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Full Name: Mei

Series: Original
Class: Mage/Aetherist

Alignment: Neutral
Gender: Female
Species: Half Gorgon
Age: Old as Dirt.
Birthdate: Dragon Sign
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 95

Short Description: Small, dark, feminine and angry.

What appears to be curls, decorated with elaborate braids and gold gilded decorations rest atop the head of a very short woman's frame. Green scales and purple patterns daubble the serpentine locks.No two serpents are the same length, comprised of vipers and boas. Skin drenched in an amaranthine golden glow from her deep mocha coloration where she doesn't have faint green stripes that almost look like bruises. Across her left eye are three deep old scars, the main mess hidden under a simple black eye patch. Her right eye is somewhat discomforting, blackened with only the green coloration floating in that dark sea of black. Red and black lashes. Her ears are long and elvish, pierced with archaic carved pieces of bone. Her lips are painted black, little fangs often pressed into her lower lip.

Slim, feminine, graceful in motion. A very thin opaque silk piece rests over a very modest chest, gold and silver pieces holding it in place. Down her arms are bare, covered in more of those strange bruise like marks. Her right shoulder has a number of scars on it, looking jagged, as if she had an old healed injury there. Strangely on her left hand she wears two bands on her ring finger, and one on her thumb, the one on her thumb fairly masculine in design. Her stomach has a only a minimal padding surface on it. Her hips expand out, a thick belt over her hips.

Her hips have a loincloth, supplimented by a pair of fitted shorts that go just above the knee. Her legs are muscular from work, her body a bit curvy below the waist. Her feet are bare, wrapped in old cloth to support her ankles. Her toes end in slight claws.


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