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Mizuno Ami
Full Name: Mizuno Ami

Occupation: Sailor Senshi
Series: Sailor Moon

Alignment: Lawful Good
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Mercurian)

Short Description: Light blue hair, bright blue eyes, and a soft jawline make up Ami's face. She's fairly slender, and has a sort of 'girl next door' kind of look. If the girl next door had blue hair.

Misc: Ami is a shy, slightly introverted young girl with a good heart. Intelligent and witty, she's a good friend to have, even if she seems more at ease with computers than with people.

Mizuno Ami
Age: 18 Birthdate: September 10
Height: 5'3" Weight: 113 lbs.

The young woman named Mizuno Ami is distinctive looking enough, with her light blue hair and bright blue eyes, yet somehow she manages to blend into any crowd.

Today, Ami is wearing a smart blue vest over a pale blue dress shirt, and a conservative brown pencil skirt. Her lightly tousled hair frames her face nicely, and a choker adorns her neck, but no watches or bracelets cover her wrists. She looks casual and friendly. A good look for her.

Mizuno Ami


Mizuno Ami

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