2008-10-23 (PreU) He's a walking peanut gallery!

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He's a walking peanut gallery!

Summary: Next pair of logs. The first is a foursome *not that kind* having an encounter at random in the street. Unless you count the dragons. Then its a sixsome *yes, that kind*.

Who: Ami, Ashton, Makoto, Satyrn
When: October 23rd, 2008
Where: The Twisted Street - One Way


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The Twisted Street - One Way(#1856RL)

One way down the Twisted Street brings you to a bit more color and a bit less greyscale. There's more solidity here and there along the road, and lots of buildings don't even seem to shift in and out of time. Multipe doorways line the road, fadining in and out of the dimension, each one open and revealing a path to a new time and place, or right back to where you are. There is no end to the doors, and no end to the road. The wind continually blows in one direction, pulling at your clothes and hair. Dark clouds roll above, though occasionally the sun and moon will collide into a bright flash of light. The road is cracked, and now and then dimensional doors will open up and expel a person, building, or a whole world, sometimes swallowing you up in the process.

The Twisted Street, gateway to multiple worlds, and usually one of the first places newcomers to it arrive. A slight drizzle of rain slowly starts to kick up, being blown around wildly by the ever present wind of the street. A few scattered people walk around, pointing at a man standing next to a bright green barrel. Two serpent like creatures are attached to his back, one red, the other blue. The man however, seems to be deep in thought as he stares at the barrel, as if he were admiring it in some way.

A nearby pebble to the side of the street stirs, caught by an unseen wind, the pebble rolls itself across the street, bumping into the barrell next to Ashton. As it hits the wood, it grows to double its size, becoming more of a rock, which then grows a mouth, "Watch it!" The mouth rumbles, before it seals into a rock shape again and rolls backwards, hitting the side of a lamp post. There's a splattering sound, like mud hitting a face, and the rock smooshes against the post, which then grinds and bends down into a horseshoe shape. The light, once dead, now comes to life, shimmering around the horseshoe and forming a golden portal, from out of which steps Satyrn, her booted feet clacking on the black stone of Twisted and her eyes playing over the area, stretching out her senses to check for chi levels and whathave you, though her eyes naturally fall on Ashton, not many people walk around with dragons growing out of their bodies.

Absolute silence comes from Ashton as he suddenly stares at the barrel, shocked that something like that didn't damage a priceless two thousand year old barrel from Donovan Cross, founder of the kingdom of Cross, and still bearing his sigil as well! "You.. you... you...." A slow stammer comes from the man as the two dragons turn and stare at Satyrn, blinking a few times, before yawing about her presence. "Oh thank heavens it's safe..."

Makoto grins as she wanders down the street, hands in her coat pockets. She's seen those dragons before. She's about to go say hi when another being shows up in a flash. "Woah...?"

Satyrn's eyes dance between Ashton and Makoto. The saiyan hasn't met either of them before, but she's not getting anything massice out of either of them. Probably magic users of some kind then, or the male relies on the dragonheads, whatever properties those have. She looks between Ashton and the barrell, noticing his strange look towards it. Must be his property. Could be insane. She looks behind her at the golden portal and her grey tail whips out, smaking the light post. The light post erupts from the black stone street, rubble and pieces of dirt go flying about as it sails off and into the sky end over end, before it's caught up in the chaotic weather of Twisted and simply pulled apart. She didn't want anyone going back there, it's a weird place, but she likes it and would rather nobody else played inside. Her attention is drawn back to Makoto, and she nods her head in greeting, then looks over at Ashton, "The barrell?"

Makoto waves to Ashton. "hayo!" she smiles brightly as is her nature and looks to Satyrn. "hello." she bows politely "It's an antique from the first king of Cross' reign. It's about six hundred years old, and still in perfect condition." Ashton rambles on more about the barrel, as Gyoro and Ururun like happily towards Makoto, as if they were expecting her to give them attention again. Of course, it doesn't take long for Gyoro to grow tired of Ashton's rambling, and lets loose a jet of flames across his head, incinerating the barrel infront of the poor man. The dragon then beems happily, quite proud of his handy work as Ashton drops down to his knees, staring in pure disbelief, ignoring the fact a few of his hairs are smoldering.

Satyrn smiles as the dragon incinerates the barrell. She was getting tired of hearing about it as well, there's only so much talking about a barrell one can stand. It's just a barrell, she's seen a lot, and they mostly look the same, which begs the question, "How can you tell what it is?" She then looks over as Makoto greets Ashton, wondering if she was interrupting a meeting. Oops. Ah, a bow. That's nice! She brings her hand out, palm flat towards Makoto, then her fingers crook halfway down, her elbow extends out and she rolls her shoulders, fingers flickering out into a straightening position again. It's a fluid smooth gesture, though the meaning is left up to the people watching it, "Hello." She says in kind, lowering her arm back to her side and looking between A & M, contimplating leaving the two at peace.

Makoto meeps, but covers her mouth as she giggles, finding the dragons cute. She wonders what was in the barrel, though. "Was there anything valuable in there, Ashton?" she reaches out and skritchies the dragons with a smile. She looks back to Satyrn. "I'm Makoto... " she's a little unnerved by some of the new people she meets in twisted. Back home if a non-human appeared in front of her she'd usually be forced to fry it.

"No... it was.." Ashton turns his head and glares directly at Gyoro, who freezes in place as Makoto pets him. "You destroyed a national treasure... That very well could have been the last link anyone had to the first king of the kingdom of Cross...." Tears slowly start to well up in the corners of Ashton's eyes as he turns to face the ground, tracing little circles in it with his fingers. "I study barrels because, they're often overlooked in archeology... A barrel can hold just as much if not more information about the people who used it then common tools... What sort of civilzation were they? Did they use it for food storage? Liquid? Was it meant to be a fermentation cask? What type of wood and craftsmanship went into it? It holds so many secrets..."

Satyrn shakes her head at Ashton's words. People who study old civilizations are weird. If they're gone, weren't they too weak too survive? You should look to the people who dominated them, and find out where the real strength lay. She doubts it's in the contents of their barrels. She brings her focus on Makoto, and nods her head as her tail sways behind her befire it then coils loosely around her left leg, "I'm Satyrn Tarn of TASK." She taps her foot once, staring at Makoto a bit longer, wondering if she recognizes the girl. Something...probably her imagination, however, she has trouble with some faces now and again. More again than now, thankfully. The saiyan speaks towards Ashton, "If you're so interested, why don't you recreate what you saw, then study it?"

"Because.. my skills... aren't in that area. I'm a demon hunter.. so I need to know about ancient civilzations.. but.." Ashton sighs, and turns and stares pathetically at Makoto, tears having fully welled up in his eyes. "Why are they always picking on me? They're nice to you..." His voice comes out more like a childs then a full grown mans, but then again, he's used to being depressed.

Makoto blinks and suddenly remembers seeing Satyrn once before in a conflict and then... "You're the one Ami and I spoke to about talking to someone in charge, aren't you?" she tries skritchies Aston's chin like the dragon's. ^_^;

Makoto smiles and nods softly. "She seems so different now... I've been curious what happened to her in her time away... She like being mysterious sometimes so i'm not sure I'll be able to get enough time to talk with her properly"

Satyrn shakes her head mentally at Ashton's words, "Why do you need to know that, if you're a demon hunter?" She says, having no conceivable way to work that out. If you're hunting demons, why the need for old history? Unless it has to do with how to find the demons. That's possible. She nods her head at Makoto as the recollection comes to her as well, of course. She thought she looked familiar. "Yes, that's right. Now I rememeber. You were contacted, I think, already about it all." Her tailtip twitches as she looks up and down the street. There's that restaurant off in the distance.

Ashton seems to melt as Makoto skritches his chin, that is until Gyoro and Ururun both get jealous about it. They both start to sulk, looking absolutely pathetic as Ashton starts to smile brightly, standing up fully. "Well.. I need to know, because it makes it a lot easier taking care of demons, when you know where they come from. Which is why digging up the past is useful. I'm Ashton. Ashton Anchors." He finally introduces himself to Satyrn, as Gyoro and Ururun both start to bicker, getting rather loud with their growls and protests over something.

Makoto nods and smiles. "We were, thank you for helping. I'm sure Ami would say the same if she was here." she gigles and pets both dragons before stepping back and hoping the bickering settles down.

At this time, Mizuno Ami is walking down the street. Makoto wasn't home when she finished with work today. Normally she would settle back onto the couch and read a book or play a game patiently, but for some reason, she just felt like going out too. She always seems to be able home in on Makoto without really trying... much like she can always seem to find water. It's an interesting talent, and one she doesn't quite understand. What she does understand, though, is that she sees Makoto talking with that young man that had the absolutely adorable dragons with him. Ami makes a very tiny happy sound and hurries her pace towards the group, not recognizing Satyrn immediately. Well, she's seen a lot since she got here... that's allowed.

Satyrn shrugs her shoulders once at Makoto, "You're welcome, sort of part of the job. Whatever that is with Concordance walking around like she is now." She's still getting paid, so it doesn't bother her too much, it's just different. She eyes Ashton over, nodding her head, "I see. I regret the loss of your barrel then." She says to Ashton, afterall, if he was studying the barrell to fight other people, then he's a wise person in some regard. She looks over to Ami, "Hello again." She says to the girl, recognizing her now that Makoto managed to place them both. She looks at the dragons again, eyeing one then the other.

"Hey! Stop it! That's rude! No I don't agree with either of you! KNOCK IT OFF!" Ashton starts to flail his arms wildly at the bickering dragons, finally getting them to settle down for a few moments. He sighs as he turns and waves towards Ami, before turning his head to Satyrn. "They're upset that you haven't succumbed to their cuteness and pet them yet."

Makoto giggles softly at the scene and perks right up as she sees Ami. She raises a hand high i the air and waves to her friend. "Speak her name and she shall appear." She calls over to AMi. "Look who I found n.n"

Ami hurries on over to Makoto and Ashton, blinking at Satyrn before smiling and nodding with a light wave. Her attention turns to Ashton and Makoto again. "Mako-chan, you seem to have this habit of attracting the most adorable creatures..." She moves over to Ashton, and gives each of the dragons a bit of a pet on the head. "...Gyorun and Ururo... no.. wait... strike that, reverse it." Ami gives a tiny laugh and bows her head slightly. "Gyoro and Ururun. You two look as cute as ever." She blinks at herself and then smiles at Ashton. "It's nice to see you as well, Mr. Anchors."

The saiyans eyes fall upon the pair of dragons who were raising quite the fuss, then look to Ashton as he speaks to her. "I don't know what they can do, it's possible they might try to bite my hand off, or perhaps they'll gain my scent from my touch and be able to hunt me down in the future if ever for some reason we became enemies." She smoothes her hair down with her hand, though it's looking perfect the way it is, "I can't be too careful and I've had a bad experience or two in the past." She looks at both dragons again, frowning, "I'm also not good at determining things that are cute, if that helps." She can't remember the last time she ever looked at something and give it the assessment of /cute/.

The dragons hear the Saiyan's words, and turn, facing her directly, their eyes shining brightly as little stars start to appear around them, appealing to the very core of one's desire to touch something like that. "...They don't have that ability... They're just gluttons for attention... The only person they'll bite is me..." Almost as if they wanted to prove his point, Gyoro and Ururun both turn around, and bite Ashton's backside, causing him to leap high into the air, as the two dragons both go back to letting their eyes sparkle brightly at Satyrn. "Why'd you do that?! I DIDN'T EVEN DO ANYTHING THIS TIME!" The poor man's shoulders slump, "It's nice to see you again Miss Mizuno."

Makoto grins. Well she seemed to have attracted the very cute Ami over. "You can't allways assume people will become enemies in the future, ne? Some people would become powerful allies."

Ami glances at the dragons again, giving a tiny little laugh. She would pat Ashton on the shoulder for comfort, but instead, she reaches up, standing on her toes, so that she can pat him on top of the head. "It's a brave sacrifice you make for the sake of two such adorable creatures." She giggles as she returns to her normal posture, fully aware of Ashton's situation. "...How do you find them, Mako-chan?" She turns to her best friend, and then gives a tiny laugh, still not paying Satyrn much attention. "It's almost like you have some kind of summoning ability."

Satyrn looks at the stars around the dragons, frowning deeply at the feeling that spawns inside of her. She clenches her hands into fists, her head tilting to the side. She knows it's a bad idea to touch either of the creatures, but maybe she should just do it and not worry to much about it. Makoto's words have some truth to them, she can't count everyone as becoming an enemy. But, then again, who can she trust here on Twisted? No one she's met so far, perhaps it's from lack of time spent with them. She unclenches her fists, rubbing her hand against her side, glancing over at Ami and Makoto, then back to the dragons. "Mmm." She says.

A faint glimmer appears in the dragon's eyes, almost as if they were ready to kick their adorableness up to the next level, as Ururun lifts its head, and sprays a thick blast of ice into the air, causing little flakes of snow to slowly start to fall down on them. The sparkles slowly start to intensify as they slowly start to whimper pathetically at the Saiyan, appealing to the deeply hidden woman inside of her. Yep, they did it. Sad Dragons in Snow.

Ashton sighs at this as he slowly starts to brush the top of his head off, looking to Makoto. "They're determined now..." Makoto slips an arm around Ami's shoulders and hugs lightly, grinning at the sudden snowfall. "if I knew, I could summon you more often, Ami-chan." She grins and looks back to Satyrn. "I used to look at everyone as a possible threat... but I was only a child then.... if i'd held that attitude I'd naver have ended up with the friends and allies I have now."

Ami giggles in delight at the snowfall, and shakes her head with a small laugh. "They're very creative, aren't they?" She blinks, and realizes what Makoto said, before clearing her throat and reaching up to adjust her glasses. "...Indeed... without my friends, I would never have become as strong as I am today..." ... Well, she doesn't look particularly strong, so that probably sounds hollow.

Satyrn exhales sharply at the two dragons. She stares for a few longer moments, looking over at Makoto's words. She decides to ignore the insult about being referred to as a child, even if it was in an indirect way. She walks over to the dragons, looking between the both of them equally. She supposes they are kind of...cute...looking. She exhales once, her tail tightening around her leg before she reaches up to lightly pet one dragon and then the other, just once, but she still does it as she speaks, "I was once told to make friends, love them, and then watch them die without me being able to save them to get what I want. It was very stupid, so I ignored it, and did it my way, and got the prize in the end. Eventually, you'll probably end up doing battle with one person or the other, unless they're part of your family."

The moment Satyrn's hands touch them, Gyoro and Ururun both press themselves fully against her palms, rubbing against them happily. They've proven their point, and achieved their object. "....One of these days, I'm going to have to find Xine again... Especially if these two keep this up..." Ashton grumbles slightly before looking towards Satyrn. "That's not true. You said it yourself. You found another way. The people I traveled with, they never once abandoned me, and I never abanoned them. Even after having these two hams attach themselves to me. There's always another way."

Makoto grins and nods in agreement. "personally, i consider my friends to _be_ my family. They're all I have beyond myself and I wouldn't want to live with only myself for comapny. I'm really boring."

Ami makes a small sound, and furrows her brow at what Satyrn says. She nods her head in agreement with Ashton and Makoto, and speaks quietly. "Whoever told you that sounds like a bad person. Who would want to lose their friends? If you're going to make friends... make good ones... and don't lose them... they strengthen you." She hugs Makoto back, without thinking. All the talk of abandoning and losing friends makes her think of how much they mean to her.

Satyrn pets the dragons a few more times as they lean into her palms, mmm. She doesn't have much dealing with animals...weird. She gives them two more pets, before stepping back and away from Ashton, looking between the three people as they speak of friendship and family, and other such values. All of which are very important to her, she just doesn't have any here, or perhaps anywhere. She's not sure if time moves differently back on the world she came from or not. Her tail unravels from her waist and goes swaying behind her, nodding her head to all present, "I'll think on all of your words, but I need to go back to work now." She waves her hand, "May your village never lose sight of the water." And blasts off into the air, scattering dust and small debrie as she does so, disappearing quickly enough.

Gyoro and Ururun both look pleasently pleased with themselves as they nod towards the flying woman, leaving a very surprised yet amazed Ashton staring at where she once was. "...So... How have you two been?" He turns around and smiles at Makoto and Ami, as the two dragons lean forward towards them.

Makoto smiles. "up and down, but better and better lately." Meeting a wonderful girl who happens to be your daughter in an arternate reality is certainly an uplifting experience.

With a big smile, Ami nods her head. "We've had a nice week. How about you, Mr. Anchors? Any luck since we saw you last? Perhaps some ancient treasure found, or some demons put under?" She gives a tiny laugh, as though she knows something that other people don't know, but it's not any secret knowledge ... ... she's just familiar with him, and it's kind of an interesting feeling. Like meeting Sailor Venus probably was for Usagi.

"I did find a barrel from the First King of Cross' rule... but Gyoro destroyed it.." Ashton slowly starts to slump down once more as the realization that something he cherished was destroyed in a violent burst of flames. Gyoro however, merely turns away, ~"Hmph."~ He looks up at Ami and shakes his head slightly. "There also really isn't any demons here that I've come across, or know anything about. It's to chaotic of a world for me to properly investigate, so finding ancient texts and lore is pretty difficult."

Makoto says, "That was the barrel that was toasted, huh?" she scratches her head and guesses it must have been really valuable like a roman urn or something.

Ami makes a small, comforting sound, and reaches up to pat Ashton on the head once again. "Don't worry. I'm sure you'll get used to this place soon enough, and then you can start your own business. Perhaps... barrel finding." She gives a tiny giggle, and rocks back on her heels. "...And it could be worse, right? At least you've got your two friends here..."

"Yeah.. but I kind of miss Celine and Rena, and even Precius.." Ashton straightens up and smiles at the two women for a brief moment. "Of course, I've been camping out here or there. I guess it's time I found an actual home." He places his right hand on his chin for a second, before nodding in agreement to himself about something. "Besides. Not everyone I've met here is a bad person. So it shouldn't be that bad being here for a while."

Makoto nods "it could definately be worse. there was one part of town i saw where it was raining spiders" She shivers "Eew.... This area's not bad, though"

Ami glances at Makoto when her friend says that. She'd tried to get her friend to avoid that area when she first found her here.... but of course, that didn't work out. "... As long as you stay away from the places that are constantly in flux, it's a fairly nice place. There are bad people... but there are so many good people, too... I mean... I even found Makoto here. It's hard to get nicer than that." Her face lights up as she says that, and she makes a happy sound. "... One day we'll make it back home, and then we can be with our friends again... but for now, it's like a very strange vacation."

"Well... I guess I'll have to do some investigation into this world then, and find out how people get home." Ashton smiles as he reaches up, and pats Ururun's head softly. "With these two, it'll be pretty easy investigating the inner potions of the stable areas of Twisted itself. The other worlds don't concearn me as much..."

Makoto brightens at that thought. "Well if you figure that out, please let us know? We are enjoying life here, but we do need to go home eventually."

Ami nods her head vigorously at that. "... So many important people we need to see again... and after all we've discovered, too... ..." Ami gives a tiny little laugh and shakes her head. "I even got to see a new detective manga... I thought the genre was dying out..." ... Such a nerd.

"Manga?" Ashton seems confused by this, but just shakes his head. "If I find anything out, I'll be sure to let you both know. I just hope that Xine isn't here... because that could be pretty bad for me... I really don't think I'd be able to take him on by myself."

Makoto says, "Well if you need us, let us know. We're allways here for friends... And cute dragons." she winks

With another nod of her head, Ami's smile warms. "We're always around if you need us. It's what we do." She winks, and then glances at Ururun. "Of course... I don't Ururun needs my help..." She lets her touch become cold, but it remains soft and gentle, rather than biting and harsh like it could with her ability. "... I think you have the coldness covered..." Her smile softens, before she steps over to pat Gyoro on the head again, to make sure the other dragon doesn't feel left out.

The moment the hand goes to touch Gyoro, Ashton's eyes suddenly glow dark red. "Oi oi oi... Xine can be handled by us. We delt with him before.. Ashton just seems to underestimate himself. You just keep with the affection, and we'll handle the rest." Gyoro seems to beam brightly at this, as Ashton's eyes glow an icy blue. "Besides. It'll let us actually go all out if that bastard bird shows up."

Makoto ooohs and grins "No worries there. Just keep Ashton safe n.n"

Ami nods and pulls her hand back, smiling warmly. "And yourselves, too, of course." She glances over at Makoto, and beams brightly before looking back to Ashton. "Well, it was certainly nice meeting everyone again... I think Mako-chan and I need to be going... it's getting late." She waves, and then grabs Makoto's arm. "Be safe!"

( Ashton gives a nod of his head, before slowly walking off in the other direction. It doesn't take to long before he starts yelling. "YOU TWO DID IT AGAIN!?" )

Makoto SMiles brightly and lets Ami lead her off. "It was nice seeing you again. ^_^"

Ami giggles as she hears Ashton's voice ring out and shakes her head. "... That poor young man. So lucky and so unlucky at the same time..." She looks back to Makoto as they walk. "So... I think tonight maybe /I/ should do the cooking. Just to be different... and because it's been almost a week since the apartment burnt down, we're overdue..."

Makoto grins and nods. Oooh. This is like a vacation for me." she teases. After a moment she tilts her head, "ne Ami-chan...? Where's the couch?

Makoto says, "And the carpet's wrecked"

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