2008-04-29 (PreU) Dinner at the Spencer Mansion

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Dinner at the Spencer Mansion

Summary: This is a little late, the scene occured late on the 26th, but it's better than never, to be sure.

Who: caliga, concordance, guarlesia, mei, skeeve
When: April 29th, 2008
Where: Spencer Mansion


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The Twisted street stretches on and on in two opposite directions, though in a straight line it does not stay. Forever is the street a black and white color, and even your own body and clothing begin to lose their flare and become a dull grey if you stay outside for too long. The sky above this part of the street is dark and grey, and rarely does the sun shine through. Newspapers from various times and places roll across the street, which isn't properly maintained and has multiple cracks in its forever running surface. Never does the wind stop blowing softly here. Pieces of buildings warp in and out of existence at times, all except one. A lone restaurant sits amidst the madness, alone and untouched by the darkness, a beam of light from the grey clouds occasionaly touches its surface.

From here do all the worlds, times, and lives of Twisted connect, on a never ending road that has no beginning or end. A simple five minute walk could bring you to another world, another place, another time. One can also get lost if they stray to far from the road, though rumors of Street wanderers spread eternally; those who have learned to stroll through the maddening insanity beyond the road. Wander where you will, but stick to the path lest you never return to it.

"A lot of people are weird Mei." Caliga stares at the assortment of meats, and shakes his head slightly. "All right.. Let's get this home, shall we?" He tries to decide the best way to carry it all, and nods his head. He reaches into his robes, pulling out a large purple bag, which he easily slides everything into, holding the bag easily in his off hand. Just how in the world did he manage that?

Mei giggles a bit and looks at Caliga.. "It will all be eatten and I was dumb enough to come shopping while kinda hungry!" says the woman who bought an entire boar, two lambs, and got extra steaks! She considers a bit "Maybe I should pick up some extra rice for soup. We only have two or three pounds left." she sorta blinks. "Wait.. You haven't noticed how much I eat normally, have you?" she asked, sorta embarassedly. Truth be told.. this won't go nearly as far as it should. She considers "Actually I was going to go produce shopping tommorow, do you want to do that before we race on home?" she murmured, rubbing her cheek up against Caliga as her nose scrunches a little bit. " I think.. I want to eat a big raddish like an apple tonight as my snack." she mentioned, casually.

Skeeve chooses this opportunity to enter the scene, stage 'up'. A small green portal opens up about thirty feet in the sky, dumping the mage out onto the street with a *clunk*. Sitting up, he scowls a little, yells out, "MY EFFECTS, PLEASE!" And with that, his sword is tossed out of the portal before it closes. "THANK you."

"Having troubles Skeeve?" Caliga nods his head to Mei, as if he were okay with her request. "We can get whatever you feel like, Mei. The meat is fine where it is, so we have the time for you to shop to your hearts content." Mei ers a bit "Hello Skeeve." she curiously peers at Caliga's bag and then at Skeeve and tilts up on her tip toes to kiss Caliga appreciatively. "Well we might as well get everything done." she then looks at Caliga "Can I have Skeeve for dinner?" she asks, vaguely, not really specifying if she's going to eat Skeeve or cook for him. Her tongue goes over her lips once to wet them as she leans on Caliga. "How do you get thrown out of so many places? Aren't you running out of hangouts?"

Skeeve gets to his feet slowly, buckling his sword back on his belt, and sighs. "There are a lot of places to get kicked out of. Good evening, Caliga, Mei." He stretches a little. "Other than that, no troubles."

"You are more then welcome to have Skeeve for dinner.." Caliga doesn't seem to mind one way or another, as he accepts the kiss from the girl, nodding to Skeeve slightly. "There are a lot of places. Maybe you should look to avoid getting kicked out of places."

Mei mms a bit "Skeeve, would you like to come with us and hang around for supper?" she murmured, expression soft as she brings Caliga's hand up to gently kiss giggling against him. "Caliga, I'm happy." she offered to him, smiling brightly.

Skeeve considers that for a moment, then nods. "Yeah, that actually sounds kind of nice. I'd be happy to join you for dinner." He brushes dust off of his pants, heading over towards the pair. "What are we having?"

Mei mms a bit "Roast Sk.. er a nice rack of lamb Or the nice big steaks Mr Jin gave me with whatever I buy as a side dish." she looks around, turning to press her tummy in a giant hug, giggles flying out of her. She leads Caliga and to a degree Skeeve a bit further, passing through some of the fish market .. She does however hesitate to buy a larger Tuna, a small amount of caviar ( Orange and pretty) and then she proceeds on. Poor Caliga has to carry it all. She hesitates, buying dried Nori in a decent quantity ahh and then the rice, two twenty five pound bags. Well she goes about buying staples ; leeks, turnips, potato, even some tiny corn ; stuff she can't easily get out of the garden. However she stops to buy a large number of small cute red raddishes. "Skeeve, what would you like as a side dish?"

"Well... We may have additional company, so, we may want to anticipate that Mei..." The rings once more in Caliga's eyes, swirling rapidly as he smiles at the girl. "We should hurry and head back... I wouldn't want an hour to goto waste.."

Skeeve just raises an eyebrow at that, thinking for a few moments. "Actually, I have this recipe for Klahdish rice I can give you that I think you'll really rather like." Conversationally, he asks, "So who are your other guests?"

Mei ers a bit "Additional company, no one ever really visits us, Should I prepare a feast using a special technique to make the meat taste slow cooked in an instant?" she offered, cheerfully. She smiles to Skeeve "Well, lamb and rice is traditional, I was just going to make it simple with lots of pepper and ginger flavors to it." she wags her hand still attached to Caliga cheerfully. "Alright shall we?" she offers her hand to Skeeve, giggling.

"Mmm... It's two special guests Skeeve. Two of the Council members actually..." A small rift appears before the group, before tearing itself open into a doorway, leading straight into the dining room of the mansion. "The sooner the meal is ready my precious one, would be better. It's the first hour, and I would hate for it not to be enjoyable."

Caliga leads himself into the doorway with Mei attached to his arm. "Coming Skeeve?"

Skeeve takes Mei's offered hand as he steps through the shimmering doorway. "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Spencer Mansion - Dining Room

Mei ohs! "Guarlesia visits today! You didn't tell me!" she stated, embarassedly. "Should I wear something nicer?" she asked, sort of immediately taking her hands from Caliga and Skeeve and whistling "Keramos~ Kitchen. Immediate cooking commencement, cook quick and clean later!" she called out in a small order before rushing herself right on into that kitchen. She's assuming Caliga will bring the groceries in for her quick enough. Her apron is on and a roast pan is set out, a nicer one, her hands stretching as she carefully puts a pan full of water up on the stove. She soon sets to putting out all of the utensils she'll need out, in a flurry. The small golem is soon heard clomping right into the kitchen, assisting. It sounds like a warzone.

Caliga kisses Mei's cheek as they step into the dining room, holding the bag up with the contents of the day's trip. "Here Keramos! Take this. I'm going to get this room ready... Especially since it's going to be more then three people tonight." He hands the bag to the golem as it flies into the kitchen. A slight grin is given to Skeeve as he moves to sit down at the head of the table, plates and utensils setting themselves out upon it. "Have a seat Skeeve."

Skeeve nods lightly, unbuckling his swordbelt and tucking it away into his cloak. "Is there anything that I can be doing to help?" He makes a quick pass over himself with a disguise spell - less so much with the armour and the dusty clothing, more with the sharp, classy but not flashy outfit along the same vein that he's already wearing.

THE HORROR THE HORROR. However Caliga might notice that it is Keramos doing magic to make things come together way quicker than they should. The smell of roasted lamb and middle eastern spices rising from the kitchen, however the slight smell of curry is in the air too. Frantic wife work. Skeeve is MUCH safer in the dining room. Mei soon heads from the kitchen, setting the rack of lamb down, it has a succulent gravy in a serving boat beside it. She rushes back into the kitchen once its set up pretty, Keramos rushing out with a large serving bowl of rice Pilaf in one hand and a bowl of curried rice in the other. The plates keep coming pretty much following the trade caravans in style and substance. All the way to Sushi, oddly enough. Salmon Roe neatly presented on a special platter. It is a nice display of food than five people could ever eat, but, Mei is wearing her crazy pants today.

"You're better off out here Skeeve. Trust me on this." Caliga slowly stands up from his chair, and moves across the dining room to a wine rack. "White or red Skeeve?" Wine glasses suddenly appear on the table, as he studies the rack for a few moments, sidestepping the rushing girl and golem whenever they pop out of the kitchen to set things on the table.

Skeeve settles back in his chair, decked out in something a little more suitable for the occasion now, and ponders that question for a moment, making sure he's sitting well out of the line of fire. "Red wine, if you please. So, operatives of TASK are coming to dinner, then?"

"No. The Council is above TASK. They're the ones who run Twisted." Caliga grabs two bottles of red wine from the rack, nimbly dodging and making his way back to the head of the table. He sets the bottles down, moving to grab a corkscrew to open the first bottle. It doesn't take long for him to do so, as he pours some wine into his glass, standing to pour some in the glass infront of Skeeve. "Tell me when."

Mei pauses mid rush "Keramos is finishing supper, can you help me think of something a little prettier to wear?" she asked, hesitating. "Please remember to set me juice or water instead of wine, Caliga, No alcohol." she offered with a soft concern. She's kind of in a flurry. "Should I bring the wooden music box and its strange disk things down while I'm upstairs?" She sort of takes a moment to remove her apron, fanning herself with her hand nervously.

Skeeve, after a few moments of wine pouring, holds up his hand. "That's perfect, thank you. So what's the occasion, then? Politics, friendship, or is it someone's birthday?"

"Mei, wear the green dress." Caliga simply states this as he stops pouring into Skeeve's glass, moving to set the bottle down. He moves back to where he was sitting, nodding to Keramos to fill the girl's glass with juice as she requested. "None of the above. It's merely because one of the council members spends all of their time in the Council Chambers, so I made a request that they leave for one hour a week." He lifts his glass and sips it softly. "They're harmless."

Mei pats Caliga's shoulder, whispering in his ear before dashing up the stairs to go get changed. She seems slightly giddy. Keramos however stops to tug Caliga's pantleg, neatly climbing to write on his pad of paper 'May I stay at the table for dinner with pretty bird monster ladies?' He clomps across the table, putting a pitcher of pomegranite juice before hopping to repeat with a pitcher of water.

Guarlesia comes into the dining room, a little winged creature having led them once they got to the mansion. One her back is piggybacking Concordance, who looks as she often does, a lifeless doll. Her arms are wrapped around Guarlesia's neck though, and the six winged girl is keeping the dolls legs supported with her arms. She doesn't look tired or anything, having been guided most of the way and taking breaks when she needed too. It's not like Guarlesia can get too tired, it's sealed away. She looks around the dining room, eyeing Skeeve and Caliga as she shifts her wings, which are all branched out to allow room for Concordance on her back, "Hello Caliga." She says, standing in the doorway and not advancing into the room, she looks up at the ceiling.

Skeeve swirls the wine around in its glass, nodding a little. "I can only imagine. I've often wondered about the Council.. what purpose it serves, what it hopes to accomplish." He looks about to say more, but it's at this point that Guarlesia enters the room, and the magician politely stands, half-bowing to the woman - although it's worth noting that he doesn't take his eyes off of her to do it.

"A secret for now.." Caliga grins to himself as Mei rushes off, looking to Keramos. "Well, of course you may Keramos." He then slowly stands up from his chair, nodding to Guarlesia. "Go ahead, have a seat Guarlesia, and you most likely should sit Concordance next to you." He moves to pull two chairs out for Guarlesia, one for herself, and one for Concordance. "Well... Gegoshi'd be perfect to answer all of your questions regarding the Council. But, that's neither here nor there." He moves back to his chair, and sits down in it.

Mei appears behind Guarlesia, wearing her soft, slinky, somewhat revealing green dress, a very strange symbol is still faintly on her belly She gives a curtsey to Concordance. "Welcome to our home." Her hands adjust her outfit she shifts to kiss Caliga's cheek, she sort of shifts to sit down. Her legs fold, her hands in her lap "Guarlesia, please come in and help yourself." Keramos scoots to sit infront of Guarlesia's plate, cheerfully.

Guarlesia watches Skeeve bow and hrms and tips her middle left wing once in a bob towards him, her way of bowing, at least to strangers. She has some strange mannerisms, but there weren't many people to show her how to behave sociallay, so she just does what she does. She turns around and looks at Mei, up and down, appraisngly, "That's nice, did Caliga buy it or did you?" Her eyes linger a good while on the symbol, stepping back and then bending down with her knees, staring at it more closely. After a few moments of silent examination she stands back up and walks over to the table, setting Concordance down, with greate care, her wings shifting quite often to help balance her, before then climbing right over the top of the woman and into her own chair, which she immediately leans back onto with two legs, "Your ceiling needs more pictures on it." She comments, eyeing it again before looking at Keramos and smiling! "Hi!" She streatches out her top left wing out towards the golem.

Skeeve takes this opportunity to sit down again as well, settling in and getting comfortable. "It's a pleasure to meet you, councilmember. I'm Skeeve, Skeeve Plowse."

"Well, I'll speak to the caretaker about that Guarlesia, but I wouldn't cross my fingers about more murals on the ceiling." Caliga grins slightly as he stands up once more, taking the bottle of wine over to Guarlesia. "Would you care for some?" He fills up Concordance's glass regardless, looking over to Skeeve and grinning. "The silent one is Concordance, the head of the Council. Guarlesia, is the cheerful one. There's also Abomination and Nancy as well... but, I think they're off doing whatever it is they do."

Mei ers a bit at the examination "Sorry its a left over from a spell being cast, Guarlesia." she actually pauses to pet Guarlesia's head very gently "You should look at the people gathered, not the ceiling." she takes a moment and hesitates "Here, try the food, Keramos and I cooked it." she glances to Concordance and smiles "You are our guest too, you know, please, try the food, the drink, conve.. You don't seem to do that... Well, at least the atmosphere!" she moves to slice the lamb, between the bones, carefully holding the knifeover the meat. "Skeeve, would you like some of the lamb?" she carefully slivers off a generous serving of the lamb for Concordance, and then some rice pilaf and a small sliver of toasted bread that smells of garlic. " Here, you go." she murmured. She smiles to Skeeve and Guarlesia. There is everything from Moroccan style cuisine to Sushi. Mei went a little nuts on it, yes. " I want you both to feel safe and welcome here and I honestly want you to comeback, it gets a little lonely here."

Guarlesia looks over at Skeeve as he introduces himself. she thinks he already knows her name from the others mentioning it. So she doesn't introduce herself back, instead she looks at him for a few moments, before nodding her head once and looking over at Caliga as he comes with the wine, "Oh! Oh, wine! Borik gave me this once! Yes!" She takes her glass and holds it out! "You missed Harpanic, Iloken, and Myra, they're all alive now too. Concordance knows how but she didn't say anything about it." She looks over at Mei and looks at where her hand was touched, staring at it a little bit as if trying to discern the skin, before nodding back towards Mei, "I haven't eaten food in years! I like this place." She looks over at Concordance, who still is just sitting there all lifeless. "I don't think she's going to come out." She says, leaning over towards her maker and tilting her head to the side.

Skeeve smiles lightly in return to Mei, and nods. "Yes, please, Mei, that sounds quite wonderful." He takes another sip of his wine, not bothering to hide the look of curiosity on his face as he studies Guarlesia, and then Concordance, each in turn. This was definitely not the kind of person he was expecting... although if you asked him what he *was* expecting, he probably couldn't tell you what. "She is alright, though?"

"Yes, well, are they returning to the council? That's the bigger question." Caliga smirks slightly as he fills Guarlesia's glass, then moves back to his seat, setting the bottle down. "Eat as much as you like Guarlesia. Though, Concordance may come out if she fancies it. And yes, she's quite fine. This is how she normally is. Sometimes you can get her to talk. Sometimes."

Mei mms a bit "Well, I'm making sure that Concodance is served so if she decides to come out a wonderful meal is waiting." she offered. "If she doesn't come out, you'll tell her we missed her pleasantries, right?" she serves Guarlesia the lamb and smiles, carefully, serving herself some of the still on the bone lamb, hesitating before trying to be brave and taking a few of the salmon roe sushi rolls. She smiles, offering a gentle smile "Guarlesia, I'm not going to hurt you, I'm actually quite weak physically compared to a number of people around, I assure you." she serves Skeeve, smiling "you dig in too. The hostess only serves flesh of beasts still on bones. Unless Fish, then you get to do that to yourself." she offered, hands pouring herself a glass of Pomegranite juice, raising it up to sip as she lowers her head for a moment, soon taking her knife and fork and managing to hold her mouth open and take her time to chew.

Guarlesia looks over at Caliga, "Harpanic and whatsherface Iloken never left, and Myra came back for Harpanic already." She glances over at Concordance, waiting to see if saying these things is a problem, it must not be, or else COncordance isn't listening closley enough, either way the girl looks back to Caliga, nodding her head as she takes her wine in both of her hands, smiling down at it. "I'll tell her next time she comes around." She takes the wine and downs it in one long drink and sets the glass down, "Ohhhhh, wow that feels interesting!" She reaches over and pokes at the lamb a few times, picking it up in her hand as she looks to Mei, "There are a lot of liars around, you know. Most people lie to me, so I can't really trust them. It's okay though, I think people's nature is to lie to me. Maybe it's my wings!" She grins! It's amusing to her, at least.

Skeeve smiles gratefully as Mei serves him dinner, and he starts carving up his portion of lamb into smaller pieces. As Guarlesia picks up her lamb and pokes at it, he bites down on the inside of his lip, to keep from laughing. Finally grabbing control of himself after a few moments, he replies, "Oh, I don't think it's the wings. It's the nature of beings with little integrity to tell those in authority the things that are most advantageous to themselves."

"So, they did return? You'd think their deaths would merely cause them to not return... Seems Connie is more of a smooth talker then she lets on." Caliga grins slightly as he sips at his wine some more, leaning forward some. "How was your trip here Guarlesia?"

Mei mms a bit "What do I have to gain from lying? I have someone who sees to it that I am able to do all the little things that fill me with joy and in him someone to share that joy with." she clears her throat, taking a few more bites "A-ah feel free to eat with your hands, I'm trying to make sure I don't make myself look gross." she offered, cheerfully, demonstrating how to eat the lamb off the bone to Guarlesia, holding the bone with one hand to take a bite of the succulent flavorful meat. She shifts to carefully work the meat off the bone before taking another to just enjoy the treat. She takes a moment to watch Guearlesia, smiling between bites of lamb before she sets the bone down, wiping her fingers on a napkin,and taking her sushi to take a very small bite of it.

Guarlesia looks between the four people, she hasn't been the center of attention in a long time, it makes her bottom right wing twitch like a hummingbirds wing, on and off. Normally, she's at The Council's chambers and people are talking at Concordance or other people, she's usually a side place. "Feels weird." She says to herself, as she turns the lamb around, mimicking Mei as she grabs the bone part. "I don't know how it worked, but Concordance never lost her hold on either of them. I think...that's what it seemed like to me." She shrugs her middle right wing. "I don't know what people gain by lieing, but it must be a lot since it happens all the time!" She grins, then smiles, taking a bite of the lamb...she mmfs...tugs on it for awhile before it comes off the bone and starts chewing, "Wah ith th ral met?" She asks at Mei.

Caliga laughs loudly as he stands up, moving to fill Guarlesia's glass once more. "You normally shouldn't speak with your mouth full Guarlesia. But, I don't think we can hold it against you. Quite a few people talk with their mouth full on numerous occasions." He finishes filling the glass, and moves back to his seat, taking a moment to kiss the top of Mei's head.

Skeeve can't help but grin broadly, as Guarlesia experiments with the lamb. At least he's not laughing, though. Setting his utensils aside for the moment, he dabs at his lips with a napkin, and asks, "So, the entire Council of Twisted is assembled once again... to what end, if I might ask? What lies in store for the people who inhabit this place?"

Mei ers a bit, her mouth full of the delicous caviar and rice. "UT IT HaIGa!" she reaches to sillily swat, popping the entire piece in her mouth to swallow it, whole. No chewing. " shush or I'll tell Guarlesia what YOU did!" she threatened, somewhat vaguely, grinning at Caliga,taking a whole potato to stuff in her mouth and swallow down, whole. She considers Guarlesia " My outfit?" she asked, trying to make sure she caught the sentence right. "Its for dancing and comfortable." she sort of considers. "Or did I guess your words wrong?"

Gegoshi swallows the piece in her mouth and holds the lamb in her hand, but when Caliga refills the wine glass she puts it down and takes it in both hands instead. "Not everyone. Borik and Seflit are both dead." She informs Skeeve, then looks over at Concordance, "What end? Ask her, but she probably won't answer you." She drinks down the entire glass of wine, setting the glass down, "I asked if it was real meat! But, I was curious about your outfit too." She grins lopsidedly, then takes another bite of the lamp, bringing one of her hands up to make little talking gestures, she stares at it for a few seconds, as if expecting it to do more, but it doesn't, so she just takes ahold of the lamb as she pulls it from her mouth, chewing and swallowing, "I forgot about the talking seal. That would of worked good." She eyes Concordance sideways, but doesn't ask for the seal to get taken off, thinking she's on thin ice already by not being in the Council room and doing nothing, she finally tips her chair forward, landing on all fours. "So how often do you guys eat?"

"I don't eat unless I absolutely have to." Caliga smiles as he says this, moving to sip his wine once more. "My body isn't suited for it, so, I try to avoid it. But I feel bad for it because Mei makes such wonderful foods." He then grins at Guarlesia, and nods his head. "Yes, it's real meat. It's fresh from the butcher's shop. It was purchased just before you arrived actually.."

Skeeve replies, somewhat distractedly, "Usually three times a day, sometimes more, sometimes less..." He's preoccupied with watching Concordance just sit there, almost as though he could stare into her soul. Whatever's on his mind has him pretty distracted, as he seems to have completely forgotten about his dinner.

Mei ers a bit "I eat ... a .. Skeeve quit starring at her tits." she murmurs, elbowing Skeeve, lightly. "I eat somewhere between one and eight times a day, depending on how hungry I am and how much I eat in one sitting. If I don't eat a lot I get tired and mopey and usually end up just sleeping a lot more." she offered, quietly. She takes a big sip of her juice again, "They make fake meat?" she asked to Caliga and Guarlescia curiously. She considers a bit, giving up formalities to rest her feet on Caliga's chair. "You are doomed, Caliga. Absolutely doomed." she teases, grinning.

Guarlesia nods at Caliga but gives Skeeve and Mei odd looks. "It must be more fun than I think it is." She comments about the eating, that's a lot, she figured once or twice a week was the max. So much time! She finishes the lamb and looks around the table, wondering what else might taste good. She takes the sushi next, sniffing at it then looking over at Concordance, then over at Skeeve, "I don't know if she gets angry about that or not, she is just sitting there." She's stared at all parts of Concordance, she has the woman's body memorized by now. "I think they do, some of the elves ate it once at a meeting, I didn't get any though." She rolls her eyes, "They were too busy talking, bleh bleh blah."

Skeeve starts a little as Mei elbows him, shaking his head as though to clear cobwebs. "My apologies. That was quite rude of me. What were we talking about?" He thinks for a moment, trying to remember.... ah! There it is. "...fake meat? How did we get to be talking about fake meat?"

Mei settles a bit to chuckles "I dunno, I've never had anything but real meat so, I guess.." she scrunches her nose. " Elves are weird." she offered, sagely, settling to stretch out after meal and relax "Skeeve is a pervert. Well no worse than Caliga, but, still.." she teases him, smiling "Actually, Skeeve is my very good friend, and I wasn't expecting you tonight, but I am elated to see you! she smiles brightly between the three people in the room, sighing happily"

Skeeve interjects without really thinking about it, correcting Mei. "That's 'pervect'."

Guarlesia shrugs her top wings, eating the sushi down and then taking some more, "This is all interesting tasting, so you made it?" She asks Mei, taking another bite of the sushi, glancing over at Concordance, her bottom left wing flaps slightly, and she shifts in her chair, finishing off the sushi. "When do you stop eating?" She asks next, looking between the three of them, since everyone seems able to give her answers, so far she's been more than fairly entertained! She licks off her fingers and reaches back, taking her massive mane of hair and flicking it over her shoulder, eyeing it for a few moments, then setting it down. Fidgeting around. She looks at the other food, then over at the wine bottle, grinning.

Skeeve chuckles lightly at that, sipping his wine - is he really only halfway through his first glass? "Generally, one stops eating when their stomach is full. Nothing complicated or anything like that." He's quiet for a moment, swirling the red liquid around in its glass, considering how best to word his next question. "If I wanted to learn more about TASK and the things it's trying to accomplish here, what would be the best way to go about that? I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but is there anywhere I could pick up some pamphlets or something to that effect?"

"You could speak with Gegoshi." Caliga states this plainly as he reaches into his robes, and pulls out the G-Pad. He taps a few buttons, then chuckles softly. "This is standard TASK equipment Skeeve." He then puts the pad away, leaning back into his chair.

Mei ers a bit "Yes, I cooked it all with Keramos' help, uhm well you stop when your belly is full." she offered, smiling brightly as she stands up, slowly, she slowly focuses herself, her tummy tensing and loosening in a slow belly dance. Actually she seems to snap her hip easily, ah yes, Mei's heritage shows. She seems relaxed, dancing in a slow, wiggling motion, hips swaying. She seems happy, ocassionally she bumps her hip against Caliga, playfully.

Guarlesia nods her head at the information, right, her stomach. She feels it in a few places, squitning an eye now and again, "All right, it's probably full by now. It's not very big." She says and sets the last piece of sushi back down on the plate. She licks at her fingers, sucking on the index for awhile as she watches Mei belly dance. She stares for awhile, finishing sucking on her fingers and sets her hands in her lap, tilting her chair back on two legs again. She's trying to decide how to proceed from here, and glances over at Concordance now and then, she looks to her for guidance, even if she never talks, because she made her and all. "Oh, yes, Gegoshi is the one that has all the information on TASK. She's funny. I used to talk to her a lot but Concordance didn't like all of the noise we made." She shrugs all six of her wings, not really careing too much, nobody sticks around too long to hang with her. She actually thinks this is probably the longest she's had a conversation with anyone, even Nancy, who is rather friendly, but not much for hanging out too often.

Skeeve blinks in mild surprise at the reveal of the hitherto unmentioned technological device. "I didn't know you were a member of TASK, Caliga." He's quiet, nodding as Guarlesia expounds on Caliga's suggestion. "I'll certainly have to do that, thank you. 'Gegoshi' is the name?" This last is more to himself, as though he's trying to fix the name in his mind. Mei's dancing is apparently wreaking mild havoc with his concentration.

"Well, it's most likely because Gegoshi is a chatter box Guarlesia. She doesn't know when to stop talking." Caliga grins as he turns to watch Mei dance, a soft smile creeping onto his face. "Actually, I'm still a member, even after killing Myra."

Mei considers "Why don't you two learn sign language or get a magical piece of paper to write back and forth?" she asked, cheerfully, rolling her stomach muscles, her frame is thin and graceful and despite her saying she's weak, she does actually have a lot of tone to her core and legs. Her dress jingles.. "I never realized Caliga was so important." she offered, redenning across her face. "It doesn't really matter I guess, but it strikes me funny." she offered, smiling, arms shifting out to her side, relaxedly flowing in a wave motion. Guarlesia may notice that Mei has a spell up to hide her scars. She seems to be a little awkward at times on her left side, you know, the eye patched side.

Guarlesia nods and smiles, "I could order Caliga around if I wanted too! I think he's still lowest rank too. I'm not supposed to though, because it screws stuff up." She giggles at Mei, "I can't learn sign language, or, I already know it, but I can't use it, it's sealed, along with my literacy, that's sealed too. Not talking though." Which should be obvious, but she's going to point it out anyway, because while she does have a hundred Seals on her, there are some things not bottled up. She looks over at the wine bottle again, "Let's drink more." She says, pushing her glass towards Caliga, then looking to watch Mei dance. Oh! She claps, "You're seducing the males, oh fun!"

Skeeve looks at Caliga, a considering expression on his face. "You killed a council member, but you're still a part of their police force? What a curious organization." Having said that, he pushes his plate away slightly, and stands up. "Thank you for the invitation to dinner - it was a very illuminating evening. I certainly hope we can do it again some time."

"I'm the lowest rank because I don't care to move up. And Satyrn hasn't promoted me because she's never around. And even if she did order me, I'd ignore her." Caliga grins after saying that, nodding to Skeeve. "You're always welcome here Skeeve."

Mei blinks "Its probally because Caliga can be as stubborn as a tired mule." she offered, shifting to flop her weight in Caliga's lap. "I .. really deplore bottling up literacy of any sort. I'm very spoiled education wise though. Had my situation been different I'd of been accepted into any of the finest academies free of tuition." she offered, giggling.

Guarlesia looks over at Skeeve and waves her arms above her head in a massive goodbye wave. "I doubt I'll ever see you again, but it was nice to see you once." She tells him, lowering her hands scratching her cheek, looking to Caliga and Mei again. She sticks her tongue out at Caliga, "Nobody listens to me, ever. And then when they do, they make promises too me, like, oh, I'll set you free, or, oh, I'll give you a wish! But, they're all liars. Caliga does that a lot. He's not the worst though, I think the worst was Abomination, I won't listen to him anymore, so now he's bored with me all the time."

Skeeve smiles lightly at that, bowing once more to Guarlesia and Concordance. "Council members, by your leave." Straightening, he offers Caliga and Mei a genuine smile. "Once again, many congratulations for the parents-to-be." With a polite wave, he excuses himself from the dining room before teleporting out of the mansion. It's only polite to not obscure everyone's dinner in a waft of smoke. ...okay, so the real reason is that whipping out his D-Hopper in front of the head of the Council is probably a VERY BAD IDEA, but it's nice to have an excuse all the same.

Skeeve presses a button on his's D-Hopper, and disappears in a burst of purple smoke.

"I don't like Abomination anyways." Caliga mutters at the mentioning of him. "He's most likely off doing naughty things to school girls, damned pervert." He looks over to Mei, grinning slightly. "Connie, would you like to be there for the birth of Mei's and my child?" He says this out of the blue, knowing full well Concordance is listening.

Mei's body folds as she sort of clears her throat "Caliga will try his hardest to get that wish granted, but, He can't force Concordance into doing it, can he?" she asked softly "I'm sure he's trying." she closes her eyes "Caliga granted my three greatest wishes, I have faith in him." she offered to Guarlesia. " He inadvertedly gave me freedom by taking me as a student, he gave me a safe place to live, and he's given me a confidence in myself." her body shifts, suddenly, a gentle motion aimed at Guarlesia ; just a gentle, warm hug if she can manage it. "Er.. I'd rather be secluded and allowed to rest before anyone sees me." she offered shyly to Caliga.

Guarlesia nods her head, "He messed around with me for awhile, but not very long. I guess it's because I don't wear schoolgirl clothes." She places with her sleeve for a moment, then she gets hugged. She blinks at Mei, sitting there for a few moments, she tilts her head slowly to the side, peering at the other girl. "Thanks." She decides to say after a moment of peering, "Caliga and his wishes, I guess you're lucky that it worked out for you. I'm pretty sure he was trying to trick me once." She informs her, looking over at Caliga as she fidgets in her chair, rubbing at her stomach idly with her hand. She looks over at Concordance, wondering if she's going to say anything back to Caliga, but she just sits there, lifeless and doll like, eyes completly unfocused.

"Concordance will talk with me if she chooses to." Caliga smiles as he watches Mei and Guarlesia. "Mei, we'd need a midwife. I think it'd be a nice gesture from Concordance to be that for us." He seems to be grinning now as he says this, eyes turning to Concordance for a brief moment.

Mei mms a bit and draws back before taking Guarlesia's hand "See I'm still early along, so I'm not swollen up yet. My stomach'll get big and heavy sooner or later." she sorta makes a face at Caliga, definantly a little uncomfortable with the idea "I'd rather have someone with warm hands." she murmured

Guarlesia raises an eyebrow and looks at Concordance again, wondering if she's really listening to this conversation or not, sometimes she wonders if Concordance only pretends she's listening all of the time, but then other times she's absolutely sure. She's tested it afterall, everytime she asks for a seal removal she speaks right up. Maybe it's a conditioned response, or maybe she only tunes in when she talks about her seals. Hm. No real way to know, but she probably is always listening in some way, shape, or form. "I don't think Concordance would do much for you. She just kind of sits around and exists." She informs Caliga and Mei. Concordance herself continues to just sit there, silent and movementless.

"Well.. We still have plenty of time." Caliga smiles at Mei, winking at her slightly. "This child will be special. I guarentee it." He speaks from prior knowledge, knowing just what sort of power his lineage holds. "So, Connie may want to at least visit herself, to see the child."

Mei ers a bit "Well, asking someone to be your midwife is very personal and .. Miss Concordance doesn't seem to much care for me, or really desire to be my friend, or be very readable unless angry." she shifts, curling against Caliga frowning " The only person I really trust to be near me when I am that fragile is Caliga." mms a bit "Visitations I consent to, once I've had a small nap." she considers him "Of course the child will be special. I'm afraid he or she will be doomed to learn spells in a similar fashion to how I learn them and most likely will be a slight menace before they are school aged." she offered, honestly. "I'm actually a little afraid of the temper tantrums already." she gestures a bit. "My birth mother was.. a very powerful fighter and from what I've read my father was a frightful illusionist with skills in high summoning." she sort of rubs her fingers along Caliga's hand. "Guarlesia, do you think Keramos would look cute with a heavy alloy over his fragile core as an upgrade?" she asked, cheerfully.

Guarlesia listens to the conversation, some of her wings arcing this way and that as she does, her hand gripping the table and bringing it up onto one leg. "Time's up." Concordance's voice says, though she doesn't actually move her lips or focus her eyes. Acting as an alarm clock. It startles Guarlesia who goes falling back and onto the ground with a loud oof, the chair skittering away, "Murr." She says, getting up to her feet and moving over to Concordance, starting to go about the slow process of getting the girl piggybacked onto her once again. She branches all of her wings out as she speaks, "This was, hm, fun and interesting." She says.

"Here... This'll make the journey back a lot simpler." A rift appears behind Concordance and Guarlesia, slowly forming a doorway leading straight into the Council Chambers. "It's been fun Guarlesia." Caliga stands and bows towards the two women, the smile remaining on his face.

Mei's body bows as well, yawning a bit as she takes her time to take Caliga's hand to hers, holding it quietly "Please come back, both of you." she offered. "You are welcome in our home." she smiles a bit, Keramos soon hopping around to put the extra food away. Except Connie's plate, seemingly the little golem thinks she should eat it.

Guarlesia nods her head once at Caliga and Mei, getting Concordance in place on her back and then walking through the rift, looking behind her briefly, "Goodbye, it was different." She says to them both, before the two disappear through the rift.

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