Herr Major

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Herr Major
Full Name: Herr Major

Series: Hellsing

Gender: Male

Short Description: Lord of the skies of Hell, Builder of it's armies, and one seventh Council.

Herr Major
You see nothing special.


A enigmatic man known simply as 'The Major' with an obsession with the idea of a war that would last forever. In life the Major was issued a special order by Adolf Hitler himself, placing him in charge of a top-secret project to perfect artificial vampirization to use the undead as a form of super soldier in battle. In death he's brought his knowledge and these procedures to Hell to perfect the ultimate form of torture for those most deserving of it. His obsession has also given the Hell Council a rather jaded perspective as he often provokes other Council members to try to recreate his perfect war within the regions of Hell.

* The Major's war was seemingly brought to a halt as a currently annonymous party saw to it that he was beheaded in the midsts of a battle with members of Twisted's Council.


The Council of Hell
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