2009-03-25 (PreU) A minion to shame all minions.

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A minion to shame all minions.

Summary: Alessa recruits the Inquisitor for a job...

Who: Alessa, The_Inquisitor
When: March 25th, 2009
Where: The River Styx

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The River Styx

The River Styx, dating back to the time of the Gods, leading the souls of the Damned into the depths of Hell. Faces and faintly glowing forms float in it's dark churning waters, a grim contrast. Moaning and begging echos off of the unseen caveran roof. The sense of depression and the lack of will to go on living will wash across anyone who steps here. Light seems to be sucked away, opressive darkness settling on the shoulders and into the bones. You've got no choice. S(u)mmon the Oarsman and proceed into the depths of hell, or wait for a Hell Council member to pass you by. 'Corse, you always could just stay here for ever. And wouldn't that be nice!

(OOC Note:: If you are not on either Council, and you roleplay in this area, YOU ARE STUCK. No if, ands, or buts. And NO TAKING SOULS FROM THE RIVER, you naught naughty peoples. It's protected and no matter your devices, you'll get nothing from it.)

Alessa rolls over the souls in the water, using the poor beings as a bridge. Normal creepy but sweet features are contorted today, suggesting that the Goddess is in a foul mood. Ever since Hal opened the hellmouth at the old Integra's Arms Hotel, souls have been trying to break out. The Cenobites aren't doing their job, and Alessa refuses to do such menial work. But, something does have to be done about it. "What to do, I wonder."

The_Inquisitor stands at the edge of the river, staring down into the flow of souls, almost as if reading something in the currents. He laughs rather darkly at something in his own mind, but looks up at the sound of a voice. He watches the figure crossing the river, any expression on his face hidden by the mask.

Alessa rolls up onto the shore, her fluid ball of barbed wire digging into the hard soil. She frowns more as she sees the man. "Who're you?" She glares at him, her dark eyes flashing. Mm, large guy, looks confident....

The_Inquisitor inclines his head to the goddess, watching her for just a moment. "Not a question I've had to answer in a long time. Back home all just referred to me as the Inquisitor." His eyes drift back to the river for a moment. "Does that satisfy you?"

Alessa makes an indelicate sound behind her teeth. "Your not Spanish though.." Yes, a Monty python joke, don't get offended. She continues on after a moment, though saying,"And that at your waist. Is that the tools of your trade, or a toy for amusement?" Alessa is in a bad mood. Cross and condisending as she usually is, she's a bit harsher today.

The_Inquisitor looks at Alessa for a moment, apparently the joke lost on him. "I do not know this.. Spanish." He doesn't look down at her comment, she can only really mean one thing after all. "I don't /need/ it, if that is what you mean. But I found I still prefer the feel of steel cutting through flesh, let's one know they are taking a life." It almost sounds like a joke, except he doesn't smile.

Alessa arks an eyebrow. "So, you're a killer then?"

The_Inquisitor looks up, as if attempting to see the roof of the cavern. "I was a soldier, and a general. So yes, I have taken many lives, more than I care to recollect at the moment." He shrugs slightly.

Alessa says, "So, you're nothing more then a blood soaked warrior then. Eager to lay down your charge, and your blade for a more... quiet, peaceful life?" Alessa leans forwards in the ball, her face on her fist, resting on her knees.

The_Inquisitor laughs, though it's mostly devoid of any real emotion. "No. Besides, I have something that still needs guarding." He watches Alessa from the corner of his eye. "But tell me, if you knew only one way to live, would you be able to give it up so easily?"

Alessa leans back, her slender arms folded across her childlike form. One like Alessa does not live, just... exists. Instead, she asks this,"And why are you down here?" She waves a hand towards the River, and the hell beyond it. "No coin for the Oarsman?"

The_Inquisitor shakes his head, "You desire a listing of my crimes? It is not a short list." HE never speaks to Alessa as if he's speaking to a child, but there is a tone of deference in his voice. "And as for a coin, who would provide it? My passing was met with celebration, no one mourned me."

Alessa asks, "I desire no such thing." She taps her finger. "Would you like a task, Inquisitor?"

The_Inquisitor is still for a moment. "As my previous task is now finished, and I only have one still, but takes no effort on my part. I would ask from who this task comes, and what it involves."

Alessa says, "Mearly, containment. With large, angry souls who wish to go where they do not belong." She eyes him, a glee filled glint shimmering in her.

The_Inquisitor says, "Then you must know something about me. In life I acquired souls. Those who I thought deserved death, and I gave it to them. I kept their souls from passing on, using them to fuel myself. That power remains with me here. I can release those I acquire, but doing so is.. unpleasant." He turns his head slightly to get a better look at his companion.

Alessa slides down off of her 'throne' as it were, and sadly only stands nipple height to the man. She looks up to him with her wise, ageless eyes, regarding him for a moment. Clasping her hands behind her back, she walks in a slow circle around him. "Then you'll do just fine. We have an issue in Hell. A Hellmouth has been opened, and some of the more eager souls are insistant on going topside. We can't have that." She stops and looks up at him for his reaction.

The_Inquisitor looks down to meet the eyes, remarkable unflinching, as his just look weary. "And you would like me to drag them back here kicking and screaming?" He rolls his shoulders again. "Sounds like something I could easily do."

Alessa nods and is lifted back up to her seat. Her hand rolls, and a piece of parchment is produced. "Care to sign on it?" The parchment is merely a work contract, allowing him to return the souls that have escaped, and allowing him to consume half of what he brings back to hell.

The_Inquisitor takes the parchment, rubbing his chin as he reads it over. With a nod he moves his finger around the parchment like a pen, and hands it back, his real name inscribed on the document, there's even his seal on it. "I agree."

Alessa rolls the parchment up and grins. "Congratulations. You are now working for the Hell Council. You are free to roam topside, so long as you do no damage to persons or entities that do not yet belong in the confines of hell. The Oarsman will provide you passage from the world above, free of charge." She tucks the parchment away. "You may consume half the souls you return here, but no more. You will answer to me, or Senor Diablo is you do not follow these rules."

The_Inquisitor bows rather formally, as would be fitting for a medieval or renaissance court. "I understand, you have my word, and I have not ever broken my word once given."

Alessa smiles sweetly, and starts rolling back across the River. "Then go forth, our champion, and prove your worth to us." She vanishes over the hill, back down to her spot in hell.

The_Inquisitor doesn't wave, he's to stoically cool for that, but he does watch until she disappears.

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