2007-05-08 (PreU) All things have an end

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All things have an end.

Summary: Not much to be said here, the title says it all.

Who: abomination, concordance, crux, datenshi, gegoshi, guarlesia, harpanic, lalorien, myra
When: May 8th, 2007
Where: Within the TASK Lobby....


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Crux Caedon continues lounging about, his feet still propped up on the air as they have been for a while now. "So...." Before Crux can say anything, a golden-black portal swirls open with a great deal of sudden-ness and force, and a familiar looking hand reaches out of it and grabs Crux by the collar. "Guh?!?" It yanks the Advent back through the portal, and then proceeds the rest of the way out, itself, now very obviously attached to... Crux Caedon. Well, that was anti-climactic. A whole drumroll gone to waste. From inside the portal, the first Crux berates the new one. "What the hell?!" The new one turns around and points back at the portal with an irritated look on his face. "Shut up. Go fetch Sayuri and then head to New World. I'm tired of having you lounging about." Eh? ... That's a weird thing to say, but the other Crux seems to take it in stride, even agree, and wanders off, mumbling quietly. "I didn't know I was such a jerk..." The new one rolls his eyes and closes the portal behind him, glancing over and seeing Dat. He grins for a moment, and then, for a half second, a look of pain crosses his face, but it's gone quickly. "Yo."

Datenshi has been sitting here for an exceedingly long time not sleeping, fairly much just tapping Masamune against his shoulder and at some point picking up that foreboding book he owns... or perloined... and flicking through it to see what he did wrong. This is punctuated of course by drinking, because what else do you do when you're sitting in a room with no tv and another guy? Drink, that's what- rules apply to centuries old creatures of darkness as well. The Dark angel has folded up his wings for now and is looking mightily bored, though this is broken by Crux's trick of making portals and pulling himself through. Not a surprised look- more of a curioisity- since he's seen it a few times before now. "... Dosn't that give you a headache?" Mustn't be a true duplication or else they'd try and kill each other to see who is worthy of existing. Or at least, that's how things would pan out if someone multiplied him. The Dark angel has almost completely accepted the possibility that there's no one coming- which might mean he failed. Or at least no one cares, which is a sort of failure in itself. Wonder how the two brats are doing.

There's only a brief moment after Datenshi's comment for Crux to answer, and even then it's not really long enough as his body evaporates in a flash of blue light, reappearing in the council chambers. Datenshi is left where he is...alone...though, the lights do grow a bit dimmer, and the room seems to be less...hmm...less shaped, as if the definition of the walls, floor, and general textures had all lost a bit of their quality. Like degrading a tiff file to a jpeg, there's just not quite as much quality, but it's hard to notice right off.

Crux Caedon shrugs at Datenshi's question, not particularly giving it any thought. "More importantly, Arshiva's got a new toy to h-" Flash. Hmm. That didn't go as he'd planned at ALL. Damn.

The flash of light leaves Crux on the floor (or standing on it if he was standing) of the Council rooms chamber, where the meet. The large black stone hangs out, and sitting at it are Lalorien, of course, and the rest of the Council members, save for Myra, who is sitting on a bed of idle fire, eyeing Harpanic. He's currently asking her to come over, but then Crux arrives and he swears in a different language and stands up and flops into a chair, which is at least next to Harpanic since most of the other Councils know Myra will have a fit about it if he can't sit next to the elf. Concordance is of course sitting at the head of the table, with Guarlesia sitting to her right (not actually sitting at the table, but in a chair to the right of the...whatever Concordance is). Gegoshi is standing to Concordance's left, and is staring, quite blankly, at nothing. A few things Crux will probably notice, since he keeps an eye on these things, is that time here is locked down, it's neither moving forward, back, sideways, up, down, or any way, it's been locked down, along with teleportations, portals, and the like. Why? Because, they took all the information that Satyrn had gathered on you and made sure they could counter it, more or less anyway. Lalorien, who doesn't really want to be here because she's on a high from getting Luna's head, looks over at Crux, "Welcome. We're here to decide what to do with you, but go ahead and tell us what you think should happen." ...honestly, less than half of the council members are actually paying attention right now. Abomination is...well, he doesn't have a chair, and it's hard to tell if he's actually watching what with all the tentacles and eyes.

Of course, time being locked down is the first thing Crux looks for, after he notices his new location. "-unt... you.... with." His hazel eyes take a moment to focus before they blaze in gold, that tiny moment's distraction a testament to the man's disorientation along with his slowly running down sentence. Well that was bad timing. "What to do with me, hmm?" He extends his senses outward, trying to sense the state of the area around him. Time is locked down... space too? He feels it out, trying to determine if the place they're in is completely isolated from space time, or just has some pathetic, if effective, barriers around it, by stretching his secondary vision as much as he can. "....Before I answer your question, how about if you tell me what I'm accused of, that you must 'do something' with me. I assume that's a fair request." He looks a bit surprised, a look that fades quickly from his face. Well, joy.

It is indeed a barrier of some sort, but you can't really tell how far it stretches, it definately encompasses this entire room, however. Lalorien does her best not to roll her eyes with impatience, she wants to get this over with and go back to using Luna's head as a soccer ball. "You're a Mal-Traveler, you've crossed dimensions you shouldn't of crossed, and sent people through dimensions you havnen't, a member of TASK has even witnessed these events." She says, then folds her hands into her lap, "You have time and dimensional powers, all of which are a threat to the general peaceful populace and dimensions of Twisted, that is why we must do something." - Guarlesia puts an elbow on the table and props her palm in her hand, the wings on her back shifting in boredom. Get on with the punishing. - Yeah, well, the rest of the council members aren't worth posing about, although Harpanic is doing a good job of ignoring Myra's whisperings too her.

Crux Caedon nods his head slowly, making eye contact with Lalorien now, since she's the one speaking. "Ah, I see. Is that all?" Drat, it's not truly isolated... that rules out transformation. He doesn't like being subjected to these people's will, especially not if it results in something as permanent as death, or as annoying as Damon's curses, though he really doesn't feel these people are on the same level as the overlord was. Thank goodness for small favors. Still, even if he doesn't like it, he's not going to doom Twisted because the people running it are blowhards. "...I thought maybe I'd done something wrong and simply forgot about it." Sarcasm. Crux never forgets anything, not that the council knows that, or even has any use for such information.

Lalorien shrugs her shoulders at Crux's response and looks around at the other Councils, glaring idly at Myra bothering Harpanic, she can't figure out how he even got on the Council in the first place. "Well, since Crux Caedon has nothing truly useful to say, we should simply pass judgement and sentancing. It's obvious he's too dangerous to be let free in the state he's in now, and he has in the past, threatened the very integrity of Twisted. I move that we seal him up indefinately until further courses are decided." There's a response of agreement from Iloken and Seflit, but no one else seemed to -really- be listening that closely. Lalorien slams her fist down on the stone table, "COUNCIL members! There's been a request put before you! Yay or nay?!" Irritated!

"Nay." Crux speaks up again, waving his hand dismissively. "Your accusations are false, and the few facts they're based off of are colored in your perception of them." He crosses his arms and glares at Lalorien. Seal him up? Oh, no, that won't be happening, he's had enough sealing for this week. For a long time, actually. "If you've an ounce of reasoning, you'll understand that after a thorough explanation." He may not be able to stop time, travel through time, or even use portals. The latter hurting him the most. He has SO many tricks up his sleeves with those things, he really did pick a good skill to specialize in. However, they've managed to put him in a strange place where his portals won't work. Crux gently probes at the space between here and the barrier, which is pretty much all the space he can probe at, since his senses can't seem to reach the end of the barrier. Still, he has other abilities... greater and lesser... though with the time investment he'd put into mastering his use of portals, they're likely to serve him to a lesser extent, most of them.

Almost all the Council members look at Lalorien as she yells, because it's really a rare thing for her to do. Myra waggles his eyebrows, "Heyyy, if I'd of known Cale would get your emotions showing, I might of gone after him myself years ago." He grins, then looks over at Crux as he talks again, "Mmm...sounds to me like he still has things to say!" And so he goes back to saying things to Harpanic. Who still hasn't looked at him this whole time. - Lalorien shakes her head, "Time was already given for you to speak up, and all you did was be flippant about it, too bad for you." She taps her hand on the stone table again, "Either vote or abstain, please." Abomination gives an affirmative, as does Harpanic this time, which means Myra gives one too. Concordance doesn't say anything, and neither does Guarlesia. But, "Six, that's more than enough to break a tie from abstains or nay's. Wherewith, we shall have to construct a prison which can contain him. I suggest we temporarily break one of Guarlesia's seals in order to warp existence long enough to construct such a device." Guarlesia perks up at this, and she smiles, feverishly, "I agree wholeheartedly!"

Crux Caedon stares at Lalorien for just a moment and makes a mental note. She deserves nothing less than a run-in with that Lotus thief, and a good attitude adjustment. Probably a great deal more. He gives her Cale's head, and this is the thanks he gets. "I retrieved a contaminant from one of your blue worlds, was attacked unprovoked and unwarned by not one but TWO members of your TASK force, and even saved one from certain death in the same situation. If you don't want to see this... Then I'm through trying to reason with you." Crux's hand snaps to the right in irritation, and his eyes blaze that brilliant gold that imitates the brightness of the sun. "I could have killed every single one of you that I touched the last time, but I abstained. This time I don't have that patience." His hand comes up to point squarely at Lalorien, clearly choreographing his intentions. Those brilliant orbs of his blaze even brighter, blindingly so, and while he may not be able to affect time nor space, he is able to affect his perception of both, drastically increasing his reaction time and awareness to levels that just plain aren't humanly possible. "If any of you so much as move... all of you that can die, will." Long winded, angry, and irritated, Crux is in a bad mood. He has no portals, which are his livelihood, and he has no time travel, which is EXTREMELY irritating in particular. Lastly, they're going to try and seal him without hearing his explanation? That is IT. .oO( Kalean. This doesn't mean you're always right. Just about them. Got it? ) If the other Advent can even hear Crux, he does not respond.

Borik, who's been quiet this whole time and just staring off into space, looks over as Crux starts threatening them. "Hmm. Everyone, pay attention." Whereas when Lalroien said this, not much really happened, but when Borik says it, suddenly everyone is looking on, even Myra's stopped talking. Abomination has moved a good percentage of his tentacles with eyes at the end to look at everyone, and Concordance eyes seem to actually be -looking- right now. "This man is obviously a liar and a boaster. He believes what he says, even if he's wrong." The mans green hair forms a few tendrils which scratch the side of his own cheek idly, "Now, Lalorien, you -did- receive Cale's head, this in turn means that more then forty dimensions have collapsed in on themselves, resulting in the destruction not only of the people and planets in them, but the souls as well. Nobody likes it when souls get destroyed." He eyes Abomination at this point, knowing that particular Council member doesn't truly care, "So this, in and of itself, is a crime. However, at least Cale won't be linking any other dimensions or corrupting them, either. Now." And he stands up, moving, and not caring about Crux's threats, which he might regret, "He just threatened us all, which means we need to do something about him. Let's just strip off his powers and send him on his way, instead of this imprisonment nonsense. Concordance can do it, like she did with Guarlesia." He looks over at Concordance. Lalorien narrows her eyes, "Power strips can be removed, he's can undoubtedly remove them, Borik. Imprisonment is the way to go here." Abomination actually speaks now, a nasty revulsive tongue, "I could devour him, then he'd stop existing alltogether."

"Warned you." That outstretched finger, with the not quite closed ones, that is pointed at Lalorien, closes suddenly, tightly. What happens is... new. Crux compresses the space around the table, and those seated at it, by letting some of the space outside of that immediate area flow in towards it. Or more accurately, he forces it to do so. The effect is drastic and immediate. Like compressing all the air in the vast room into the area around those seated at the table, but much more drastic, like hundreds of thousands of pounds of pressure upon each of them. How does he do this? Gravity manipulation. But Crux doesn't have that ability. Right? Shattered crystal shards fall out of his hand, the remnants of Taryn's crystal, now crushed to release the full extent of its power in one shot. All in an instant, and Crux's other hand raises up now, opening palm inwards, towatds the other hand, which imitates it now, the rest of the shards falling free as the two hands face each other, and another crystal appears in between the hands now. This one is Naaya's. And it's even more potent. "No hard feelings."

Not truly an elf or a human, and with a bit more than a little careing for the wellfare of others, Iloken was paying strict attention to what was happening when Borik told them to pay attention. Her hand instincitvely moved to her sword and gripped the hilt, and the brown piece of almost wood substance attatched to her shoulder had ducked down a bit in preperation. And then the gravity hits the center of the table. The table itself compacts into a black stone ball. Iloken has a moment to gasp as her body is suddenly crushed by the force, o O ( No no, my love..my love, forgive me for not seeing you again! ) Are her last thoughts as her bones, flesh, and blood all hurtl to join the black stone dust. The only thing that's even remotely recognizable in the clump of death is some of her hair and a small chunk of armor sticking out of it. --- Seflit also started paying attention, she does happen to be a full elf, though she's a wind elf and not a normal one. White lights erupt around different parts of her body as the gravity hits her, pieces of her becoming see through and hazy, as if shifting into air, but it's not fast enough, nor is she quick enough to stop from what happened to Iloken from happening to her, the small dragon that was perched on her shoulder does disappeared completly though, a silent look of sadness, despair, and hope, filling the elf's gaze at the dragon, before she is crushed into a bloody elfen ball of crushed life, smothered. --- Borik's hair goes -crazy-. It grows a few hundred feet as the gravity hits and starts smacking into things, grabbing onto blocks of stone, other council members, the growing ball of death in the center of them. Blood erupts from his eyes and ears, and his hair changes from green to red. His body trembles as it starts to crush in on itself, he reaches out, grabbing onto his hair tightly, gritting his teeth as blood flows from his mouth now as well, "But, I'm so...cool..." He grits out, and then his power too fails and he is crushed, as the one's before him, through there is a lot of red hair wrapping around the enter center of nastiness forming now. --- Lalorien is a High Elf. She has many magics, a lot of them powerful. However, most of them deal with seals and the like, not with offensive or defensive magic. Still, as the gravity hits shields start flying up around her, and are just as soon crushed from the ominpotent (to her) power that suddenly rages into life, "Curse you! Curse all of you pathetic fools who don't see the truth I offered! CURSE YOU CALE! I HOPE I FIND YOU IN YOUR HELL SO I CAN KILL YOU AGAIN!" She screams as her beautiful body is crushed as well. Splort....and she dies. --- Abomination's tentacles all suddenly get ripped towards the gravity well, but then half of him just rips right off, black gore and slug slime splattering all over the already messy middle of the room. The half that didn't go to the gravity sinks itself down into the black stone, gathering its bearings as it reassmbles pieces of its brain to figure out what's going on. --- Guarlesia sits in her chair, her mouth hanging open and watching all of the death. And they keep HER under seals?! Okay, so she was doing far worse than this when they finally caught up to her, but the point is, if she were free she could stop this! Oh, the gravity doesn't seem to bother her, but that's none of her doing, it's Concordance not wanting her to perish and risk a seal coming loose on her. Speaking of... Concordance eyes are fully focused on this current existence of hers as she watches the Council members she gathered die one by one. She's erected a magical shield to stop gravity's pull and its effects around her and Guarlesia, but she wasn't paying enough attention to save them all. Her scythe appears in both of her hands and she stands up from her chair, looking non-plussed despite these losses. - Gegoshi, dear little Gegoshi, simply gets squashed into a ball of silvery goo...but she's not dead of course, but it does add to the general grossness in the middle. --- Harpanic's golden feathers in her crimson hair are ripped out and fly to the center, along with a gush of blood. Her earrings soon follow suit, and then the chain around her neck attatched to the collar follow suit, blood rips out of her eyes, mouth, and ears, as she scrabbles at the chain, trying to pull it free, but there's only a moment before her body too, is crushed into gore. Her eyes, for once, lock onto Myra, and she doesn't grant that continually flirting boy with a smile, or a frown, just a simply look, and deepness in her eyes, amusement, maybe, or just general interest, what she really felt for him will never be known, as her life too is snuffed away. ---- Myra watches Harpanic go to the center of the room, and actually look at him. His eyes look into her own. His eyess tremble as the gravity pulls at him, and pieces of his body start to become fire, first the upper part of his arms, flaring itnto flame and going to the center, then his legs. He turns his face towards Crux, his face contorted with ate, anger, and madness all in one, "HEARTLESS BEAST OF THE ETERNAL FORGES!" He screams and his entire body ripples into flame, which then slingshots itself around the gravity well and goes right for Crux, black stone bubbles and fumes from the living flame that no longer really resembles a human body, it's far beyond the heat of the sun, it's fire itself personified, and it's going right for Crux to simply iradicate him within itself.

Crux Caedon erps as Myra comes slingshotting around the gravity well, staring in a bit of surprise, but more than a bit of unhappiness. Just because he can SEE it well enough, doesn't mean his body can move well enough. Not with movement through time halted. He manages to lean back, ever so slightly, his thoughts occuring faster than his body is allowing him to react. They really were almost entirely just elves... So many of them were slain so quickly.... But the only two he'd REALLY been worried about, Guarlesia and Concordance, looked perfectly fine. That's just great. He hadn't actually realized how much power Taryn had really had in her crystal. It had surprised him, and for those two to be alright after such a thing... It seemed unlikely he'd be able to slay them at all. Of course, his pressing concern is Myra. Coalescing into flame and slingshotting around a gravity well is a nice trick... and Crux has plenty of time to consider just how badly this is going to hurt as Myra approaches him. Very. Very badly. As said before, he only barely manages to lean back, not nearly enough to avoid the flame. It's coming so very fast... 100,000 times terminal velocity is far too fast. "F--" Well, that was going to be a word. After it managed to be a syllable... or even a complete fraction of a syllable. Crux watches as Myra slams into not just him, but Naaya's crystal, and his golden eyes go wide. Space around the two inverts, warps, and implodes in a strange and bizarre fashion that doesn't affect either of them, but just LOOKS scary, and for a fraction of an instant, the two don't move. "--uck!" The crystal explodes outwards, all of its potent energy.... the most potent of all high exalts... anti-matter itself... is all released in one shot. Crux wasn't dumb enough to try the same trick with a crystal of anti-matter... But for once in a long time, Crux has no control over the situation at all. He can't teleport it away, he can't move it fast enough to avoid the blow, and he can't move a portal over it. He can just watch as a condensed ton of anti-matter mass just explodes out of the crystal in a single instant... and meets matter. A few ounces of anti-matter is enough, upon meeting matter, to take a good sized chunk out of a small moon. A ton.... is a much larger... and much less forgiving amount. Crux's body is right in the middle of the storm, indeed, it is what a large portion of the anti-matter reacts to, and he watches, with a mix of fascination, dread, and amazement, as his own body begins to become part of the chain reaction.... and then... .... Crux doesn't do anything anymore. There are 32,000 ounces in a ton. 32,000 times the force that is required to render a planet unlive-able... over 1,000 times the force required to completely obliterate all traces of one. Was Naaya really only a high exalt? ... This is a Final Exalt's level of power.... but Crux doesn't note or think this. For he has exploded. No final words.... but one hell of a bang.

Myra's voice comes out of the flame that he is, "Come back...come back you coward...I'm not done killing you...not done killing you at all. You heartless, heartless beast. I should of killed you! I should of burned it all! MY LOVE! MY LOVE!" The fire screams as the explosion ensues, but he is fire, and while parts of him are caught in the explosion, most of the fire simply burns itself along the black stone walls and surges over and around Guarlesia and Concordance, "BRING HER BACK! I DEMAND OF YOU, BRING HER BACK TO LIFE NOW CONCORDANCE! I WILL SET THE UNVERISES AFLAME! I WILL FREE THE FORGES AND WATCH THE SMOKE BILLOW FROM THE ABYSS!" - Abomination's voice burbles from one of its tentacles, "Gegoshi! Cancel the portal lockout immediately!" It screams, it needs to shift its dimensional source before the anti-matter touches it, which is...about a second or two after he says that. If he was holding a control pad, he'd be tapping the X button over and over to activate the power...and it does activate, seconds before the explosion reaction hits him and he disappears in a black haze. --- Concordance reaches over and touches a hand on Guarlesia's shoulder as the dimension starts exploding. She could stop it, but it's a lot of work, and it might as well just perish because they can make a new one. "Gegoshi, depart. Myra, I do not ressurrect the dead." And with that, whatever Concordance is, disappears, without any real ta do except the fueling of magical power, Guarlesia of course, disappears with her. Myra the fire flames hotter, the entire room melting before it explodes and he rages through the dimensional walls, screaming...or rather, the sound of fire burning in his scream...

And the place....explodes......

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