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Setsuna Meioh
Full Name: Setsuna Meioh

Series: Sailor Moon

Threat Level: Galactic Titan
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Short Description: Guarded by Pluto, planet of time. I am the soldier of revolution, Sailor Pluto!
Title: Senshi of Pluto, Guardian of Time and Protector of the Underworld

Setsuna Meioh
Age: Appears 19 Birthdate: October 29
Height: 5'10" Weight:

Before you stands Lady Setsuna, guardian of Pluto and protector of the Space-Time door hidden in the heart of the Netherrealm. Being one of the Moon Kingdom's Senshi, Sailor Pluto wears a magical set of armor that is made to look like a white sailor fuku with purple trim. Her long green hair hangs down past her hips and upon her face an almost eternal look of indifference. Across her waist hang several small silver keys on a thin chain which resemble the lengthy Garnet Rod which is always in her possession.

Garnet Rod
A large key-shaped silver staff which is used to control the Space-Time Door in the Underworld. Representing the planet Pluto, the top of the staff has a set of heart shaped rings (much like the famous spot on the planet) which serve as both decoration and an enclosure for the Garnet Orb from which the staff gets it's name.

Setsuna Meioh
Fathered by Chronos and given life by The Goddess Emepherea, Sailor Pluto eternally guards the doorway of time in the depths of the Underworld. Combined with the abilities given to her as a Senshi as well as the Garnet Orb atop her staff, Setsuna has a mastery of time rivaled by few. Due to the nature of her post and the longevity provided by it, the woman is a closely guarded secret on Twisted and is rarely seen anywhere aside from guarding the gateway.

As the name she refers to herself suggests, there was a time where she too had a civilian guise and lived beyond her post. Since the creation of Twisted she was forced to return to it and as such she's yet to allow herself to step away from her duties. Even when her post was given to another she felt uncomfortable leaving it in someone else's care and returned quickly to it once her replacement stepped down. However, she continues to cling to her civilian name - refusing to let that part of her life be forgotten.

Fulfilling a destiny tied to looping time, Setsuna recently encountered her mother for the last time. In doing so she took Emepherea's powers from her and erased the Goddess's memory allowing her to live as a normal human until she eventually gives birth and raises Setsuna, starting the timeline over once again. With Emi's powers and a heavy heart, Setsuna no longer needs to guard the Gate of Time and has set out on a quest to become the Twisted's Guardian to ensure that her friends and family are protected.[1] To that end the Sailor Senshi assisted in overthrowing Señor Diablo, and eventually becoming the new ruling head of Twisted alongside a new Council for Twisted. [2]


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Setsuna Meioh

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