The Inquisitor

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Jarys Morendin
Full Name: Jarys Morendin

Series: Original
Class: Fallen Holy Warrior

Alignment: Neutral
Gender: Male
Species: Human?
Age: Hard to tell appearant.
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 190

Short Description:
Miscellaneous: This is not the Inquisitor from Red Dwarf. Ask an I'll poke you in the forehead with my fingernail.

Jarys Morendin
This man is that most might consider an impressive sight. He stands well over six feet tall, and while it may be hard to tell sue to his armor, he has a large muscular physique. The only part of the man himself which is truely visable is his long pitch black hair, which comes down to just between his shoulder blades. His face is covered with a mask that looks to be made of silver and gold. Despite the bright radiant metals, the visage is of a snarling bestial demon, the only openings in the mask are two holes for his own grey eyes to show through. Two fangs curve from the bottom of the mask around his mouth, leaving his lower jaw bared. His armor is polished to a bright sheen, worked with golden scroll work. Despite the ornateness the armor is crafted for utility, no hard edges or spikes, just rounded and smooth to maximize the flexibilty of the metal shell. The cape which hangs from under his pauldrons seems to be woven of gold, clearing the ground as he stands by only mere fractions of an inch. When drawn about him the cape completely hides his body, almost making his seems to flow along the ground. His only visible weapon is a sword hung at his waist. The thing is simple steel, with a leather sheath and wrapping. The weapon is unadorned in any way, simply a tool to kill.



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