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Claiming territories

Summary: After Alessa and her servant opened a pit to Hell and claimed a part of Twisted, the 'invasion' began. The innocent souls born in Hell where released, and Satyrn came to investigate. From then on, things get complicated...

Who: Alessa, Ami, Hal, Makoto, Satyrn, Senor_Diablo, Setsuna
When: June 25th, 2008
Where: Thee TWISsteD WoRLLd(#1860R)

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Thee TWISsteD WoRLLd(#1860R)

You have left the Twisted Street. Wether a mistake or on purpose, you find yourself out in Twisted World. As soon as your foot leaves the pavement, the street disappears from behind you. The wind picks up into a desert storm, dirt beneath your feet, then changes into a gentle grassy plain, the sun warming your body. You then find yourself in a frigid wasteland, nearly on the verge of freezing to death, and then you find yourself upon a long black expanse of nothing. Complete and total emptiness. The world continues to change and bend around you, and there is no rhyme or reason to the madness. Sometimes, the setting will stay for awhile, but then creatures and beasts tend to appear, hungry for souls, hungry for flesh, hungry for you.

Stretching out from the main street is a long and winding stone path that leads to a huge well in front of an ancient mausoleum. The well seems to be bottomless going on and on for miles deep undergound. Redish-yellow light and a horrible grinding noise eminate out of it. However, the most frightening thing about it is the statue standing in the center of it. A horrible eight foot tall monster of a man with a pyramid shaped helmet mounted onto his shoulders stands slumped against an upturned seven foot long spear with it's blade piercing through it's throat. What makes it so frightening is that upon closer investigation it is revealed to not be a statue at all. Statues don't bleed...

Reflecting the chaos here and in the world surrounding it, a decrepid hospital stands like a great beast watching over all who comes here. The sign reads [Alchemilla Hospital].

From the hospital, screams ring out, echoing out across the changing wasteland. Alessa is perched at the top, watching over it all, deciding how and when to start rolling out onto Twisted, and when the Cenobites will be relasesed. The gray children, small ...gray burnt children, their arms fused across their torso, flail against the fence below, blood and bits of flesh dripping and hanging from the wire.

As Alessa surveys everything below her, Hal slowly comes into focus, a small box held in his right hand. "...So it's begun?" He looks to the girl and gives a soft smile, before throwing the box out into the madness below, for an unsuspecting victim to find. He lifts his left hand, and gently runs it through his hair, as a slight flicker of a yellowish green light emits from his eyes. "Then.. I guess I'll have to stop holding back soon as well..."

Satyrn comes flying in from the distance, nice and high in the syk above, going at a slow pace to keep her hair from getting too messy during the flight. Thankfully, she had time to do her hair before going out, or really she just waited until it was done before leaving. It's not like The Council is going to fire her or something. Well, she doesn't think. Her green eyes move over the area beneath her, reaching down into her clothing and pulling out her G-pad, she taps it a few times, staring at the readings while she sends her senses out to try and sense any ki, no matter how small or big, in this whole general area. o O ( So let's see what the problem is. ) She thinks to herself, probably just another random event that'll go away soon enough, she figures.

From the Hell Gate, shadows begin to spiral around dramaticly. Launching themselves into the air like black tendrals, they fuse into the form of Senor Diablo who grins a little too widely. Crawling up from the well comes cloaked people wearing heavy hoods. As they reach the surface they look around in awe. Some are crying, some laughing. All of them showing some kind of emotion. The demon adresses them as he extends his arms, "Children of the lower regions, innocents born of damnation. This is your chance. Your freedom. It was wrong for the powers that be to give you life in places where those judged as wrongdoers, and now that should be rectified. All regions shall be unfied! All domains shall be joined! All gates shall be open! Begin your lives anew, least we give into the system that even now tries to seperate our worlds and our loved ones. Live, my friends.... live..."

Alessa giggles as Hall and Diablo appear. "Indeed it has." She kicks her feet, in a very childlike manner. She peers upward, having sensed Satyrn. "I think we have a visitor." She starts floating down, towards the ground, grinning, her head doing that super quick twitch, before returning to normal, once she touches down on the ground.

Satyrn taps the pad a few more times, staring at the readings. She looks down at Alessa, then over at Diablo and Hal. Hm. She tucks her pad away and floats downwards, staying about fifteen feet above all of them. She brings her hand up in a greeting, or a wave, or a stop, or just a palm flattened towards them all, then lowers it back as her grey tail winds around her left leg, "I'm Satyrn Tarn of TASK. You're hereby ordered to stop imposing your will, magic, or influence on this area of Twisted so normal portals can continue to appear and shift and change." She says, wondering if they'll play nice, she hasn't fought more than one person at once in a long time, it should be good time. Resistance is always more fun for her. She can already feel the blood inside of her starting to heat up from the mere thought of conflict.

"So we do...." Hal grins as he lifts his right hand into the air, his eyes suddenly burning brightly. "In blackest day, in brightest night, beware your fears made into light... Let those who try to stop what's right, burn like my power.... Parallax's might!" His voice echoes out loudly, as green constructs of the creatures roaming blow suddenly start to cone into view... Hal's body explodes with a yellow light, as a black mask covers his eyes, his body covered in a strange armor. "I think not Satyrn Tarn, slave of the corrupted." Parallax slowly floats into the air, a green cape coming to life behind him as the power within him starts to build rapidly. "Join us, or stand aside. The Council has had their chance to come to an agreement with us.. The time for talking is over... Unifacation is at hand." A solid green beam of light suddenly is fired upwards, as a large gate slowly starts to come into view.

Senor Diablo eyes whatever the hell is going on with a look of distaste. It only takes seconds before the shadows begin to flicker and Dialbo joins the group getting as close as he can to listen to everything. "Oh, dear... I think we made them angry. If you want to argue politics, Ms Tarn, I suggest you send your precious Council out here because we're not going anywhere."

Alessa says, "May the Council join the rest of their world in damnation. If they don't want to take the time to keep on their proporty." She shrugs. "You however, will not be able to stop this." Alessa smirks, and tilts her head, awaiting the decision.

Satyrn smiles at everyones words, it's like heaven to her ears. Resistance, oh the entire reason she signed up for this job in the first place. The battle, the fights. She looks over her opponents, none of them are going to be straight up fighters, she can tell. A pity, are there any out there anymore? She doesn't think so, everyone has some weird power these days. She pulls her G-pad out again, tapping at it and scanning the three beings over, trying to assess if they're predominantely magic users or whatnot. "Let me just relay that back." She says, tapping another part, she's not really lieing, she's just doing both at the same time.

The gate above Parallax suddenly spills open as a horde of yellow suited demons slowly start to pour out of it, allowing themselves to expand further out into Twisted. "Zero Hour is at hand..." The yellow demons suddenly start to shoot yellow beams into the sky, creating smaller versions of the gates they spawned from, trying to summon more and more of their companions from the Anti-Matter realm of Qward...

The gate above Parallax suddenly spills open as a horde of yellow suited demons slowly start to pour out of it, allowing themselves to expand further out into Twisted. "Zero Hour is at hand..." The yellow demons suddenly start to shoot yellow beams into the sky, creating smaller versions of the gates they spawned from, trying to summon more and more of their companions from the Anti-Matter realm of Qward...

Senor Diablo frowns heavily at Hal's summoning. "Hal? Your going to jeapardise the innocents. They are our priority, not pissing off the angry TASK member." Diablo folds his hands across his chest and sighs. "I suppose it doesn't matter once the unification occurs fully..." The demon doesn't have much to say at the moment. Mostly he's concerned with his 'people' crawling out of that pit. For an embodiement of evil, he sure does worry alot about innocents...

Satyrns g-pad, if it picks up anything at all from Alessa, will distort, crackleing and fuzzing in true technological manner. "If the Council would like to come down from their high high pedestals and talk about this, we could.. possibly... come to an agreement. That is their choice."That's matter of factly.

Satyrn taps a few things on the pads as it distorts, ignoring it more or less, you never know when something might short out, or someone might short it out. She tucks the pad away and looks over at all three of you, her hands falling down to hang limply at her sides. "Well, they're not coming, I'm just going to destroy you all if you won't stop what you're doing and come peacefully." She ignores the goings on with the beams and creatures and all, it's just show, and if it's not show, it'll stop when she stops these people, she's rather sure. The tip of her tail twitches back and forth.

"How about... No." Parallax narrows his eyes down at Satyrn, grinning wildly as the constructs stop and turn, leaping onto Alessa's creations, fusing with them to create true nightmares, things that are so horrible and unspeakable, they make Anton LeVey faint upon sight. He looks down at Diablo, as if asking for some unspoken permission, the original gate above them slowly starting to flicker, as another realm slowly starts to come into view.

Senor Diablo sighs angrily, "And this is what I'd hoped to avoid." The demon's form turns black, his eyes glow red, and suddenly his body stretches out into the sky easily doubling his height. "We are agents of the Abyss. We are made of the condemend, the decesed. You'd have a better chance dragging us back to hell than trying to kill us, but if you insist... what can we do?" He looks at Parallax and shakes his head. "Hal? She's not worth our effort." Wow, that's a good way to insult her.

Alessa fades from view, letting a small army of about 30 Prymid heads take her place. Diablo's right, Satyrn isn't much of a match, as Alessa can't be killed by conventional means, but if the sayian is looking for a little blood, well, we can at least oblige her on that. "Ring around the roses, pockets full of posies, ashes ashes we all fall down." She giggles, the sound echoing again as she waits for the fun to begin.

Satyrn watches the three of them silently, eyeing over their movements, the way they speak and talk. She can't gather too much information on them, really, since none of them seem to be straight out fighters. It'll just make this fight more difficult, and probably a tad less fun, but whatever. She ignores the words of all of them, since they're just words, people are so funny when they try to cast insults, she doesn't get some of them, "The waves crash." She says once, before she blinks out of sight, reappearing in front of Diablo, since the other one referred to him, her fist coming up from her waist to try and slam into his chest straight on, with quite an amazing amount of force, though she isn't bothering to max herself out yet, why bother when it's just the start? No fun if things aren't drawn out for her.

"So be it..." Parallax nods his head, and moves to float next to Diablo, a solid green wall appearing between him and Satyrn. The wall is hard, very hard, almost as if it were indestructable. "As it was said, you really aren't worth our time." The wall suddenly warps its shape, and starts to form a ball around Satyrn, attempting to encase her within it.

Senor Diablo sighs at Hal's misguided heroics and returns to his normal hight. He's inhabiting a body of shadow... so why would Satyrn have hurt him. Oh well, he thinks, maybe he was eager to start fighting. Glancing around at the Pyramid Heads forces the demon to shake his head. "...so pointless." And with a swirling of the shadows that currently make up his form, he arrives back at the Hell Pit trying to coach the remaining souls towards freedom before anything else can get in the way.

Alessa keeps the Prymid heads standing there, motionless, until Satyrn decides to actually attack them. Diablo can take ccare of himself, as he's shown, and likly doesn't need her help. "Your going to wear yourself out. SO, give up, go home, and tell your bosses that we are trying to.." She waves her hand from her hiding spot, idly, searching for the word." Liberate those so wrongly boxed in. You seem like a crative kind of creature."

Satyrn blinks out of sight as her hand hits the wall, reappearing about thirty feet up in the air, she doesn't even rub her sore hand, it'll heal, they always heal eventually. Wounds, missing limbs, she's lucky to have someone that will patch her up when she goes home. It makes fighting that much more fun, because she can sacrifice her body for it even more. She looks over at all the numerous creatures running around, then over at Diablo who is...coaching souls to freedom? That's pretty strange. o O ( These people are insane, then? That's too bad, insane people never fight as well as they should. ) She holds her left arm out, a grey and black swirling ball of chi forming out next to it, and then another, and finally a third, which then fly out and away from her to hover in the air. Well, she might as well see if any of these people can be hurt by chi explosions so she can rule that method of attack as effective or not. The chi balls all saild down through the sky, one of them heading for Diablo, the other for Parallaex, and the third, well, it just hangs out and waits in the sky. Each one is like a good sized bomb, maybe a ten foot crater in the earth if it hits the ground instead of the intended targets. She starts raising her chi level slowly, as one of her hands moves to smooth her hair down since some of it got out of place flying up here.

It's at exactly this moment, with balls of exploding energy flying through the air, that the fog rolls in. At least, that's the way one might normally describ the slow, ponderous movement of a fog bank. When it blankets everything for miles in under a second, it might be more accurate to say that the fog hits. Moisture clings thick in the air, and the wind seems to blow dramatically. It does that a lot around here. "This is hardly the place for armies and chaos." The sharp voice of a young female rings out, and through the fog, the figure of Sailor Mercury appears, underneath Satyrn or so, ahead of the army's advance. The entire world seems to suddenly be filled with blue lines as she introduces herself, despite the fog. "I am Sailor Mercury!" She pauses, expecting her friend to join in right after her and finish up her speech. They have good synergy like that. Otherwise she'd be left standing there looking foolish. That would be embarassing.

Sailor Jupiter fade through the fog, back to back with Mercury, her ams crossed and her expression stern.... Despite not really knowing what's going on. c.c; "So pack it up, settle down and quit waking up the neighborhood!" okay... she's not exactly the best speechwriter out there, but it's heartfelt.

Sailor Jupiter says, "I Am Sailor Jupiter!" Allmost forgot the intro. Damn. Out of practice.. c.c

Three green orbs suddenly appear around the balls of Ki, stopping them in mid-air as the explode violently within them, the orbs containing the force with seemingly little problem. "Fear... Each of you has it..." Parallax glows a dull yellow as it senses the two senshi and the saiya-jin's fears, creating each of their fears for them to contend with. "Slowly, the unifacation continues... the time to choose is now.."

Senor Diablo turns his attention to one of the cloaked figures who chose to stand beside the opened Hell Pit/Gate, "See what I mean? Keep this gate opened until the innocent are free. I'll suffer the aftermath if things go sour." He shakes his head and marches off leaving the cloaked figure to take his place here before adressing the Senshi. "This doesn't concern you. Innocents are being freed. The only fighting is between parties who don't realise they're waisting each others' energies. You'd be wise not to add to this matter." His voice sounds very serious and annoyed. Not a normal thing for this demon.

Alessa calls the Prymid heads back, bored. As they fall into piles of squirmy cockroaches, Alessa reappers. "This is dull." She points a finger at Satyrn. "Return to your masters, tell them what we have done." Her finger sways over to the Sailors. "You have no concern in this yet, leave, now." She rises her arms up, a mass of bleeding, rusted barbed wire rising with the motion. It surrounds her, curling tighter and tighter, until it coils itself into a little tiny ball, no bigger then a gold ball. And with that the 'Goddess' has left.

The third ball of chi sails down towards Alessa as she appears and talks, though the girl probably gets away before the impact and likely resulting explosion occurs. Satyrn ignores the girls words, looking over at Mercury and Jupiter. More people? Lovely. Ah, wait, not on their side are they? Hm, they'll probably get in the way, she'll just ignore them for now unless they show something more of what they can do. Well, at least she knows her chi won't work. As her fears come surfacing, her eyes narrow down and her hands clench into fists, her aura, which was only a soft subtle grey around her body, flares up as she sends her chi flowing through her body, black mingling in with the grey. She blinks out of human eyesight once again, moving insanely face, and appearing this time behind Diablo, her knee coming up to try and connect into the back of his spine, or body, or the center of his mass, wherever that might be.

Sailor Mercury looks a bit confused. Enemies never actually try to talk before fighting. They usually just rush in and attack. She nods her head once, decidedly pleased with that much. "...Anything that causes chaos and violence in Twisted is our concern. Explain yourselves at once!" ...And it's at about that time that Sailor Galaxia appears before her. Ami makes a small sound, but doesn't take a step back. "... ... Nm?" She gets a strange feeling, like she should be immensely afraid. Instead, however, she crosses her arms, and looks confused. "... Mako-chan... what do you see, over there?" She points toward where she sees Sailor Galaxia, twenty feet ahead. Isn't that supposed to be her greatest fear surfacing? She's not reacting to it very strongly.

Sailor Jupiter is somewhat hesitant now, her nightmare staring her in the face.

"..This is pointless." Parallax shakes his head, causing the manifestations of the fears to vanish as a green wall once more appears between Diablo and Satyrn. "Enough of this. Interering with us is pointless. Go back to your masters, and let them know what is transpiring. You were never worth any of our time, and you're hardly a challange."

Senor Diablo sighs angrily. He never wanted things to go this way. He spins around angrily as Hal's shield goes up again, and his emotion radiates off of him intemidatingly. In fact, it's so strong one can almost taste it. "I'm not here to fight! I came for a goal. I came to free innocent lives! I will not leave until-!" A voice vuagly familar to the Senshi calls out, "Diablo? That's the last one." Senor Diablo seems to breathe a sigh of relief. "And now I leave. The gate stays open. Try to seal it or send back my people and there will be HELL to pay." With a swirl of shadows the demon is gone...

Satyrn floats back as her last tow targets disappear. She frowns, looking around the area, her tailtip twitching back and forth, back and forth, brushing against her foot. Everyone ran away? How...disappointing for her. She pulls her G-pad out again, tapping a few buttons to let it start sending readings back to Gegoshi to study this place and see what she can make of it, before looking over towards Jupiter and Mercury. She doesn't recognize either from them, which is good and bad, in her opinion, but she doesn't greeet them either, she was really wanting more of a fight than that.

As she hears that Makoto sees the Doom girls, Ami raises a hand to hear ear, and her visor appears. She notices the readings are almost completely useless, and decides that it's an illusion, or perhaps something that isn't really Galaxia at the very least. She intends to say so, but everything seems to spiral into a head without either of the Senshi doing much of anything. Sailor Mercury blinks as Galaxia disappears, and she whispers to Makoto quietly. "... Are they gone?" It's around that time that a familiar voice calls out to Diablo, and her eyes widen. "... Setsuna-san, what exactly is it that you've done?"

Sailor Jupiter takes a breath as the vision vanishes, nodding to Mercury. "Okay. That was just cruel. _Now_ I'm p...." she trails off as the voice clicks. "Setsuna??" she glances around. "It might be another trick, Mercury..."

The cloaked figure which waited by the gate as per Diablo's instructions turns her gaze towards Ami as she's adressed by that long unused name. "I've done nothing but my duties. It would be taboo for me to go against them. With this gate open innocent creatures can be given the chance to be judged by their actions properly, and I can try to redeem myself by no longer spending all my focus guarding the gates." She smiles, although under that cloak only her mouth is visible. "But today is not that day. I have more duties to perform until then..."

Satyrn glances between the people talking, floating up a bit higher in the air. She looks down at her G-pad, frowning at it, then raising and eyebrow. She taps a few more things on the display, staring at it more. o O ( Must be broken. ) She thinks to herself, taking moments to glance up at the people chatting back and forth as the tail around her leg wraps itself down tighter. She sneers and tucks the bad away, folding her arms as her tail tip twitches wildly, her aura dieing itself down.

Sailor Mercury takes a step towards the cloaked figure, but pauses in her step, something clicking in the back of her mind. "...Setsuna-san..." She doesn't really know what to say. She never knew much about the Time Guardian's duties, except what she heard, but... Guarding the gates of Hell? "...We should talk. Something's not right."

Sailor Jupiter bites her lip, not really trusting her senses at this point. But her eyes are hopeful as she looks towards Setsuna. "Mercury's right. The team is split up... We need you."

Sailor Pluto isn't guarding the gates of hell, just the gates of time in the underworld (or Hell as they call it here). "I'll be around soon, I promise. I have duties to uphold first, however." She turns towards the open Hell Gate and shakes her head, "The balance must be kept. I'm glad I got to see you both again." Setsuna smiles, not that they can see, before leaping into the air and down into the depths below.

Satyrn exhales sharply and looks over towards Jupiter and Mercury, she floats over to hover in front and above them a good distance, her voice carrying over it easily and smoothly, "I'm Satyrn Tarn of TASK, whatever's going on here needs to be stopped. If you can do it, good. If you can help, good. I'm supposed to go back and....report...." She says the last word like it's a piece of trash that was left out in the dump for a few years then shoved into her mouth... "But I'll try to get in touch with you if we do anything." She stares at both of them intently, working to try and memorize their aura's and power signatures.

Sailor Mercury looks up at Satyrn after several seconds of staring after Setsuna. She wants to bring her friend back, but she's not running into... into Hell... just like that. When her attention /does/ turn to the flying girl, she speaks quietly. "... I don't fully understand what's going on here, but... we're not harming an avalanche of innocent people, and the violent ones have all left. Please tell me where I can reach your superiors." ... She handled that /really/ calmly. "... Setsuna-san..."

Satyrn looks between the two of them, her tailtip twitching again, "I am my own superior, I'm the highest ranking member in TASK." She looks over at Jupiter, "Police...no, we make sure people aren't screwing up other dimensions, although..." She frowns, looking down in her clothing where she tucked the G-pad, that was a weird message, maybe one of those three was screwing with it? Whatever. "Anyway, I'm talking about all these dead things, or people, or whatever you want to call them. This place is dimensionaly unstable." Big words for a saiyan, she's smart for one, at least. She can even spell! "The Council I guess are my superiors, and if you want to talk to them, well, they're going to have a meeting right now, but it's private, I..." She clenches her hands into fists, irritated, "Look, I'll tell them to talk to you, how about that? I just lost the chance to have a great fight, and then was told to 'Come home right away' which is ridiculous!"

Sailor Mercury blinks, looking confused. "... A fight?" She notices the tail, and decides to file that away. People with monkey tails that like to fight. She wonders if anyone online's ever heard of them. "... The Council, then? ... Thank you, it would be appreciated." Dimensionally unstable? Isn't the entirety of Twisted pretty much like that anyway? She's not sure she understands what's going on, but she's pretty sure she can, and will, with time. "... Mako-chan... I don't think we were needed here, after all."

Sailor Jupiter says, "Sounds good to me.. but... If this place is that unstable.... Why have a huge battle that could make it worse?" She nods polietely to Satyrn. If she's trying to help, then that's all she needs to know. "Yeah... Looks like everything's died down..."

Satyrn nods her head, taking a moment to calm herself, letting her arms fall down at her sides. She then inclines her head, slightly, towards them both, "May your village prosper and the water always find its way to your door." She looks between them one last time, just to make sure she can more or less try to track them down again later for messages and whatnot, before pulling her G-pad out again, tapping a few keys. The outline of a door forms in the air next to her, along with a wooden knob floating in the center. She reaches out and takes it, the door filling itself in to resemble an old style oak one, then opening it up and hopping through, the door being pulled closed behind her and disappearing a second later.

Sailor Mercury watches Satyrn's departure with her visor, which gets significantly clearer readings from the door than it did from the hell armies and strange yellow beings, and fears and whatnot. She'll have to make adjustments to it for that. She always does. "... I suppose we go home now, Mako-chan. Somehow, it looks like noone got hurt. That's good news, right?"

Sailor Jupiter scratches the back of her head. "Well... That was odd... It's like we showed up and everyone decided to behave.... it's like they listened to us. Noone's ever listened to our speaches before!" she grins widely, trying to clear the tension. "We win!"

The door was technology based, opening a stable hole in the dimensional walls for a short time to allow passage through!

Sailor Mercury gives a tiny little giggle, and nods her head. "It is a change, isn't it? I thought there was a villain's handbook that specifically said they weren't allowed to listen." She smiles and looks back toward the hellgate. They'll be back for Setsuna... when they're prepared. Which, knowing Setsuna, will be the time she decides to just come walking back. But oh well. "... Yes, they were." She doesn't elaborate, but rather walks off with her friend, heading towards home.

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