thrown out or killed. That Asato's father was not of Kira was bad enough. But there was something much worse.
        Kaltz, Asato's father, was a Meigi cat.
        The Meigi cats are an evil, sorcerous, debauched clan. They worship demons, conducting horrible rituals to release the dark power in their blood. Had they known of Kaya and Kaltz's relationship, they surely would have killed her immediately. But soon enough, Kaya became pregant. Kaltz and Kaya made a plan to run away together... but they were found out. both Kira and Meigi sent pursuers. Cornered by her kinsmen the Kira cats, Kaya fell from a cliff of the Yuukoku valley, but survived. She was brought back to Kira. Kaltz drew the Meigi cats away from Kaya. However he too was captured, and met his end at his kinsmen's claws.
        Kaya was brought back to Kira, where she gave birth to the child she carried. It was a monster. Covered entirely with black fur, with a long muzzle like a beast, the people of Kira wanted to kill him, to do away with the "monster child". But as the newly-born Asato nuzzled his face against the leg of Kagari, one of the few other females in Kira village, Kagari refused. She took responsibility for Asato, and along with the weakened Kaya, helped raise Asato.
        As he grew, Asato gradually grew into the form of a ribika, that of the cat-people of his world. He was allowed to remain, even after his mother passed away, since he was a cat of Kira. But the people of Kira never forgot his form at birth. "Monster child", "forbidden child"-- these were insults that were constantly thrown at him. Because of this, he grew up to be a solitary young man.
        One day a ribika with black ears and tail, and black markings came to his village. Asato had never seen a cat from outside the village. The elder of Kira told him to watch the cat, to put him up for the night. During the night, he learned the cat's name was Konoe. He was from Karou, a village far to the south, in a forest that the Void was slowly destroying. The Void was a strange sort of change that happened to the world. It made the world vivid and bright, but dangerous to the ribika-- the reality of the forest itself would reject the ribika, tearing up skin that came in contact with Void plants or animals.
        Konoe had spontaneously manifested signs of an ancient curse-- his ears and tail, once white with ginger tips, were now black as ink, and strange, arcane markings appeared on his arms and legs. These signs were in an old legend-- the one with black ears and tail, and black markings, would bring calamity to the world. Now Konoe wanted to know how to break the curse. He was just a cat from Karou-- he didn't want anything like this. He just wanted to live peacefully.
        Unfortunately, something evil came to the village that night, and as a result both Konoe and Asato were targeted by the warriors of the village. Asato and Konoe were forced to escape the village. Asato was banished, to be killed on sight. The only way he could redeem himself, the elder said, was to kill Konoe. It was only the start of a great adventure, one that would be filled with pain. One that would also result in an alliance with four devils (one of which, unbeknownst to Asato at first, was his father) and the destruction of an ancient evil. It was discovered that a cat named Rikisu, a powerful sorcerer, had ripped away his positive emotions and put them into the unborn child of his former friend Shui's wife. As a result of this, Shui's son looked exactly like Rikusu when he was born.
        Shui's son... was named Konoe.
        The Void and the Sickness-- a magical ailment where parts of a cat's body would just disappear-- were both the doing of Rikusu. The Void was his magic, infecting the world and turning it into a "new world" that rejected the ribika's presence. The Sickness? He wished so fervently that all sapient creatures would disappear, that they started to. With his death, the world of Sisa was spared both fates, and everyone could settle down.
        Or so Asato thought. Despite having been banished from Kira, with a death mark on his name, the elder allowed him to return thanks to his role in destroying Rikusu. Asato was looking forward to the rest of his quiet life. But one day while he was out hunting... the forest seemed to change around him. It wasn't Yuukoku Valley. It was Twisted.


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