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Age unkown, species unknown, although she does coincide with a number of other beings found in other dimensions, none seem to have the same capabilities and functionality she does. True form, unknown. Concordance uses a number of different bodies in different dimensions, maintaining a multiple set of minds in each different dimension she maintains and seeks to send order too. Further details on that subject are restricted. Weapon of choice is a long scythe, she also wields numerous types of magic, including the ability to lock down paranormal abilities, such as magic, time travel, science, technology, etc, although she often delegates these to me so she doesn't have to deal with it. The true leader of The Council even if everyone has a vote, anyway. She's also very distant and has never shown much emotion in her conversations. She formed The Council after Twisted was created, and gathered the members from various dimensions and put them into service.


The Council of Twisted
Members or Affiliations Abomination  •  Crux  •  Devi  •  Forinfel  •  Gegoshi  •  Guarlesia  •  Harpanic  •  Iloken  •  Lalorien  •  Luna  •  Myra  •  Nancy  •  Rayne  •  Seflit  •  Senor Diablo  •  Setsuna  •  Tabitha
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