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Señor Diablo
Full Name: Señor Diablo (seh-nyor dee-AH-blo)
Alias: The Devil, Mister Satan, Old Horn-Head

Occupation: Lord of the Lower Depths of Hell, Master of it's Archives, and one seventh Council
Series: JtHM

Threat Level: Galactic Titan
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Gender: Male
Species: Demon

Short Description: Despite being the Devil in the world he originates Señor Diablo is dedicated to the idea of balance and order, and was for a time the controlling entity in the political power play that was the Twisted governing body.

Señor Diablo
Age: Ancient Birthdate: Unknown
Height: Varies Weight: Varies

No one is sure what the devil really looks like, although this one typically takes the form of an eight foot tall horned, bug-eyed, scale covered, gentleman in an elaborate regal robe with cloven hooves and a tail. At any moment it can take the form of anything. Wolves, nightmarish monsters, cheerleaders. From the world that Johnny C originated, this being was the ruler of hell. No one is really sure what he's ruler of now. None the less he seems to have some unusual goals in mind.

Pre-Unification Description

Despite giving the impression of a regal and polite gentleman, this demon is the most powerful being in Hell. At least, in the world it comes from. Satan, the Devil, Lucifer... these are all names he despises over it's proper name of Señor Diablo. This being has no definite shape or gender, but tends to prefer towering over everyone as the tall form portrayed here. He's also taken a mortal, Christian wife (more for the irony we think than anything) and has a son by the name of Pepito, the Anti-Christ. (Pepito! The Anti-Christ! What a cute name.)[1]

Señor Diablo
Originating from the view of Hell seen in the Johnny the Homicidal Maniac universe[2], Señor Diablo found himself in control of Twisted's Hell in the pre-Unification days. He fought to free the souls wrongly trapped in Hell and established the original Hell Council to maintain order. Used as a scapegoat by the former leader of Twisted's Council, Concordance,[3] Diablo managed to expose her carefully hidden tyranny in a battle which caused the entire population of Twisted Street to band together.[4] Afterwards the AI Synth Gegoshi was placed in his care[5] along with the task of rebuilding the two Councils.[6]

In the new Unified Twisted timeline Diablo's origins remain very similar.[7] He was a member of Concordance's Council before the discovery of the gateway to Hell where upon he was sent into Hell to govern and found the current version of the Hell Council. Returning he fought against Concordance and eventually took control of Twisted's Council where he established the new Open Council concept allowing the citizens of Twisted to make their own decisions about the way the city is ran.

Despite the change in timeline both Señor Diablo and Gegoshi seem to have retained their knowledge about the prior timeline of Twisted.[8] This was later explained to be by design as Diablo orchestrated the event which caused this to happen. Outraged at invasion into the minds of all those who where affected, Setsuna Meioh and a group comprising of the new Council of Twisted rose up and confronted him, forcing him back to Hell. His last words where a threat that when he finally returns he will declare war against Twisted if it is not in better condition than it was when he was ejected. [9]

Following his time on Twisted, Diablo began overhauling Hell to bring it up to a new standard. After all, why bother with Twisted when he can make his own? He also picked up another assistant by the way of a demon girl named Hekit whom he uses to make appearances on Twisted without alerting Bishop 3.2 or anyone else in a position of power to his presence.

Random Trivia

Some of Diablo's frequently used forms include a devil cheerleader, a humanoid red cat named Katz, a door-to-door survey questioner, and Sailor Chibi-Moon.

Due to problems with the way the codebase displays fonts, Señor Diablo's name appears as Senor Diablo in all logs. For this reason either spelling is generally accepted.


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Señor Diablo
Being a force of nature, Diablo's powers are seemingly unlimited - however that does not mean that they do not have their limits. For the sake of mystery the exact specifics of what he can or can not do are to remain hidden until they are discovered in-game. What has been shown thus far is that when using large amounts of his abilities, the demon seems to become old and frail until enough time passes for him to recover. He also has the ability to shape shift and summon objects seemingly out of thin air.

He also LOVES telling people secrets to watch their faces light up when they believe they understand how the world works. In the right hands this could easily be his undoing.

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@ElderGod666 - Posted from: Mobile
Ah. Mobile micro bloging. A public confession of guilt while you're still committing the act.

@ElderGod666 - Posted from: Mobile
The same ones who complain about broken escalators are confused when declared guilty of sloth. ITS CALLED STAIRS PEOPLE!

@ElderGod666 - Posted from: Mobile
Silly pastor. The afterlife cares not for your timezones...

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Ahh irony. Rapture comes and only takes the wrestler. What does that say for the rest of the world?

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Hot as hell is inaccurate. Remember backless hospital gowns? Those where my idea.

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Talking to the insane at 3am. No one will believe him tomorrow.

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Humans have the gift of being able to change the world with an idea. That said, who wouldn't want a devil with laser eyes? Lets work on this!

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"If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." If this where true the internet would still use dial-up.

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Would've taken credit for Beiber sooner, but we didn't want him either...

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