2008-06-24 (PreU) a. Meeting topside.

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Meeting topside.


Who: Alessa, Ami, Draxil, Mei, Phibrizo, Valtiel
When: June 24th, 2008
Where: The Twisted Street


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The Twisted Street

The Twisted street stretches on and on in two opposite directions, though in a straight line it does not stay. Forever is the street a black and white color, and even your own body and clothing begin to lose their flare and become a dull grey if you stay outside for too long. The sky above this part of the street is dark and grey, and rarely does the sun shine through. Newspapers from various times and places roll across the street, which isn't properly maintained and has multiple cracks in its forever running surface. Never does the wind stop blowing softly here. Pieces of buildings warp in and out of existence at times, all except one. A lone restaurant sits amidst the madness, alone and untouched by the darkness, a beam of light from the grey clouds occasionaly touches its surface.

From here do all the worlds, times, and lives of Twisted connect, on a never ending road that has no beginning or end. A simple five minute walk could bring you to another world, another place, another time. One can also get lost if they stray to far from the road, though rumors of Street wanderers spread eternally; those who have learned to stroll through the maddening insanity beyond the road. Wander where you will, but stick to the path lest you never return to it.

A heavy fog begins to set in, clouding the area and obscuring everything. Perhaps it's coming from the heavy mist that seems to guard the entrance to the park, or... perhaps not. Faintly from the same park entrance comes the sound of scraping metal. Out of the ally steps forth the form of a horrific butcher, a man garbed in a butcher's smock and covered with spots of blood. The fog makes it difficult to see, but this man is also heaily deformed. His skin seems to be pulled over his face like a living mask. The monster eyes the surrounding street a moment before stepping to the side, it would seem he is the guard for something else and that something is drifting slowly behind him...

Beneth the sounds of Twisted, the strange warpped sound of worlds buzzing in and out, an old time Air Raid Siren starts blaring. The UR starts falling apart, although through the ruin, the bar stands untouched. Alessa fades in from an allyway, stepping out to wait for Valtiel to come further in.

Draxil sits on a bench made of rock, that for anyone familiar with the area would know is not usually there. He simply seems to be staring at something in his hands but pricks up and looks around as the fog begins to roll in. He glances over to Valtiel, not even glancing over as the UR falls apart, or else he doesn't notice or care, his full attention is focused on the butcher, and then Alessa afterwards.

Phibby WAS sitting on the window sill of the UR, as he's known to do. As the presences make themselves known...a bit of an odd look crosses his face. He definitely seems uncomfortable as he glances over at the 'new arrivals'. As the UR begins to fall into otherworld status n' such, an actual look of terror crosses his face. Just about the only time THAT'S ever happened in the past was when he was about to be wiped out c.c He fades away from the UR and reappears a short distance in front of those who just portaled in. Still, despite his 'stature'...he definitely looks afraid, his eyes quite wide in shock. His aura is pulsing in response to the change of environment...not the light bluish aura he's been sporting lately, but a dull, dull red.

Valtiel breathes heavily as he adjusts the spear he'd been dragging along with him. Seeing Alessa appear from an opposite ally simply makes him sigh heavily and drag himself over to her. Every movement he makes while seeming powerful, also seems labored. Standing before the girl, the monster kneels down on one knee. "Whaaaat now, my massster?" Even his speech seems labored.

Alessa eyes Valtiel, then stares at Draxil and Phib in turn. "What did the Council have to say?"

Draxil stands up, the bench he was sitting on dissappearing, temporarily visable as motes of yellow light that vanish as quickly as they came. He doesn't move from his spot but his whole demeanor is on edge and alert. He obviously doesn't care for what's happening in front of him, but seems in no inclination to leave, so instead just watches.

Phibby lifts a finger weakly, shakily. Now...Val and Aly shouldn't have trouble sensing that he's more than powerful enough not to be this scared, but....he intones, softly and without much conviction. "Y...you don't belong here. Your....place is damnation, not this lost world..." That seems to be about all he can manage before his hand drops...and he continues to stare. Valtiel ignores everything as he begins his report, rising to his feet again in the process but not lifting his head. "The Counccccil wouldn't let usss meet with more than one of their counccccilmen. All offers where refusssed. Diablo has sssince been coming up to the Sstreet. I believe he is planning sssomething....."

Alessa fixes Phib in her raptor like gaze, and tilts her head to the left. "This world is damnation. I go where the damned suffer." She nods at Valtiel. "If they will not meet with us, we will take our prize with or without their consent." Alessa frowns and makes a mental note to have a nice little chat with Diablo, upon her return to hell. Draxil stands solemnly, vaguely taking in Phibby's attempt at bravado, his brows knotting slightly as he looks at him, then back to the other two. He fingers start twitching in what most would think a peculiar nervous twitch, but any paying enough attention to him would notice minute trace of energy flowing up to him. Phibby must not be the only one uncomfortable in the current situation.

Phibby doesn't really seem capable of anything more than half hearted bravado. His aura pulses in time now and he doesn't seem to have any control of it anymore. His eyes close finally and he begins to sway lightly. A tremble shakes him once and a while, here and there. As his aura pulses, one might notice an odd effect. The places that have been 'otherworld'-ed begin to phase in and out in certain small places...bits of the UR fading back to normal before explicably returning to the ruined state they were in before. Phib's face almost looks euphoric, although he seems to be fighting....something.

Valtiel notices the changes as Phibrizo struggles, he also knows better than to go against the goddess's wishes. "...sssshall we go the location chossen by the Hell Councccccil then? There would seem to be.... opposssition here." Where anyone to pay enough attention, the more he speaks, the more Valtiel's twisted face seem to begin to bleed. How does he speak without a mouth, anyways?

Alessa ignores both Draxil and Phib's diffrences, as she looks towards the sky. "Yes. The oppossition here is not a worry of mine, but I do enjoy keeping Diablo and Hala, along with the others, on an even level. They tend to crumble without some kind of consistancy." Barbed wire starts lacing the trees, almost taking a life of their own, reaching towards Draxil, or Alessa, one can't be too sure.

Mei pops into existence out of nowhere, carrying a large basket full of pomegranites. "Otoko-kun!" she called out, blinking at the crowd, sort of setting the basket down before moving to Phibby,adjusting her robes to make sure her somewhat large stomach is covered.

Draxil's whole demeanor changes at the flux being induced in the world, he grips his head and falls to his knees, all energy he gathered dissipating in a brief flash. He grips his head like he's experiencing the worlds worst migraine.

Phibby seems to be ignoring the world around him just a bit. He doesn't seem to notice Mei running toward him or any barbed wire. He now has.....an immense smile plastered on his lips. A dull, reddish aura pulses every few moments around him. Mei would notice that his earlier bluish aura seems to be being eaten away. He sways slowly back and forth as the the area around him, once corrupt and ruined by the presence of the hellish beings....is slowly returning to normal, however...it's only happening RIGHT around him, in a small circle.

Today, one Mizuno Ami had decided to head out on her own and let Makoto sleep in. Her friend has been spending too much time worrying about the blue-haired girl, and not enough time resting. And so she's walking along Twisted Street alone. She usually doesn't stray that far from her apartment, but she'd been thinking maybe she'd stop by the Usual for a bite to eat. After all, it's the best food in... well... it's the best food. Somehow along the way, she found herself approaching a group of... ... people? A voice niggling in the back of her head tells her that something's wrong, but her feet won't move to take her away. "...What's going on, here?" At least back home, it was easy to tell when a villain was attacking someone. She pulls out her glasses, unfolding them and adjusting them on her face, as she watches. Premature action would be... well... premature.

Valtiel seems troubled as more and more begin to find their way here. The 'butcher' is used to being kept in the shadows, in secrecy, not out in the open - even if the slowly growing nightmare around them does make him feel a little more relaxed. He looks down at the young 'goddess' he protects and then at the group gathering around them. With a series of pops and snaps the creature seems to grow a half inch taller as he straightens out, his flesh cracks open in many places as he does so sending sprays of blood into the air. Taking his spear and holding it out as a warning, he turns his face towards Alessa and speaks clearly for once. Of course, this causes most of his face to peel off in ribbons sending out even more blood and revealing the sharp jagged teeth behind his flesh. "Then we shall take our leave, and I ssshall follow to be sssure no one here tries to follow uss, Goddess Alesssssaaa..."

Alessa smirks, watching Draxil fall, and Phib try and keep calm. The barbed wire trys to wrap around Draxil, and around Phib as she smiles creepily at Ami and Mei. Prymid-heads apper about 10 feet behind each of the players in Alessa's little game. She considers making a welcome speech for all the people who've come to greet their soon to be Masters.. But decides against it. She giggles, and fades back into the heavy fog, dissappering. The barbed wire vanishes with her, and the UR falls back together, looking just as normal as before.

Phibby reaches out slowly and allows the barbed wire to wrap itself around him. His smile widens...he seems to be enjoying it. His aura stops pulsing and becomes a steady, harsh reddish glow. He giggles softly at that, his voice echoing around the area. Aside from that, he doesn't move or say anything. His eyes still closed.

Draxil is in no condition to resist the barbed wire, the mass coiling about him tearing little rips in his flesh. He doesn't seem to notice his head still gripped in his hands. As Alessa dissappears and the area returns to normalcy he slumps slightly, breathing returning to normal. HE pulls himself back to standing, now glaring at Valtiel but not making any appearant aggressive moves.

Ami glances toward Alessa as she smiles and disappears, noting the barbed wire that seems to try and engulf the pair of people on the ground. She lifts a hand, as if to do something, but ... what is she going to do, grab some wire cutters and run over there? Instead, she starts walking toward them, completely unaware of the 'pyramid-head' behind her. The blue-haired Senshi stops halfway though, and blinks. "...Mei-chan?"

Mei haults, shifting to just watch, although a special wall spell on her hands. She perks her ears, "Wuh.." she glances around, but not behind herself. " I'm really not capable of handling this physically." She takes her potion, tuckng it into herhair "I suspect there is a large triangular headed monster behind me as well, I really don't know its demonology, so, Ami I'd suggest high tailing it."

Valtiel watches his master leave before turning back towards the group gathered around them. When he relaxes his spear, the group of Pyramid Heads begin to fade away as well. Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that he seems almost a smaller version of them, especially when he stands ready to attack - just, without the helmet. The sound of drums begins to play in the distance, and the butcher bows towards everyone as he starts to back away. "Perhapssss we sssshall play another time..." Unlike everyone else, he turns and walks down the street headed the 'Wrong Way' towards the chaotic area in the distance. The fog that had flowed into the area begins to fade as well, but it's not like the path is a hard one to follow. The trail of Valtiel's dark blood is a little too obvious...

Draxil looks over to the others in the area, then back to where Valtiel just vanished. "Does anyone care to explain that." His eyes are mainly focused on the one seeming in the throws of ecstasy. He walks over to the group, not out of a desire to be with them, but because for now they seem the better option.

Phibby slowly opens his eyes....his smile fading to a light smirk. His aura has completely faded as he glances around the area for a moment. He folds his arms and slowly rises into the air...floating over to the window sill of the UR and settling down on it. Something's....definitely different about him now. Well, or very similar...depending on how well ya know the lad n.n

Mei's body shifts to test-leanon the UR With Phibby "oof.." She gives Phib a bit of space, her hands wrapping her stomach now, " He left a blood trail." she offered, thoughtfully, although her rolly polly self seems to have no intent to follow Valtiel at this time.

Ami watches Phibrizo lift into the air, and glances at Draxil, before blinking and realizing that whatever just happened appears to be over. She hurries over towards Mei and the UR, wondering what's going on, but manages to reply to Draxil's question. "... Some kind of nightmare." The words sound like pure speculation, but she says it so matter of factly, it's almost like it was an answer. She reaches the Usual and glances at Mei and Phibrizo, wondering if they're alright.

Draxil rolls his eyes as he follows everyone over to the UR. "That was no nightmare. Nightmares are dreams or illusions. That was neither, that was like staring into the maw of.... well..." He seems unable to say it.

Phibby giggles softly, staring out into the distance. His voice, albeit a soft, child-like voice at that...seems to float around the area. "That...was inevitability. I believe the damned are no longer content to while away in torment whilst the rest of 'reality' frolics. Personally....I can't wait." n.n

Mei leans to kiss Phibrizo's cheek. "I felt some weird vibrations from the monsters. Are you alright." she glances at Draxil "Silly kid. Sometimes you have nightmares when you are awake, Sometimes you have them when they sleep. Its just a bad happening." she spins her potionon her finger, tossing it upwards to catch "I'm fairly sure you're alrigh and should quit fussing." she offered, settling back. Then again, she's odd and has died a lot inher 'life expiriences.

A dream... nightmares... funny how Valtiel's blood is still fresh upon the pavement...

Ami simply rests against the building for a moment, giving Phibrizo another, more than cursory glance, light reflecting off of her glasses, before she turns to look at Draxil. She smoothes down her skirt a little as she responds, almost an unconscious action. "It was speculation. I'm afraid I know nothing more than you do, sir...?" She lets her voice hang in the air, prompting Draxil for his name. A true gentleman would introduce himself, after all. She glances at the blood on the pavement. A trail, if anyone wants to follow. But who were those people, and what do they want to do? ... Following alone would be a bad idea.

Phibby turns his gaze to Mei as she kisses him. He's still 'smiling' but the look of adoration that was there before, certainly isn't now. He finally nods once. "Why, yes. I'm quite alright. Actually....I feel better than ever. I believe I feel...more like myself. n.n" Draxil narrows his eyes at the kid comment but doesn't say anything directly. "That was to real, and nightmare seems to diminish what just happened, passing it off into the realm of nevermind." He looks over to the blood trail. "Besides they rarely leave anything lasting.. well anything outside the mind." His eyes flick to Ami, "Draxil Dragonsblood"

Ami lifts a hand up to brush her hair out of her face and tuck it back behind her ear, smiling warmly at Draxil. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Dragonsblood. I'm Mizuno Ami. Mizuno-san, to those I've just met." Her eyes are smiling, too. She seems nice enough. "...It looks like they left a trail, but...Mnm."

Draxil shakes his head. "Just Draxil, please, Mizuno-san." He bows slightly, his own eyes flicking over to the blood trail. "It is tempting, however, I'm no match for them I believe, at least not alone."

Mei mms a bit "Depends on the variety." she offered, rubbing Phibby's shoulders. "So the emotion infuse has given itself over? S'ashame." she offered, takingout a taffy for Phibrizo and considering "Mm.. I should probally get home incase someone gets home." she offered, rubbing Phibby's cheek once before gathering her basket and heading for home.

Phibby giggles softly to himself as Mei heads off. He closes his hand around the candy she gave him for just a moment...He glances back off into the distance, looking a tad thoughtful. While doing that, he idly reaches the hand out that contained the taffy before....turns it over and opens it. A small puff of ash blows away in the light wind, from where the candy was presumably before.

Makoto holds up her hand in a wave as she wanders up the street. "Heyo!...." she sees Mei leaving. "Was it something I said?" her smile returns as she walks over to Ami. "Up and about without me again?" she teases. "I miss anything interesting?"

Ami smiles at Draxil and nods her head. "...Draxil, then." She glances over and sees Makoto, her face turning into a warm smile. "... Good morning, Mako-chan." She completely misses what Phibrizo does to the candy, and continues to smile brightly. "You were still asleep, and you've been doing so much lately, I thought I'd let you sleep in." She smoothes her shirt next and gives a tiny laugh. "Something out of a hellraiser movie. No more frightening than the last time... though..." She blinks, looking thoughtful for a moment, and then gasps, turning to look at Draxil again. "Oh my goodness! You're injured!" ... ... That took a while.

Draxil lifts his arm, looking at the blood on his sleeve, pulling it back he looks at the small slices on his arm, "It's not that bad, thank you for your concern though." Some of the injuries are still bleeding a bit, but most of them do seem superficial. "The barbs weren't that long. I think it was more meant to scare me than hurt me. I think.." HE seems unsure for a moment.

Makoto blinks. "how come I allways miss the action...?" she follows Ami's gaze and smiles at Draxil. "hello." she then smiles at Phib with a wave. "Everyone okay, then?" she puts a hand on Ami's shoulder and gives her a quick look over.

Phibby tilts his head in Mako's direction for a moment. He finally rights himself and offers a grin, waving n.n That's....about it. Ami smiles and puts one of her hands on Makoto's when her friend touches her shoulder. "I'm alright, Mako-chan. Promise." She glances toward Phibrizo and gives him a wave back, unsure which of the two he was waving at, but figuring it's only polite, either way. When her attention is turned back to Draxil, she nods her head. "... I'm glad you're not badly hurt. Did you need medical attention?"

Draxil shakes his head. "No, it's not neccessary, I'd hate to waste someone's time for something so minor." His eyes drift over to Phibby, making him shudder slightly, "You seem to be enjoying yourself."

Phibby doesn't seem to be in his spot anymore....instead he's standing by the trio. How he got there in the blink of an eye? Eh. Who knows around this place? He giggles again, that same giggle in exactly the same pitch as before n.n "Change is always fun. It's so BORING here most of the time. Are you...quite alright?..." He seems to linger on some of Drax's injuries....staring intently at them...before reaching out in an effort to brush a finger across the nastiest looking of the wounds he can see, attempting to draw some of the blood onto his finger.

Makoto nods to Ami and squeezes her shoulder lightly. "I was just heading to the gym. Where should I meet you later, AMi-chan?" she smiles brightly and shifts her gymbag on her shoulders.

Draxil looks right at Phibby, not even looking around for him when he's not in his usual place, his eyes just go right to him. "I don't think.. how did you put it.. The damned free of their torment, to be fun." He whips his arm away from the finger, and snaps his sleeve back down. He smiles rather coldly, "If I let people poke it, it won't heal well."

Ami lets Phibrizo and Draxil interact with each other for a moment, keeping her focus on Makoto when her friend says that she's leaving. "Ah... alright Mako-chan... Perhaps I'll met you there, alright?" She smiles, and waves after her friend.

Makoto nods and smiles brightly as she waves. "Try to behave." she teases.

Phibby lowers his hand slowly, grinning widely at Drax. He intones in a most apologetic sounding voice. "Oh...I'm VERY sorry. Please forgive me...it just looked....delicious. n.n"

Draxil narrows his eyes slightly, "Now see, that's just creepy." He makes no move to move away from him however, his seemingly stubborn nature not allowing him the benefeit of backing down.

"...Delicious?" Ami glances at Phibrizo again, and furrows her brows, characters reflecting in her glasses, as though they were looking at a computer screen. Of course, with the light reflecting against the glasses, they're probably not easy to see. "... Hmm. I'm sorry..." She smiles at Phibrizo politely. "...I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name."

Phibby laughs softly, enjoying being called 'creepy' it seems. He shakes his head slowly and turns to Ami. He offers her a hand, evidently with intent to shake. "My full title is a mouthful. Why don't...you just call me Phib? My....friends usually do."

Draxil just watches the two talk, his eyes stop for a second on Ami's eyes, or rather her glasses, arching a brow only slightly he makes no comment.

"Phib, hmm?" Ami pauses for a moment, before making a small sound. No useful results for 'Phib'. She really needs to work on a comparitive image analyzer. That would make things... so much easier. Though... "..Is that short for anything? It sounds cute." Ami's smile is completely sincere, despite her activities. She doesn't notice Draxil's attentiveness, at the moment. She does notice that he's fallen silent, though. Unfortunately, Ami's never been the world's greatest socialite. Phibby floats up a bit until he's eye level with Ami. He's still grinning that insane grin. "My dear, you're really a tad too obvious n.n If you wish my full title, I'll provide it, however. Just be aware....that I DID warn you it was a mouthful. I am known as Phibrizo, the Hellmaster." He offers a flourished bow.

Draxil furrows his brows, "That explains the obscene amount of energy that circulates you, doesn't it?" He makes a small move no more than a step, but it puts him in a better position to interpose himself between the two if need be.

Her smile warming a bit, Ami tilts her head to one side. "Hmm?" Phibrizo. Number of results - Many. "Thank you. In case you missed my name, I'm Mizuno Ami. It's nice to meet you." She reaches up to adjust her glasses for a moment, and the reflections disappear. "I must apologize. I simply find it safer to learn what I can about people in this world. So many of them are dangerous." As is Phibrizo, according to her search results, but she's polite enough not to say that out loud.

Phibby nods slightly, returning back to the ground. "I can understand that, miss Mizuno. I can assure you...the facts you'll retrieve with...technology, won't be terribly accurate n.n" He glances over at Drax then, "You flatter me, my friend. I wonder...I saw you grabbing your head earlier. What DID you see, hmm?"

Draxil smiles, almost venomously to the Hellmaster. "I read certain things if you must know. The flickering of reality was slightly disorienting if you must know."

Ami seems interested in the conversation, but doesn't really interject. The accuracy of just about anything she finds on the internet has always been in question, but when the various signals she gets from nearby worlds all agree on some information, she feels she can safely suspect some things. "...Hmm." Draxil Dragonsblood didn't draw anything, when she did a search earlier, though. So one's famous, and the other one doesn't seem to be. At least, not in any of the nearby worlds that have wireless signals streaming through their portals. Probably a 'real' person. Unlike Phibrizo and herself. She giggles out of nowhere, amused that so many 'fictional' characters make their home here, and that she's considered one of them. She supposes her life has been pretty unusual. Yes, she finds strange things to be amused about.

Phibby takes a few steps forward, toward Drax. Assuming he stays put, he moves until they're next to one another and he's peering up at him, still grinning like an idiot. "I take it you don't like my presence. It's easy to see it in your eyes. Are you playing on destroying me, if the opportunity presents itself?"

Draxil shakes his head. "Not at all, while you do indeed make me feel slightly uneasy, I have no knowledge of any crimes you have commited. Thus destroying you would be innappropriate at this time." He smiles easily, "Besides, I'm under no illusions that my powers would be enough to do so. Injure you perhaps, but not destroy you."

Ami tilts her head at that, remembering the list of things she had pulled up a few moments ago. Well, technically the amount of crimes he comitted himself were fairly low. But more importantly, like Draxil says, she probably wouldn't be able to do much to him by herself. More importantly still, he doesn't seem to be hurting anyone. She would never attack someone for something they /might/ do. "...This is a new world for me, but it seems to me the open hostility between you two is unnecessary. We can all live here together, so long as none of us try to hurt each other. Can't we?"

Phibby looks greatly amused. He floats up a bit and back, crossing his legs to sit back...in mid air of course. "My purpose has always been to sow chaos, not 'live in harmony', my dear. Don't worry, though. I'm not going to hurt anyone at the moment. I find the lack of fear in you two quite fascinating, honestly. n.n"

Draxil laughs, short and loud, "Fear? It has it's place, but that's not here. Honestly I found the two here previous something to be afraid of. You are a little to direct to inspire fear. Worry yes, but fear comes from the unknown."

The smile on Ami's face is much more cordial than Draxil's laugh, but she doesn't seem to be conveying information that's much different. "... I find the unknown fascinating, not frightening. Fear is a personal thing, I find... and only healthy to cultivate when it helps one to make the right decisions. In my life, unfortunately, it rarely does." As wind blows by, her hair is toussled and, she makes a small sound, trying to hold it back with one hand. She's completely unsuccessful, but somehow it manages to settle into more less its original position when the wind passes. It's short enough that it's not a real worry.

Phibby clutches his chest in mock pain. "You wound me. I feel so...well, I suppose I feel the way you might feel if mocked by a cockaroach. Rather interesting situation, don't you think?" He turns his gaze back to Ami at that, "You do seem as though you are quite in control of yourself. I find that refreshing for someone of your age n.n"

Draxil just smiles, almost lazily "Are you an accomplished actor too? You have the over-dramatization of someone who works on the stage for a living."

Ami's smile grows, and she inclines her head. "Thank you, Phibrizo-san. I work hard on it." She glances over to Draxil, and smiles. She doesn't hear that last line as an insult, but rather as a compliment. After all, in her world, actors are very highly regarded.

Phibby waves the comment from Drax off. "Perhaps so. After all this time, I don't find the humdrum daily existence to be tolerable any longer. A little drama always spices things up. A startling contrast to your obvious lack of a personality. n.n" Phib can't help himself. Conflict in any form make the Mazoku's day.

Draxil shrugs slightly. "Well, perhaps I could use a bit more of a personality, as you say. Maybe I'll work on it." He still has that lazy smile of his.

Ami makes a sour face at Phibrizo's comment, but smiles when it's mostly shrugged off. "See? Isn't this nice?" ... Clearly an idealist. "I'm glad you two could come to terms like this." ...Somewhat naive, too.

Phibby stares at Ami for a moment...and lets off a louder laugh than usual. He shakes his head. "Ever an optimist, aren't you? How adorable. I do believe I like you..." Of course, being liked by a Mazoku is a mixed blessing I'm sure.

Draxil remains silent for now, any shifts in his stance are subtle, but always ready to move if needed, he moves lazily though, or at least acts that way.

Ami blinks and her cheeks redden slightly at being called adorable. "Well, thank you, Phibrizo-san. As long as you continue not to hurt anyone, I believe I can like you too." She smiles and bows her head, before checking her watch. "...Ah! It's later than I thought! I better hurry or I won't catch Mako-chan at the gym!" Ami waves to Draxil and Phibrizo politely, and then darts off, obviously on her way to the gym.

Phibby snickers, muttering mostly to himself. "Well, I can't promise THAT will last long. Ah well." He shakes his head a bit and fades from view. He reappears a moment later, seated in his usual(pun!) place on the Usual's window sill, looking off into the distance, that same grin always plastered on his face.

Draxil walks off the the side, to a bench and takes a seat, he lifts his sleeve, running his fingers over each of the wounds in his arms, each sealing up as he does so.

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