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More is known about the form she inhabits than the being itself. She is a dark entity capable of drawing whole cities into a nightmarish reality where one's own fears and guilt can be used against them. She can command legions of chaotic fiends called Pyramid Heads which she provides to the Council as minions as well as a plethora of lesser monsters ranging from former humans with their skin pulled inside out to huge hulking demons who suffer as much from their own design as do the people they are created to destroy. Her motives are not known to anyone beisdes herself, and currently she's only referred to by the name and gender she holds at the moment. In some circles she is simply called 'Dark Alessa'.

  • It would seem Alessa's life was taken at the hands of her confused servant Valtiel who was then quickly dispatched by Johnny C. The where-abouts of her body are currently unknown.


The Council of Hell
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