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Satyrn Tarn
Full Name: Satyrn Tarn

Series: Original
Class: Saiyan
Threat Level: City Smasher
Alignment: The Council
Gender: Female
Species: Saiyan
Age: 5'6"

Short Description: Saiyan - Former leader of TASK, Crow ranking.

Satyrn Tarn
A beautiful young girl looking to be around the age of fifteen is before you. She wears a black leather bodysuit, minus any leggings, with a single buckle like strap across the front of her neck. The bottom of the outfit flares down, almost like a dress, but without a front portion. Thigh high boots adorn her legs, she's rather well covered up, though it shows off all of her curves. Her hair is long and black streaked with grey, flowing down in a long mane nearly to the back of her knees. It looks like she takes very good care of it. Soft green eyes look out onto the world.


"Satyrn Tarn [Rank: Crow] is a saiyan who crash landed on Twisted after being caught in a dimensional storm! Her ship was destroyed and soon came upon The Council. She immediately took up the job of working for them when she found out she could hunt people down and fight them! Oh, I mean, capture them! She's really, really vain and won't ever play games with me, it's very sad. She asked me a lot of questions about saiyans when she first showed up, but I didn't know much about them! She loves working for Task though, and she even refused a position on The Council offered to her because she wanted more freedom to hunt down Mal-Travelers! Unfortunately, post DT, she was lost in the dimensions when Crux stranded her! She fought her way back and has yet to do much else!" ~Gegoshi


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