2007-08-09 (PreU) Nancy joins Twisted's Council (part 1)

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Nancy joins Twisted's Council (part 1)

Summary: A history lesson: Before ChronoMUCK a good portion of our staff sat on a 'chat-muck' of Cale's that goes by the name of ZekuKari and experimented with wizbits to see what we could get away with, all the while trying to decide how we would like to see a muck run that would be fair to the people playing on it. These talks led to the creation of ChronoMUCK, and infact part of the Guardia Fairgrounds was originaly created over there. One night we decided to create completly blank characters without backstories and let RP decide everything that happened. This led to the creation of Nancy, a little girl who was banished by a council to a pocket universe from which she could never escape. She could manipulate the world around her, bring in people and places from outside, but once inside no one could ever leave again. ...until now.

Who: abomination, concordance, gegoshi, guarlesia, nancy
When: August 9th, 2007
Where: ZekuKari - West Beach


The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

West Beach(#3016R)

Overlooking some of the bluest water you've ever seen is the beautiful West Beach. During the daytime you can always see a few children running around here playing. At night the phosphorus in the water makes the entire beach glow with an unearthly green light. A long pier stretches out into the water on one end of the beach and an old shack sits on the opposite end.

Staring at the unmoving sea, Nancy stands watching quietly. Her mind slowly plays over the last few events in her seemingly endless life. She'd wanted to see happiness for her last friend so baddly that she'd gone ahead and sent her away feeling it better to chance her survival than to watch her grow old and die like so many before her. For days, possibly months now Nancy has simply been alone trying to decide what to do with her time now that she's sworn not to bring more people here. Even the cemetary she'd filled has been sent away. Hopefully everyone is safe. Now to deal with her own sanity...

Nancy finally makes a movement, walking to the edge of the water and looking down at her reflection before the area of the sea around her begins to move once again. Pushing a strand of hair from her face she decides to finally change her outfit. The dress seems to come alive, each strand of the fabric reweaving into something more dramatic. Her dress becomes an almost living gown with long strands trailing off and dancing in the breeze. Smiling to herself, she turns and stares at the world she's created around her. Perhaps it's time for some kind of change...

Behind Nancy on the beach, the sand suddenly darkens, as if suddenly growing wet, and then a long black tentacle slides its way up from underneath the sand, ooze and slimyness dripping from it as it snakes its way up, eyes and mouths adorn the appendage, and soon enough, more tentacles join the one, and then the sand breaks apart as up rises Abomination, nasty grossness spills out from the many tentacles creature, and all of the eyes and mouths move and shift. "Creature, you're Nancy..." Some of the mouths say, while other tentacles move to start diigging themselves into the sand.

When the sand shifts the smile drops from Nancy's face. The girl turns and stares wide-eyed in shock. She doesn't scream like one might expect, but she seems more than ready to until the THING states her name. "Yes. I am. You.... can talk?" Trying to compose herself, she steps forwards bravely, taking a deep breath. "Did I summon you here somehow? If I did, I'm very sorry..." This she means with complete scincerity, but she knows this isn't her doing. She's never brought someone into her 'cell' on accident before.

Abomination's mouths laugh in a rhapsody of voices, the tentacles snake there way through the sand, growing longer as they move from the main body, some of them flowing into the ocean, while others begin to circle around and around the place where Nancy stands, dark slime resting in their wake, which permeats the sand into a solid black colory like crust. "You did not summon me." Some of the mouths state, more and more tentacles sprouting from the creature, most of them sink ito the sand, but some of them move to try and begin surrounding the air above Nancy as well, "I am here to grant you freedom at a price your captor has set."

Nancy bl-blinks at the word. Freedom? Such an alien concept and something she'd completly forgotten about in her eternity of entrapment. "My... What is it you want?" She doesn't need another second to think about it.

A few of Abominations mouths smile, while others lick the fangs inside of them. The tentacles surrounding Nancy continue to circle around her, forming an almost complete coccoon around the girl now, the multiple eyes looking at Nancy and the mouths all drooling or slathering. "There is a world called Twisted, on it The Council rules. We need more members. Concordance, Guarlesia, and I are the only three on it. We once had nine." Some of the eyes blink, "You will serve with The Council, and will be given numerous duties. If you do something the rest of The Council, or Concordance disapproves of, and it is not rectified, you will return to your banishment, and will no longer receive -visitors-." One of the tentacles snakes out to try and run its slimy self across Nancy's cheek, the voice on it whispering, "Understand?"

Nancy does her best not to shudder at the Abomination's touch. 'Visitors' it says. Where it not for the fear she's trying to hide she'd laugh at the statement. She wasn't ment to recieve 'visitors' to begin with, and she's just recently decided not to bring anyone else in with her. Dismissing her train of thought she nods her head, standing firmly. "Before I agree, may I ask what happened to the other six of the Council? Did they leave you, or did they become broken?" Broken is what she referrs to death perhaps simply as a way of coping with the concept.

Abomination's tentacle continues to slime its way on Nancy, moving to wrap itself around her neck unless stopped, one of the mouths on the tentacle that's facing outwards speaks, "Dead." He states as darkness completly covers up Nancy as the tentacles form one complete cocoon around her, all of the eyes suddenly start to glow softly pale in varying colors, though must of them are just a pale greyish light. "A piece of you will hold Twisted in part of its order, Concordance will set this binding in place. Your tasks will be simple, we need more Council members, find suitable candidates who are strong, and bring them before us all so we can decide. You'll also be marking dimensional doorways, lining the one's that have not been corrupted and those that have. It's a simple magic."

Nancy swallows hard as the tenticles make their way towards her throat, but makes no effort to stop them in fear that showing any emotion might convince this beast to devourer her. With any luck it will be percieved as a reaction to the 'dead' statment. Balling her hands into fists she nods her head when it finishes speaking. Her eyes also casting off a blue-tinted pale light of their own when the cocoon is completed. "Fair enough. I-I'm more than prepared. Shall we be off then...?" Her hands tremble slightly both from fear and anticipation for what may be to come.

The tentacles rustle against each other and as some of the mouths on the inside of the tentacle on Nancy's neck start more or less kissing and sucking at her flesh, though not actually biting. Abomination's mouths laugh and speak at the same time, you can do a lot of different things when you have this many mouths, "More must be explained." The creature says, enjoying himself, really. He doesn't get to play around very much with animate things, well, not one's that could potentially try to fight back against him. "TASK is an organization underneath The Council, you may order them to do anything you desire, as long as it is not against what The Council desires. They have sworn an oath to obey. Some of the more powerful members, it is better not to demand anything of, unless you can handle the consequences." A few more tentacles snake out, these one's moving to try and wrap around the girls waist and legs, like slithering slimy snakes.

Nancy finally gives in and a violent shudder jolts through her body. She does her best to endure, however, fearing more now that if she where to fight back in anyway might jepordise her release. Clinching her teeth together and closing her eyes to try and block out the horrors around her, the girl nods her head trying hard to focus on the spoken words and not ignore them due to the goings on.

Abomination waits before speaking again after the shudder and nod, and more and more tentacles move to start encasing her entire body, some of the mouths with their tongues out, slimy and oozy and all together disgusting. The creature's mouth speak, the one around the neck still suckling, probably giving the girl hickeys. "You will be bound to Concordance and The Council for the rest of your existence." The tentacle around the neck constricts a bit more and one of the ends of it, with an eye, moves to look into Nancy's own, "Do you agree to serve?"

Nancy finally opens her eyes at the final question as this thing seems to attempt to violate her further. "I agree to serve if it will bring an end to your repulsive touch... I already said I'd do it to get out of this pocket world. I don't even remember the world outside this sphere, and now I know only what I've brought inside it. I want to see the otherside. I want to see the worlds my father originated from. But most of all I want you to get off of me, because if I must bear your sickening touch any longer I'd rather see myself dead than pledge anything to anyone..." The sad thing is, she means it.

Abomination laughs and laughs and all of his eyes close, enshrouding everything into darkness, Nancy will feel the tentacles suddenly pull away, leaving only slimy ooze in their place, and possible a number of red marks where he'd been sucking. "I was hoping you'd ask for me." His voice says as light returns, leaving Nancy no longer on her beach, but in The Council's chambers. Concordance is here, or her body at least, sitting at the head of the square table, with Guarlesia hanging out in a chair next to her, which is turned backwards for her wings. Abomination is near a wall, and is already sinking down into the stonework, tentacle after tentacle merging down into it. Gegoshi is also here, though her body is melted down into the black stone floor up to her neck, so only her head is really showing, and the tops of her wings behind her.

Nancy blinks her eyes as the world shifts around her. The first thing she does is take a deep breath noting that the air her is diffrent than where she'd spent most of her existance. She assumes from the chambers that this is indeed the group she will be bound in service to. Looking around at the remains of the Council, she resists the urdge to yell and scream in defense of what had happened to both her and her father as untold years of imprisonment have driven her to the point where she can ignore such desires. Wiping a trail of slime from her arms in disgust, the girl slowly looks around the room feeling it akward that she should have to make the first introduction. "...hello? I suppose I should thank you, although that's far from my first thought. Do you normaly bring in the condemed to serve amoungst you, or am I the exception?" Rude? Yes. But she's allowed a moment of rudeness after Abomination's 'greeting'.

Concordance's eyes focus and turn to look over at Nancy as she speaks, though her mouth doesn't move and the girls body most certainly isn't not breathing. "Whoever is needed is brought." A chair forms up from the floor on the right side of the table, near Concordance and almost directly in front of Guarlesia's, though Guarlesia's chair isn't even at the table anyway, it's on the right side of Concordance. "Ask your questions, I won't be here long." She adds further. - Guarlesia looks Nancy up and down, resting her head sideways on her arms, "Hi." She says, a bit absently.

Nancy watches the show of arrogance at the table and simply cuts to the chase as opposed to dealing with it for any longer than she has to. "I don't have many questions. I believe I understand what was asked of me, and to be freed I'm happy to do what is asked. But as it was the reason behind my banishment, I'll ask... am I free to use my powers here, or will I need to contain them." She bites her tounge slightly as she adds through nearly clinched teeth, "Not that I'd dare use them against the Council members of course."

Concordance speaks again, "Do as you wish, within the confines of what has already been said." Her voice says, though again her mouth doesn't move. Nancy will then feel an odd kind of weight hit her, but not physically, almost spiritually, but it goes away almost as soon as it comes. Gegoshi immediately flows up from the stone floor up to her waist, though her eyes aren't looking anywhere, her halo stops spinning quite so fast. "Welcome to The Council." Concordance says, and her eyes unfocus again. Abomination has completly sunk down into the floor and seems to of left the room entirely, so now Nancy is more or less left alone with Guarlesia, who's still watching the new girl, "I'm Guarlesia." She says, since the girl didn't say hi back, it's not like she has anything else to do in this room, except stare at the roof, the roof is nice to stare at, with all the galaxies there.

Nancy nods her head towards Concordance and turns her head to Guarlesia as the name is spoken aloud. "I'm Nancy... Nancy Dark. You probably knew that already as you summoned me." She lowers her gaze towards the floor rather sheepishly, not knowing exactly what she should say. She doesn't say hello back to Guarlesia simply because she'd already said hello to the room as she'd arrived inside it. Finally she looks up again and nervously leans upon one foot trying to get comfortable until she can pull together exactly what she should be doing. Finally she notices the gaze towards the roof and follows it, gasping slightly at the beauty of it. It takes her a moment before she can tear her attention away from it and back to the wondering eyes around the room. Crossing her hands behind her back she asks to the silence, "...sooooo, how shall I begin? Am I to be left to my own devices?"

Guarlesia shakes her head, "I didn't know who Abomination was bringing at Concordance's request. I'm not in the grand decision making, most of the time." She leans up and kicks back in her chair, her wings all branching out at different angles in order to maintain a perfect balance, it's about the only thing she has to entertain herself, balancing on the chair like this, so she's rather good at it after all this time. Plus, her wings move around at odd angles, because they're not jointed in normal ways. "You can come and go as you please, I think you're taking Lalorien's job, so talk to new people that arrive and mark dimensions that aren't tainted. You can play with Gegoshi after we get more Council members." She nods her head over at the blonde synth,.

The girl nods her head, although the comment about Lalorien would have been much more useful had she known who she was. "Is there a certain way these, um... dimensions should be marked?" She's afraid to ask about the 'playing' comment. Nancy seems much more relaxed now that she knows she can come and go freely, but that could also be a side effect of her prior imprisonment.

Guarlesia looks over where Abomination disappeared into the floor, "Abomination was supposed to tell you all this, did he try to feel you up and you got mad?" She looks back towards Nancy, "That always makes him upset." She says, still balancing in a almost defying physics way in her chair, "You outline the contaminated ones in blue, and the uncontaiminated ones in red. It's easy, Lalorien seemed to enjoy it." She explains, though she doesn't say how to mark them with colors of course, she wants to make the conversation last longer.


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