2007-06-14 (PreU) Scene 2: Wow, look at the pretty AHH! *death*

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Scene 2: Wow, look at the pretty AHH! *death*

Summary: Part 2! Enter Satyrn and Ken!!

Who: aden, devi, kenpachi, lucia, satyrn
When: June 14th, 2007
Where: Twisted Street - Another Way


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Twisted Street - Another Way

Another way down the Twisted Street, things become more stable. The dark clouds peel back and reveal a nice sunny day, or perhaps a sunny night, it's hard to tell on the Street. Buildings are stable here, and tend to stay in one place for longer than a few minutes as in other areas. Dimensional doorways and portals spin in and out of existence, warping time and space. Expelling people, expelling homes, expelling monsters. The street is cracked and broken, and has not been maintained in years. A constant wind blows through the area. Off to one side of the street, a large stair case spirals it's way into the clouds. With the nature of the landscape there's no way of knowing if it origianly had been built that way or not.

Kenpachi Zaraki's walking down one of the paths of blackness. Something called a street. His reitsu blazes with anger at not being able to come across someone to offer him a good fight. It is no where near his top energy output but as a normal human passes by, the feeling of death and dread overwhelm them and they faint. *thud* One his head Ken's bells tinkle with each step as he runs after Ryouga.. lost as usual

Far up in the chaotic weather of Twisted, Satyrn flies overhead. She's moving towards one of her favorite dimensions, where some of the creatures are actually stronger than her. It's so much more fun to fight there. She's been seeking out more and more powerful beings, knowing she's close, and now that Gegoshi is semi-back to normal, she's able to monitor her status. She's close now, she might even be there. But, she wants to be sure, and so she keeps fighting, after doing her hair of course. Then again, last night she knows she felt something from that restaurant where she gets a drink now and then, so she's taking a quick passby of Twisted, and lo and behold, there it is, familiar. She comes to a stop and looks down from a few hundred feet, locating...Kenpachi. She reaches into her clothing and pulls out a hairbrush and quickly begins brushing her hair, hairspay comes out next, along with a mirror. Once she's sure her hair is a-ok, she floats down to the ground, hovering a few feet above it so she can look towards Kenpachi at his eye level (literally, eye). "I'm Satyrn Tarn." She introduces herself, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

Kenpachi Zaraki's bells tinkle lightly as a female floats in front of him. hmm, he smells something on the air "I smell battle." having never had too much of a ability to feel aura's past his own he relies more on gut feeling and intuitions. Comming to a stop before her he swings his sword up to rest on his shoulder as he asks, "And are you strong?" seeming not to care for her name in the least as he stares at her with that one uncovered eye without flinching.

Satyrn hms inwardly to herself as her hands come to rest upon her hips. Assessing Kenpachi. It's definately him that's radiating the general aura of power. It's quite high. That's good, in her opinion. A sword...she doesn't usually fight with weapons, which causes problems sometimes, so she does have a sword available to her, she just never carries it around. "I am the strongest of my species alive." She says, not exaclty answering his question, she considers herself immensly strong, but she only brags after she beats soemone and not before. She inclines her head forward, her eyes trailing over the sword as she does so, "And you?"

Kenpachi Zaraki's sword is beaten and chipped. One can almost see the stains of blood from years of use still lingering on the blade's edge. "Regretful to eliminate the last of your species." with a dark grin as he now begins to feel a bit of her power. Good, this makes him happy. No more chasing stupid prey like Zoro or Ryouga. With a flick of his wrist he turns the blade and sinks it into the ground point first like a knife into butter. He is at least displaying a stance of confidence and a little physically stronger then most humans. Not to mention how tall he is. Keep in mind, as he begins to get happier his reitsu begins to increase little by little

Satyrn tilts her head to the side as Kenpachi pronounces her death. Pompous, isn't he? Then again, the toughest fighters she's come across are all like that, so it's a good sign in her opinion. "I like to talk while I fight, though you seem a creature of few words, do I get to know the name of my genocider?" She says, a smile coming to her lips. Her grey tail, which has been wrapped around her left leg, slowly begins to unravel and then sways behind her. She dyes it grey...it's a lot of work, but it looks better than brown, doesn't it? She better not start out soft on this guy, she's liable to get more than a little hurt if she plays around at first. So she starts focusing her power, though no aura pops around her and she doesn't tense or anything, she has a very good control over her chi.

Kenpachi Zaraki's control is so limited it is mostly controlled by his emmotional state "Fighters dont need words. Battle is Battle. Life, death, words, it's all meaningless because battle is all." He then draws forth his sword and it gashes the road and he doesnt even grunt with effort as a dark smile plays over his face. She hasnt even flinched at his increasing spirit energy. Licking his lips a little "I am self declared Kenpachi. Now lets see what you have girl"

Satyrn starts to get a light thin aura around her body, black mixed with pieces of grey in it, swirling around its depths. She holds it there though, it's already pretty high, she's praying to the Elders of her homeworld that this one will make her go up even higher. Would that not be glorious? She can already feel her blood starting to run hot. Her hands fall from her hips and go limp at her sides, almost lazy looking. "Kenpachi. I feel this is going to be a fun time." She doesn't charge forward, not yet, not yet, "Are you going to use your sword?" Not that she cares if he suddenly pulls it out later and lies about it now, but if he's honest and says yes, she'll grab one quickly.

Kenpachi Zaraki's just not noticing she doesnt have a sword or a weapon. DAMN like like everyone around here is as skilled with a sword as Kenpachi is with subtlety. hmphing he flicks his wrist and the sword sinks back into the ground. He can feel her excitement but doesnt feel the killers intent from her. She is a little like him and seeks battle it seems.. or maybe like 'Mr aldy' that his pink haired companion reffers to. He can fight hand to hand and toe to toe. It's the battle, that is all that matters. weapons. dont matter. Being a good sport and wanting to test her skill, and since he doesnt feel the desired pressure of one aiming to kill him he says with a slight smile "I will fight you the way you want. Battle is Battle. That is all there is" he thinks he hears his sword crying out in protest but Ken has never needed it's strength. Mockingly he opens the front of his captains Jacket and says "ladies first"

Satyrn cocks her head to the other side as Kenpachi actually releases his sword. Well, hey, she won't complain, but she's going to keep an eye on it this whole time, nonetheless. Well, at least be aware of it. The man exposes his chest in the classic hit me pose. She can't believe it. That Ranma guy was an idiot, but this one seems...is he just arrogant? Possibly. Does he believe he'll win no matter what? If that's the case, she'll have to use it. A smile touches the edges of her lips and she takes in a slow breath. o O ( Remember Satyrn, if he starts flirting with you, maintain your cold. ) She says to herself mentally. Right. Free shot. She's wary, but isn't going to pass it up, this guys excuding confidence. Good. She fly's forward, almost blinking out of human eyesight, and her right fist comes far back and then hurls forward, moving to impact his chest directly above his heart (human heart anyway)! Wham! She's semi-powered up, so that'd knock a building off its foundation, or send a train off of its tracks, easily.

Kenpachi Zaraki's effected by the intent to kill. <see ep 60-70> more then physical strength. He didnt expect such an impact and his feet begin to slide backwards from the impact and leave a trail of dust in their wake. Slamming into a building the wall cracks on impact. Rib would usually crack in beings of substandard but his power begins to QUICKLY climb up while laughing billows out of him "Oh this WILL be fun" He seems to have taken the shot without much of an effect or at least he inst letting it bother him. He has lost control of his reitsu and the air is thick with the edge of death around him. though stabbing him is more like stabbing a steel wall Satyrns chi would match his without a problem so she most likely is not damaged unlike Ichigo was the first time he attacked.

Satyrn floats in the air where she hit Kenpachi and off he went, as she hoped he would. Nor is he truly hurt. Oh, oh this is great! "You're right, Kenpachi! I've been seeking out strong people to fight. You see..." She says, and her aura increases in thickness, forming actual solid black lines mixed with grey now. She reaches up and smoothes down her hair, "...I've been trying to find someone..." She blinks out of sight, reappearing in the sky above her about a hundred feet, both of her hands stretched out to either side of herself, "...who can actually stand toe to toe with me." Two basketball sized orbs of black mixed with grey chi form on either side of her. She lowers her hands, leaving them there, and blinks back down to street level, "I hope you don't mind if I completly enjoy this." She felt the hit on her hand, it was solid, she would of broken it if she hadn't of shot herself up higher on the chi scale. This is good. She then laughs softly, before blinking out of human eyesight and reappearing in front of Kenpachi, bringing her knee up to contact with his gut, or try too at least. Straight forward attacking, for the moment. She's a bit stronger this time, just shooting up the strength scale a few notches.

Kenpachi Zaraki's got many many years of fighting. He has fought Captian class squad members. Trained with that stupid pompus upper housemen with the shadow step, being with super huge summoned Bankai's like the fox being. Oh.. there is a reason he has the title Zaraki. He loves to fight, live to fight, and knows HOW to fight. A fist comes down towards the knee that is rising to his guy as he begins to laugh. Super human strength is behind it .o0(take out an oppents legs and you can kill him easy) while his head is shooting forward with all abandon to try and head butt the girl in his face. With the building behind him it isnt like she can do much. "you may even make me have to remove this eyepatch! hah hah hah ah!" his bells tinkling with the forced movement. She could be filled with spikes like a porkupine and still he would attack. Fighting is life

Satyrn's knee impacts into Kenpachi's fist?! She has NEVER found someone who actually punches to block! What kind of....beauty is that? It hurts, oh yes, it hurts greatly with the combined impact, and then his head comes forward and bashes into hers, sending her flying end over end through the air. Her hand snaps out, and she grabs ahold of a nearby lamppost, which uproots form the street and goes flying, not rooted enough to actually stop her. The lamppost finds itself lodged through the skull of a random person walking by as it flys through the air. Oops. Satyrn smacks some chi through her system, causing her to come to an immediate halt with a spark of aura pouncing off of her. She smiles, really, really big, anxious, anticipating, her blood burning with the sensation of the fight, "What happens when you do that?" She asks, and then blinks out of human eyesight again, reappearing on the left side of Kenpachi, she brings her fist around to punch right into his face. Of course, she's not actually there, and it's just an after image shadow of herself, as the real her appears a split second after, bringing a real punch towards his guts! Wham! Her aura flares around her, and a few parts of her hair start to lift from their heavily weighed down conditioned hairsprayed state.

Kenpachi Zaraki's only got one eye so depth perseption is off anyway. He is fast and tries to block his fist.. hey is that blood on his knuckles? He took that kinda damage and isnt even flinching? Then he feels the impact in his gut and the building his back was two is suddenly exploding inward as if something shot into it, before Ken's actually body goes flying. It was almost like Satyrns power punched through him as he vanishes into the darkness.

From inside the darkness of the building there comes gleeful laughing. That is befor the tinkling of bells is heard and suddenly there is a crushing pressure. The air is almost thick with death. Humans inside the builds which cower from the fight are fainting as the power crushes down on them. -tinkle.. tinkle.. tinkle- if anyone can see into the darkness a worn Kenpachi is walking forward while gripping the eyepatch in his hand. From his reitsu increasing so dramatically it begins to break apart.

Satyrn narrows her eyes at the darkness and flys backwards a few feet, hovering just above the ground. Then suddenly it hits her, the pressure. She blinks and she actually hits the ground, going to her knees. That..what? She grits her teeth. Is that his aura just projecting itself out?! Awesome, awesome, awesome! "Thanks for the answer, Kenpachi." She comments, smiling from where she kneels, however, she isn't about to go on doing so, she's a saiyan afterall. Queen of the saiyans. She's going to have to krank it up though now, if she wants to fight equally. She gets up to her feet, and her hands fall limp at her sides again as she raises her chi level without outside visible effort. The chi around her body explodes outwards, a large black and grey mass of flowing power. Rocks and debris around Twisted struggle, because Satyrn's aura makes things go up, and Kenpachi's makes them go down. Pieces of rock, wood, and people's bones begin to wobble in the air and then compress and shatter into pieces. Satyrn's hair, always kept down, starts to spike up, piece after piece breaking away as the hairspray just melts away under the power eminating from the saiyan's body. The two sphere's still floating a few hundred feet above have crunched themsleves down into the size of small fists now. That, kind of took her time, so she doesn't have a moment to attack yet.

[!]Along the street of Twisted, rocks, debris, metal, and yes, even some people, are suddenly slammed to the ground as a power floods over them, it only lasts a moment though, as another power then pushes up against them...pieces of buildings, bones, and various objects caught between the two forces begin to crush in on themselves, exploding in small explosions. Might want to not walk along the street tonight.

Kenpachi Zaraki's moment is a rush of sandles striking pavemnt. The wall explodes outwaard as he juggernauts throught it -BOOM- it would have been easier to come out the hole but that would be expected. The glee in his eyes and the WIDE spread smile on his face as his blood hums a battle anthem in his own ears. A bit of blood lust has gripped him and he doesnt even notice as he picks up his sword, or more the like, grips his sword and sparks fly. He is ripping a gash in the street since it is still buried in the ground and he is running for Satyrn. this is just like Ichigo! Wonderful! wonderful!! He doesnt even notice as he tries to cleave her in twain with a upward sword slash. The blood on his knuckles, brow, and the scratches on his body all seem to not be noticed. All there is, is the battle. Satyrn shouldnt have asked what happens when he removes his eyepatch.

Satyrn can't believe how high she's climbing her chi up, ah shoot, here he comes on the offensive. Heh. He grabbed the sword, she know he would, didn't she? She flys backwards as the blade comes swooping in for her, arcing herself back to dodge, but the blade still catches some of her blood, slashing along her stomach and sending blood spraying forth. "Cut!" She cries out in pain...though she sounds happy about it as well, finally, this is glorious! Her blood is raging inside of her! She finishes her dodge by spinning completly upside down and smacking her fist into the stone of Twisted street, exploding the stone into a large column of dust that shoots to the sky, it's all to give her a brief cover, as she soars up into the sky, though nowhere near the two chi orbs floating there still, and pulls a small palm device from her cloth, she taps three quick keys and tucks it back, then holds her hand out. The outline of a thin door forms above the hand, and then fills itself in with a wood texture and opens. Out falls a blade, long, though not too thick, with a short handle. She grips it and looks down to Kenpachi, "Hey, can you fly?" She calls down, not wanting to be up where the fight can't continue, she's already flying to the ground, though she's aiming to settle about fifty feet away from the other fighter. For those entering the scene, unless you are obscenly strong, you might not even be able to stand, or even live, from the amount of power and presence the two fighters are currently emiting.

The loud sound of someone screaming is heard. AHHHHHH... A hole rips in the air, a small child in ragged clothing with black hair falls through it, puts up his hands, symbols appear around him, and another hole rips open, this time in the floor, and he falls through that one, the screaming continues for a moment or two, and then stops abruptly when the rips both close. Then a thud, and a sliding sound is heard, as he is then ejected from a circular portal on one of the still-standing walls, and slides a good twenty feet on his belly, stopping in a cloud of dust, unmoving. Looks knocked out. Oddly, there is a trail of black feathers floating down from the air from his trajectory. How the hell did he end up /here/? Probably has something to do with the improbability factor, and the fact that his magic symbols tend to backfire. Regardless, he can't even move, due to spiritual pressure holding him down. And his form is flickering. And a loud growling odd language comes from him, ~If I had wanted to end up CLOSER to the fight, I would have WALKED here! That way, I would be standing when the force of the crossfire ripped me in half!~ This sounds raspy, annoying...

A glimmer above the battle revels Devi, floating and looking insanly pissed off." Where is she, where the fuck did she go?" Her head moves around, much like a angry rooster looking for a fight as she scans the skys. "She did not just teleport away from me. I will have her head, if she doesn't agree." With that, Devi feels out the area for the overwhelming, and generally sickening feel of goodness that emits from Lucia, praying that she shows up.

Kenpachi Zaraki's not even grunting in reply as he licks a bit of the blood off his sword and then off his cheek as the blood from his brow drips within reach. The true signs of battle is in his eyes. Satyrn's eyes. two warriors, at odds. Fighting just to fight. He should make her one of his squad members. Without answer he leaps up into the air <The never explain why they dont use this ability in Soul society yet can in earth then later in soul society. go figure contenueity flaws> He makes little hops to climb the air. and now she has a sword! PERFECT! She is truelly a warrior! the tinkle of his bells still can be heard but even now he is considering removing them to make the battle even better! *in protest his sword screams out it's name to deaf ears, well not deaf, it's just too late for the old fighter to know how to speak to his sword. A sad thing indeed.* The new commers are unnoticed by Ken. the sword once more takes a slash from under Satyrn when he gets within range. She better be good with that weapon

Satyrn watches Kenpachi ?leap? through the air up towards her. An odd way to move, but whatever, as long as he can reach her, that's fine! "Welcome!" She calls out to him as he brings his sword slashing towards her. Her own sword comes down to meet his, there's a brief moment where the two blades clang against each other, and then a sharp snapping sound occurs as Satyrn's blade just cracks into pieces from the impact, which then lets Kenpachi's blade slice into her knee, blood splurting from the wound. She wasn't expecting that, she's been using that sword for ages, is his magical? No, it's...running with his...fascinating! She blinks out of human eyesight, reappearing down near the ground again, ignoring the blood dribbling from her stomach and leg. "Sorry about that, I didn't think to channel my strength through my sword." She looks around quickly and kicks a nearby car door in, then yanks the door up with her hands and rips it into three pieces by biting down on it with her mouth, it looks a little brutal, but whatever. She takes the middle strip and holds it in her hand, watching Kenpachi in case he comes down to attack her while she's busy making a new weapon.

~"Gah, stupid arms...so weak. Giving me the arms of a child in /this/ place? What the hell were the spirits thinking?!"~ Aden growls out, as his from continues to flicker as he struggles up onto his hands and knees, and pants. Like a weight is on his back. His bones are getting crushed and regenerated so fast due to this his brain has switched off his pain receptors just to keep him from passing out. Shock, it is. ~"I was mighty beast in the last world, feared even if I was small, and in the one place it could be very useful, I get stuck with this."~ His form flickers again. Right, he's just trying to stand up. He's ranting to keep himself from getting distracted and having no way to hold back intense pain. ~"Do they think they are /funny/?!"~ Now he tries to lift one of his arms to form a symbol, but gets slammed onto his face again. Form flickers again, but no changes. Feathers fall from the air above him, one by one. Just materializing. The fight? He knows it's happening.

Devi continues cussing under her breath, using some words that really havn't even been invented yet for what she plans for Lucia. Her glasses finally come off her face, show the true mark of her transformation, her red eyes. She's technically dead now, so, unless she's talking someone important, it might be best to just let things go. Eyeing the battle below her, she crosses her legs and sits on the air, pulling a super extra large popcorn box from... somewhere and munching on it. "Well, at least I get to watch a shitty Kung-Fu movie before I do anything."

Where did Lucia go? Well, that's an excellent question. Apparently, she vanished off the map for a moment...then returned later as if it were no big deal. Perhaps it isn't, to someone like her. In actuality, she briefly went home to check on a few things, then returned as if nothing at all was the matter. Her blue aura looks like it always does, but she is now clothed in her red and black outfit instead of her more casual outfit. It seems she is here to see if the battle is too dangerous for local citizens. She teleported over here to protect bystanders more then anything.

Kenpachi Zaraki's head snaps two and fro as metal digs into his skin like shrapnal. He pays it no mind as little rivets of blood seep forth "WAHAHHAAH!" is his laughter that is so great. If yu-chan was here she would be clapping and dancing at how happy the warrior is "This is great! So alive!" the tinkle of his bells echo somehow over his laughing as he looks down and hears the ripping of metal "she's a fast one. Fastest I have seen. GOOD!" his reitsu rages. The people in the building have all fainted due to the pressure. Without another word, Ken DROPS like a stone. He cant fly, he can sorta walk or leap on the air. Not fly. _boom!- a dust cloud errupts around him as the giant's weight strikes pavement. this gives Satyrn a good chance to attack

Satyrn watches Kenpachi go falling from the sky. She works fast, taking the piece of metal she holds in her hand, she throws it to the ground on top of the other piece of door she ripped. She then grabs the other piece of door and smashes the metal together with the flat of her palm, a flash of black and grey chi echoing out from her aura in response. The pieces of metal crush down on each other making it far more flat. She watches Kenpachi hit the ground and form a dust cloud, and curses at her slowness. She flips the now flat piece of metal and hits it with her palm again, flattening it onto its other side. Right. Basic shape done. Her hands then simply blur out of eyesight as the metal is crushed again and again and again and again. It takes her a good three seconds, which is ages in her mind, but when the aura and sound clears, there's a long piece of folded steel in her grasp, and her blackgrey aura has flooded out to encompass it as well. There. That was slow, she has to practice this technique more often...but she's never really had a reason to use it in battle before. She gets to her feet, and holds her sword before herself. More of her hair starting to spike up, she almost takes the time to smooth it down, but she's waiting for Kenpachi to rush her, it -was- three seconds afterall! Eternity in a fight! In her mind, at least. She should say something, ah, observers...? She holds her tongue instead after sensing their presence. Not that it was easy what with Kenpachi and her own overpowering everything.

Devi almost falls kinda, as in she leans backwards, spots Lucia and drops a few feet. The popcorn falls onto the people below as Devi jumps up and charges. Suddenly, she's holding a long katana, but it's not metal, it's shadow? No, more like black energy, the very base of her power. Devi drags it upwards and diagonally, spinning as she does so as to strike again from the top. "You WILL AGREE OR YOU WILL BE SILENCED!" If her hits don't hit, she will beat Lucia until she agrees to the terms or is killed.

Oh, the hits hit, but they don't do any damage past the forcefield. There's just black energy running through the blue temporarily until the blue washes it clean again. Her aura flares in a divine way...and with enough energy that even the other two combatants will be able to notice her above all the hustle and bustle of their fight. Of course, her aura is magic, not ki based, so it might not be so noticeable after all, except visibly. "...Do not interfere." She raises a hand a little...and 9 darts...each of them possessing a heavy dose of divine energy in a 'bullet' roughly the size and shape of a sniper bullet...go flying at Devi. This is not her full power, this is more like a warning shot. The 9 darts come in 3 sets of 3, and they're smart enough to 'follow' her to an extent. If they hit, the divine 'bullets' burn about like napalm injected into somebody's body, then lit to its full temperatue. Hence the name 'Napalm Shot.' This is also a precision attack and will cause no collateral damage.

Kenpachi Zaraki's not one to notice magic. He never even really studied the demon arts like other captains. As the dust settles one can see the big man removing a piece of pipe that found it's way lodged into his shoulder as water sprays around him. The blood mixes with water as his hair begins to be matted down, unlike some beings, but those things are secondary in nature. He rushes forward with sword tightly in hand even as Devi strikes at Lucia. Those are his worries though. If they want a fight after Satyrn, they can have one! He will fight until he can no longer fight!! -tinkle-

Satyrn watches Kenpachi charge in towards her. Okay, swordplay. It's not her specialty, but she used to do it back homeworld when some upstart claimed she had no other skills but her fists. That was always fun. Those silly nobles. She charges towards Kenpachi, trying to decide on a technique to use, perhaps a combo of both, that might get fun. She brings her blade low and to the left of herself, her aura spilling out further. Once she's in range, she brings her car made blade up in a diagonal slash, moving to just cut Kenpachi right in two, but she's actually hoping Kenpachi will block it with his own sword, so she can catch hers in one of those ridges of his and have their swords lock into place. Well, that's her hope. "I'm having one of the best times of my life, Kenpachi." She says smoothly, happily.

And another hole rips open in the air. But it's smooth around the edges, almost round. And a scaly foot steps through. And another one. And what steps through entirely is a scaled beast much like a dragon, with wings folded over his entire body protectively, and his facial expression stuck into that of an intense grimace made of pure irritation. Oh yeah. And he's three feet tall. Fear the shortness. His ridiculously long feather-tipped tail swings back and forth as he spots the fight still going on. ~"This is much better."~ It's still Aden. This might not be his true form.

Devi grins and spreads her arms to accept her 'divine retrobution'. The bullets slam into her as parts of her body dissapper, leaving her head. The bullets hit alright, and do their thing, but Devi's body reforms. Leaning back, her legs curl, one knee pulled up as far as she possible can, the other leg tensed and fully extended. Clapping her hands together, the sword vanishing, Devi lets another bolt of purple doom flare across the street aimed for Lucia, in a constint stream. Devi pushes more and more power into it. "Your force field can't hold forever, sooner or later, you'll have to let it down. Then we can have some fun." Her hair flares back as she continues her attack, shifting to let all that power flow out of her left finger. Raiseing her right hand flat at her side, she starts building a small ball of energy, tiny as a pin. Starting to laugh, her insanity starts taking over and really gets a hold in her brain. The pin sized ball compresses as she adds layer upon layer, compressing the ball more and more as it grows.

This time, though, Lucia has a plan that will allow her to...deal with the problem in a way that uses as little of her own energy as possible. As the purple beam of doom comes in, she this time teleports out of the way. It is perhaps an accident...or perhaps not...that this time, she has managed to put herself directly between Devi, and the dueling pair of Satyrn and Ken. Her forcefield is up, but this time, she doesn't bother to attack. "...Have fun? You believe this is fun?" She shakes her head. "...Battle...is never fun. At least, not for me." That doesn't make her helpless, however. If Devi is building up a big attack...well, let it come.

Kenpachi Zaraki's not one for styles. He is just slash slash slash kill kill kill. Reacting is more his style, but he doesnt even do this. Metal bites into flesh as he rushes onto the blade GRINNING at Satyrn and the injury makes him even more excited. Maybe that is why instead of being cut in two his ribs barely protect his lungs. His will for battle is what gives him his strength to press on even with life threatening injuries... no yu-chan to carry him off this time.. With a stabbing motion he tries to peice his prey right through the shoulder above the heart. If she is to live, so be it. Living is part of the battle as much as dying. If he is to die. So be it... either way. No regrets... even as blood comes from his lips. those smiling happy lips. The world is a blank slate except for Satyrn. She is his all and everything at the moment.

Satyrn wasn't expecting her blade to actually cut into Kenpachi, people are supposed to avoid being hurt when they fight, unless...they're immortal? No, he's bleeding, if it bleeds, it can die somehow. Her blade completes it's stroke, and her other hand reaches over and grasps the end of it. And then Kenpachi stabs for her. She jerks her body back and sideways, but the blade still finds itself slicing into and through her left arm. Blood dribbles down, held at bay from splurting everywhere because, ya know, the swords in there. She grits her teeth and scrunches her eyes at the pain, it hurts, bad. But, she's had a lot of pain in her lifetime, so it doesn't actually distract her from battle, besides, this guys actually hurting her. And how great is that in everything? Well, no matter! She reaches up with her free hand and tries to grab onto the flat of Kenpachi's blade to hold it in place, with her other hand she moves to try and stab -him- right where he stabbed her! Her aura flares up and a bit more of her hair starts to spike. "I appreciate this effort." She says, as her knee also comes up to try and smash into Kenpachi's ribcage, right where she managed to slice him, if her aim is good and she connects.

Aden just drums his fingers on his scaly arm as his wings retract to his back, and disappear into his back with a sickening series of cracking noises, but he doesn't seem to notice. The destruction they are causing will hardly be noticed by any on Twisted. This place tends to reset itself quite often, in certain places. Often shoving him out of said areas. He looks up. Oh, look at that. Giant explosion, coming soon. Looks down at the psycho-swordsman. And the freaky-strong girl. This is entertaining. He idly places up his hand, and his face goes into that of...happiness? Well, it looks like that. The floor around him erupts into light, and a glass-like shield appears in a perfect bubble around him, symbols appearing on it and fading, and then he just sits cross-legged and watches them all beat the hell out of eachother. Dance, puppets, dance! *cough*

Devi the beam cuts off but for just a second. Devi is now perched on top of Lucia's little bubble, and not only does her left hand barrage the top with another massive beam, that nasty little ball in her hand gets slammed down upon Lucia's head, (as it were), and promtly explodes. This might not hit Lucia, but it's more then enough force to break down the shield. "Agree and I'll leave you alone, Agree and I won't force you into it. Don't agree, and I'll keep attacking. I can last for quite a long time." She twists her face into what is supposed to be a grin, but looks more like a wolf, bearing it's teeth, ready to taste blood. Seems to be quite a trend considering what's going on below.

Lucia shakes her head. The Bubble bursts, and the beam singes her even as she teleports again. Still, with the forcefield down for the moment...and it did last an impressively long time, considering the abuse it took...she is apparently going to have to take drastic measures. "...Destruction." This is her real attack. Not a warning shot, a real taste of just how nasty divine wrath really is. Called Atomic Burn, it's almost like magically contained nuclear fission in terms of just how much damage it causes. The fission, of course, is contained magically so what should be a massive explosion is contained into the space the size of a human body, letting the contained energy bound and rebound upon itself to do more damage, which is what makes it so very powerful. As before, this version of attack doesn't do collateral damage. She has other spells for when she needs to hit many things at once. A creator deity, the building blocks of creation, like atoms, are apparently hers to command when she wants to.

Kenpachi Zaraki's at his current limit. He went from a fight with Zoro to running after him for two days. To a maybe encounter with the tendo dojo to here. He is dwindling down in strength. He finds his lungs dont want to pull in air as they usually would and opps he is pierced and slipping backwards, his blade will be slicing that hand if your not careful. He is staring up at the sky at a pair of floating orbs. Just now does his eyes catch glimpses of another battle and he smiles contently. This is a wonderful feeling. he pushed his limits and has no regretes. Remembering this feeling he is reminded of Ichigo .o0(Ichigo. Your healthy? How about a rematch!) He never got that rematch, nor has he learned his swords name. He ment to do that...

Satyrn wasn't expecting Kenpachi to fall over backwards, and so the grip on his sword slips and it goes slicing right up and out of her shoulder. Blood fountains and flows from the wound and she actually does stifle a scream, because her tendons just got sawed through from that. She watches him hit the ground, staring at him and wondering if its a faint, she's about to drive her sword in again, but, no..is he spent? She frowns inwardly, she wanted more, she wasn't done yet! Of course, she's bleeding badly now and starting to feel light headed from the stomach, knee, and now shoulder wound. Not to mention her knee has begun swelling where Kenpachi punched it. Now there's other people fighting? Cheh! "Are you just going to die?" She scolds. There's no way he was actually done. Hmph. She steps back and then hits the street with a thud, losing her balance. Stupid blood. She reaches into her clothing and pulls out a small digital pad. She taps a few keys, one two..wait..back..password..? Elders, is she losing conciousness? No no...taptap..wrong keyss...dashjkljhdfs! "Exit. Home. Regen." She growls at the pad, not able to hit the right keys. o O ( Elders, I haven't even... ) "Kenpashe..." She slurs out, "May your vishgs pris..prisa..." She falls back into unconciousness, blood pouring from her body. The outline of a doorway forms around Satyrn...no wait, it forms around Kenpachi too, her configuration settings are all wrong because she can't see straight. The outline takes on a wooden texture, and then opens up, and the two of them will just fall right down into it, the door slamming shut a moment later and then the outline disappearing, along with the door.

Devi's body is basically vaporized. But no matter, for matter is what Devi has little of. She reforms right in front of Lucia, the premeantioned sword reforming in her hand, the sword tip in motion before she's finished, headed strait for Lucia's heart. Devi's eyes flash as she laughs to herself about such a stupid goddess, she should have done something worth while by now. The heat from the blade and Devi's body is massive, as her rage fuels her further. "Agree, or die." She'd load up another ball of doom, but that takes time she doesn't have right now.

Regardless of interuptions, Aden stands again, his shield fading, mostly when the two more scary fighters disappeared. And when that song is begun...his ears feel like they are on fire. He's /out/ of here. He quickly flees through a portal, and out of the area.

Lucia decides that this sort of thing has gone on quite long enough. "Be gone." This is Solar Bomb...and it's a banishing spell. It just sucks a being...all of it...into itself...and then gets rid of them. This is designed to basically end a fight nonlethally, if such needs to be done, as the transport itself isn't directly harmful. It just gets somebody out of her way and encourages them to stay out of her way for a while.

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