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Hayley Ryusei
Full Name: Hayley Ryusei

Series: Sailor Moon
Class: Senshi

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 19
Birthdate: 11 May
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 125 pounds/56.8kg

Short Description:

Hayley Ryusei
Standing an impressive 5'10 Hayley has always topped most girls her own age by a head and is quite used to slouching to disguise a little of it. Possessed of an elegant demeanour and mannerisms inherent of her Asian heritage she is graceful and fair skinned. Pale alabaster skin alike to her Australian mothers' seems blemish free though a slight vertical scar just under her jawline humanises her a little. Cool blue-green eyes set in almond sockets hint strongly at the Asian side of the family though she is often mistaken for a westerner. Structurally she manages to combine the delicate facial features from her fathers side of the family with the strong feminine form inherent of her mothers. Shoulder length golden blonde hair hangs together in silken threads that tend to sway as she moves. Her fringe naturally pulls hard to the left and were it not so lengthy it would probably spike out. Instead it serves to keep her hair out of her face, Occasionally though she raises a hand as if to comb it back almost unconsciously unused to having such long hair. A deep purple sleeveless t-shirt clings closely to her figure, ending just above her navel leaving an enticing amount of a taunt flat stomach visible and the gentle swell of her hips. The thick black belt hangs loosely in the belt loops of the blue jeans she wears, the jeans though in truth hug tightly to just the right places and are probably in no need of the belt.

About mid thigh the jeans loosen out with an abundance of material and fall loosely to her feet where the legs are turned up at the cuff and sit upon the white-red sketchers she is wearing. The belt buckle seems an interesting falling star motif just slightly too large for the belt and obviously custom made buckle. Twisted around off centre it rests just in-front of her left hip and at its reverse position hanging just behind her right hip there is a small segmented leather cases usually containing a knife or some such.



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