2009-04-24 (PreU) The joys of Summer.

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The joys of Summer.

Summary: So, A Jedi, a Gorgon, and a girl walk into a bar....

Who: Cassie, Jason_Talben, Mei
When: April 24th, 2009
Where: Nowhereto Park - Lakeside

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Nowhereto Park - Lakeside

Before you lays a beautiful lake, seemingly untouched by Twisted's madness. It's clear blue waters shimmer under the sky.

Mei has a picnic basket set out, on a blanket, however, she's standing in the water, knee deep in a bikini with Lakshmi "Come on now, you won't melt! I promise!" she grins a bit "If you won't get in the water, Mama is going to have to go swim allllll by herself." she commented, cheerfully, coaxing the toddler into the water. Lakshmi just looks so happy. plish plish -_-;. After a moment though, she comments on fishies and goes about chasing them in the shallow water, causing Mei to flop onto a rock lazily. "Aa~ The sun feels so nice!"

The Jedi has had enough of the Enclave and has had to get out and about. He's managed to get some help for the place and it's part of the reason why he is more active in the world of TWISTED. He's intentionally decided to search out for Mei, his plan is to home in on her through the Force. He is also interested in seeing if Mei will feel his presence in the Force as a tremor of sorts to alert her to his presences.

Cassie steps onto the scene, having been checking out the park. It was't here last time she was, you understand. She carries a small box with her, presumably a packed lunch, and grins broadly as she sees Lami and Mei. "Hello there!", she cries, bounding down the slight hill towards the pair. Long midnight black hair wriggles behind her, as though it enjoyed feeling the breeze and the moisture from the lake. (*Lami!Devi*) Cassie's voice rings out musically towards the child. Bright purple eyes carry less worry then the last time they saw her, but that may be because of the demenor they carry with them.

Mei's arm goes up to wave. She's been practicing, although honestly its probably magical awareness more than the force for her. Mei's eyes open as she claps, looking at Lakshmi who has managed to catch a fish bare handed "Oh my how lovely! What a good job." The little dark haired girl replies "Fishie!" and jumps up and down, managing to loose her catch and fall into her shoulders. Lakshmi hops up to go offer her arms to Cassie ~Hello! I caught a fishie!~ Mei takes a moment, considering a bit "Nene with all the people here, maybe I should put on some shorts.." she murmured, thoughtfully. "Hello Jason, Miss Cassie." she commented.

Jason comes into open view as he listens to Lakshmi speak and he smiles. He's figured out the young girl has managed to either have that terrible curse broken, or has been lifted. The Exile smiles as he removes his large over robes and places it on a branch. "Good afternoon Mei, Hello Lakshmi. It is a pleasure to see you both again. And who is your young friend here?" he asks waiting to be introduced.

Cassie laughs as she picks Lami up, setting the wet baby on her hip is she's allowed. (*I saw!*)"Please Mei, just Cassie. I don't think I've ever earned a Miss anything." She laughs again, hugging Lami and plopping down on her backside to remove her shoes. With grace that should be beyond her, she peels off her socks and rolls up her pant legs to the knee. She looks up towards Jason as he approaches and her eager laid back attitude vanishes. Curiosity takes it's place as she looks him over. Casting her eyes away, she says,"Hello, I'm Cassie."

Lakshmi clings and hugs Cassie, obviously partial ~ It was so big!~. Mei pauses. "Ah~ Cassie, this is one of my teachers, Jason Talben, Jason, this is our Neighbor, Cassie. She seems alright, and Lakshmi likes her, so she must be just fine." she offered out, as if Lakshmi was the best judge of character. Lakshmi seems to of started off already, chasing a frog. ~Jason Jason look! Ribbits!~ she projected, making loud laughter all the while. Mei giggles "I brought a lunch, we'd be delighted if you joined us. Today is swim lesson day."

Jason smiles as he bows to the young lady, "A pleasure to Meet you Cassie." and he comes over to Mei's Picnic as he asks, "Can I join you Mei?" he says and allows Cassie to look him over entirely as he does not seem to mind. Given that he is dressed in black clothes which are tight fitting. This shows off his body is strong and healthy. Only when Mei says he can join does he sit down to join.

Cassie smiles at the baby, and nods tentatively at the Jedi. Standing up she breaths deeply and runs at the lake, jumping as best she can splashing as she falls. Pushing off the lake bed, she rolls onto her back and swishes her way out towards deeper water, her hair staying fanned out behind her, splashing randomly itself.

Jason smiles as he looks to the Frogs and there he listens to Lakshmi's projections and nods as he sits down next to Mei. He looks over at Cassie as she dives into the water and he relaxes moving his lightsaber off to one side keeping it firmly on his belt. He inhales through the nose and says, "Smells wonderful Mei, Your dinner was extremely wonderful, I forgot at times what it is like to eat a very full meal." he says. Jason seldom if ever eats to true fullness, and only to the point he is sated.

Mei giggles fondly at Cassie and keeps an eye on Lakshmi "Please do, Jason. Here, let me get you a sandwich." she shifts over to open the basket, taking out a bundle of cookies, some sandwiches, and what appears to be some variety of brown noodle in a sauce. A large jug of tea is in the basket too. Mei oofs as Lakshmi tackles her to show her a frog, which Mei leans over to kiss "Turn into a fine prince please!" and nothing happens, causing Mei too goofily snap "Oh man~" she comments. Mei pauses "You know you're welcome to eat supper with us anytime, I always cook too much, I'm still used to a home full of visitors even though no one visits me now."

Trenton rises in Cassie's mind for a mere moment, causing her to cast a duel shadow in the water. It's gone after a moment, and Cassie swims over to a rock near the shore. Climbing on it, she folds her legs under her and enjoys the feeling of the sun.

Jason watches Lakshmi and hears her speak and he does not seem to understand the words she has spoken. HE looks to Mei as if seeking some form of understanding for a moment. His attention is diverted enough that he was distracted enough that as Cassie has her moment of duel shadows all Jason senses is something extremely faint in the area making him look around the place before accepting the sandwich and eating slowly.

Mei giggles a bit and seems to of noticed the shadow "Ah Jason there is a story that a princess kisses a frog and he becomes her prince. I figured it was worth trying as Someday I'd like a handsome lover who is not a complete.." Mei pauses and mouths the word 'bastard' when Lakshmi isn't paying attention. Lakshmi darts back to the water's edge, showing off for Cassie by jumping up and down.

Cassie grins and slides off the rock into the water. Sloshing up the shore, she laughs and tickles Lami's stomach. Cassie's hair wrings itself out and braids neatly. She pads over to Jason and Mei, plopping down a few feet away with her packed lunch. Seems like some sushi and noodles. Whipping out a pair of chopsticks, she starts munching modestly.

Jason listens to Mei and goes "Ahhhhh, indeed." he says. He knows that term well. "Well I wish you luck on that." he says. He takes one last look around the place as he settles into the meal, "I might choose to indeed eat at your home once a week If I can manage it. Recently one of the students at the Enclave introduced me to something very unique. He called it Pizza, I never though eating a third of one would make me so full." he says talking about various foods. He looks over at the Sushi and smiles, "Sushi?" he asks just to make sure it's what he thinks it is.

Lakshmi follows Cassie around to climb in her laps and do that charming little kid thing of attempting to stick her fingers directly in Cassie's food and help herself. Mei coughs "Lami hands to yourself, you were just touching frogs and fish." she commented, taking the noodles to waggle them at Lakshmi .. "I brought sobayaki for you." She takes a sandwich out for herself to stuff in her mouth "Nn only a third, you humans with your small stomach capacity.. then again.. I could eat and eat and eat all day without ever feeling full.." she mumbled, embarrassed.

Cassie shows some skill at weaving her food out of Lami's reach, but does offer her a small bit of the sushi. Nodding at Jason, her eyes swirl as she keeps her gaze off him. "Yes, sushi it is indeed. One of my favorite things." After a moment, she glances up, then back down. "Your new here as well, aren't you, Jason, was it? You weren't here last time I was either."

Jason nods and says "yes I am. I been here maybe two and a half, to three months. Although for a while I had to vanish for a time and take care of serious business. It is always a pleasure to meet new friends." he says and leans back to drink some tea Mei pours for him.

Lakshmi starts to cry, until Cassie shares after all. She settles in to take her noodles and eat them with her hands, Mei doesn't seem to raise a fuss, most likely because its easiest to just let her eat now. The noodles have a few red bell peppers sliced in which Lakshmi seems to go after first. Mei smiles a bit "Time flow is strange, on Twisted, for some it flows for others it has simply stopped to some degree." she commented, her hands pulling her hair up into a pony tail atop her head with a small tie, her snake hair lazily looping before wrapping around the tie. "Lami when you are done eating you need sunscreen on, you're so pale, wouldn't want you to turn pink like a roast piglet."

Cassie nods her head in agreement with Mei and Jason. "Friends are something of a rarity around here. It's nice to meet nice people." She smiles sweetly and continues to finish off her lunch.

Jason continues to eat as well as the Exile says, "Yes, I am a friend to all, and only an enemy to those who declare me their enemy." he says with some wisdom. HE is sort of testing Cassie just to see her reaction and if it interests her at all. Looking over at his robes he smiles as it soaks in the sun light. Knowing how hot and warm it will be when he puts it on appeals to him and asks, "So How have you three been lately?" he asks interested in how his friends, and new friend have been.

Mei finishes eating, sprawling out on her stomach, hair off of her back to soak the sun while Lakshmi eats.. "I've been well, you know that, and she's been good too." Mei murmured of Lakshmi who offers Cassie a prized bell pepper bite with those grubby gross little kid fingers of hers, the other hand stuffing the noodles into her mouth cheerfully.

Cassie shurgs as she thanks Lami and pops the pepper into her mouth. "I'm alright I guess. I've only been around for about 3 days, but I'm settling in." (*Thank god my house came with me this time. It's nice to not have to sleep in the Ur. ^_^;;*) Cassie smiles lightly, unsure of what to say.

Jason listens to Mei and nods as he finishes eating as well. "Alright, well if you wanted or needed a place to stay, I have constructed a Place called The Jedi Enclave, All are welcome there. If you need a place to stay and rest safely. You are welcome there Cassie."

Lami pauses ~Sleep in UR?~ she asked, taking a moment to scoot over and tackle Mei's back before startlingly whining and rubbing her arms. Causing Mei to startle as well "Guh sorry aww Lami come here." Mei scoops the tot up and concentrates, rising a bit of water into a ball to covertly wash Lami's hands and cool the place where Lami hit that got the brunt of her heat-absorption. "There there, cool as a cucumber." Mei takes a moment to take out a thing of sunscreen and rub Lakshmi from head to toe, managing to get giggling squeals. Noteably for her own skin she doesn't really seem to bother with it, despite the small bikini.

Cassie raises her brows towards Jason, forgetting for a moment her powers. Large pupil less purple eyes swirl dangerously as Cassie speaks. "You can read thoughts?" Hopefully Jason avoids her gaze. After a minute however she looks away, and shrugs. "I've got a home now, not to far from you I think." She chooses to ignore Lami's question about her former sleeping habits as she's not particularly proud of them. Thankfully the past is the past, and she's got her own place now.

Jason listens to Cassie's odd question as he says, "I have the ability to perceive the emotions of others, reading the energy that is given off. But actual mind reading yes. But I do all I can to avoid such, A person's thoughts should be their own." he says. Jason notices those eyes Swirling as he raises his own mental defenses as a precaution is all.

Lakshmi pokes Jason curiously ~Why sleep in UR?~ she asked, in the heads of those around her. Mei settles back into soaking up sun, as if it was a rare luxury, like alone time, or massages, or patients who spoke her language naturally. Lakshmi doesn't really seem to be able to control her mind reading.

Jason looks over at Lak and smiles as he says, "I don't sleep in the UR, I sleep at the Jedi Enclave, my home now." he says looking at Lakshmi as he guards his thoughts to keep the more dangerous areas of his thoughts and memories away from Lakshmi. For him he knows how to avoid thinking of those areas, and keeps his thoughts to the here and now, more or less.

Lakshmi climbs into Jason's lap ~No~ she leans to take a cookie and nibble it, looking at Jason. ~Cassie slept in UR ..~ she commented, scratching her head as she offers Jason a bite of cookie, happily, defiantly cheerful and over all happy to have his company ~Today is nice.~

Jason nods as he listens to Lakshmi and there he accepts her in his lap, "Ah I see, sorry. I was confuzzled." and he takes the cookie bite from Lak and he says, "yes, Today is very nice. It is rare when I am able to get out and enjoy such tranquil days."

Lakshmi seems to be peaceful ~Mommy won't let me go out unless its quiet outside and birds are singing.~ Lakshmi commented, poking Mei with her foot. ~Ow, hot." she mumbled, looking at her toe and at Mei ~Why does Mommy get hot when she is outside?~ the answer is because Mei is a snake and absorbs the warmth"

Jason nods and smiles, "I understand, and know why, If you were to listen to the wrong people ir would cause you great harm." he says and holds Mei's child protectively somewhat.

Lakshmi pauses ~The wrong people? But mommy says everyone is the same.~ she commented, ears flicking as she watches Jason curiously. For being a little mutant multi-breed mutt she sure is cute.

Jason smiles as he sees Lakshmi for who she is not what she is as he with wisdom. "I am not sure what your momma has told you, but There are good people, and bad people in the world. They have good thoughts and bad thoughts depending on who they are. Your mother is trying to keep you away from those who's thoughts are black and harmful." he says softly. Jason is trying to put it into terms the youngling can understand. "See those black thoughts would give you scary dreams at night, you don't want that do you?"

Lakshmi thinks ~Mama has weird dreams a lot. IS she talking to bad people?~ Lakshmi asked, kicking her feet very lightly against Jason's shins, looking up at him somewhat dumbly before picking her nose a little. Shut up she's a gross little kid, its gross but normal.

Cassie idly listens to the conversation, leaning back on her arms, head lolled to the side and her eyes closed. Lami is right. It's a nice day.

Jason listens as he says, "You shouldn't pick your nose like that." he says "I don't know what your momma dreams about, But When you dream, weather it is good or bad. It is something that happens. It reflects things you have seen, or heard." he say with a smile.

Mei lifts her weight "Yes I talk to bad people, because they aren't bad all the way down." she offered, petting Lakshmi once before Lakshmi takes a dandelion to toss at Cassie goofily. Mei however has taken to gracefully diving into the water and soaking under it, probably to expel a bit of over heat or get back into the water. Lakshmi bounces thoughtfully standing up to pull on Jason's sleeve. ~ Ball?~

Cassie catches the dandelion and smiles. "Ya know, I heard somewhere that if you make a wish and can blow all the bits off a dandelions head it'll come true." She laughs softly at the thought and blows on it, shaking the majority of it off. "Oh well. You swim Jason?"

Jason listens to Mei as he hopes he has not over stepped his bounds as he looks down to Lakshmi as she tugs on his sleeve and Asks, "Ball?" Turning his attention to Cassie he says, "I can and do enjoy swimming, Sadly I have not brought a swimming outfit Cassie, perhaps Next time." he says.

Lakshmi takes another Dandelion.. looking at it as if it was the face of all the knowledge and power in the world. She concentrates all of her energy into it, and sucks in a bit of breath before blowing across it as hard as she can and knocking all of the fluffy seedlings off before psychically releasing her wish in a psychic yell ~ I want a little brother or sister! ~, which is enough to cause Mei to pop up with a - n - expression, yeaaaaaaaaaaah not happening.. Lakshmi looks back at Jason "Ball ball!" she takes a moment to reach up into the sky and yoink a pink bouncy ball out of nowhere. "Ball!" She tosses it a bit awkwardly at Cassie.

Cassie grins impishly, a look not often seen on her but good, none the less. She waves a hand dismissively towards Jason. "You'd dry, wouldn't you?" Catching Lami's ball, she throws it back at her, bouncing it on the ground first. Using a hand to cover her eyes, she looks up at the sky. "Yeah, your right love.", she says in response to no one. Gathering her shoes, she tosses them over her shoulder and picks up the remains of her lunch. "I need to get going home, I'm afraid. I'll hopefully see you all later?" She wiggles her fingers in a farewell wave to Lami, and starts off towards the Housing District.

Mei Waves to both of her friends, her laugh escaping as she picks up Lakshmi and spins her around before falling back and whispering things to the little girl.

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