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Summary: In a brief sorta intermission, Devi tries to set fire to Happosai's prize and later the long forgotten Waitress and Cook of the Truce Inn show up to try and settle that argument that had worked it's way into every order on the Inn's menu. There's a number of random cameos and some lost items from Chronos in this... FOOD FIGHT!

Who: The_Cook, Tabitha, Genma, Devi, Happosai, Munin, Ranma, The_Waitress, Mei
When: June 9, 2012
Where: Nowhereto Park

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Nowhereto Park - Lakeside(#2930R)
The beautiful view of the lake has now been replaced with a gaudy circular stage with seats arranged around it like a colluseum. Large flag poles are positioned around the seats marking each section with a specific color of panty. Hopefully those are clean... A large crowd seems to have gathered to watch the events. Adults, children, it's all the same. The boys seem to be estatic, the girls seem to want blood. Perhaps the prize wasn't donated after all?

Mei is settled, sitting on the stage, observing people here and there, her fingers keeping a babushka like piece of fabric over the bulk of her hair as she digs around her medical bag, tossing things like lolipops and little sunshine charms around as she looks for something.

Devi finally reappears nestled in the middle of the base of Mount Panty, a can of lighter fluid in her back pocket and a small slurpie in her hand. She muffles slightly as she gains her bearings, pushing the undies away and securing herself a very small mesure of space around her hands.

From the edge of the crowd, some feet from the furtest viewer, a blur of something moving can be seen. Much like what one would see in Predator, the invisible figures eyes flash with a low violet light for a few moments before again fading, leaving nothing there to see, unless one looks veeeeery closely.

Mei tilts her ears, standing up to hold up a unicorn shaped cookie in her hands, eyes closed, mouth closing around the thing's head, her eye snapping open as she blinks "Those are mine..." she murmurs, sort of realizing her underwear is in the pile now too. Without even a second thought she extends a claw to take a non descript black pair back, tucking it into her back pack, face going green all across.

Devi feels Mei's pain, her own panties stuffed in the pocket of the old pervert now. Slender hands sqiurm through the pile to get to her back pocket. Wiggling back to the former position, she pops the tip and starts lightly squirting. She moves it through the pile as she slowly turns, soaking the base. She'd grin, but she doesn't want to taste panty.

Out of nowhere, Happosai appears behind Devi thwacking her hand with his pipe to try and make her drop the lighter fluid. "EXCUSE ME!?!?! HOW -DARE- YOU TRY TO RUIN MY PRIZE WITH YOUR VANDALISM!?!" The old man begins to sob, "I hand washed every one of those dearies and ironed them to make sure they where as good and pure as the day they where made, and you're ru-ui-ing th-e-e-e-m!"

Devi OWS! She 'drops' (as well as one can considering that panties aren't particually firm) the can and vanishes outside the pile, shaking off strays that somehow travels with her. "What'd you do that for? Don't you have the magical 'fort' o panty?"

From within the pile, a red glow suddenly appears.... flames begin to lick out and upwards, sending heat and light in all directions as the pile of cloth begins to burn!

Happosai glares beneath his tears, "INGRATES! I'm just trying to provide some wholesome family entertainment. If you want to destroy them so baddly, why don't YOU compete for them? Then you can do whatever you want to the dearies." The sound of crackling flames sends him into a panic and for a few minutes at least the sight of the old man frantiaclly trying to put out flames should send chuckles through the crowd. It probably doesn't matter what happens to the panties at this point as long as the audience gets to see more fighting.

Mei sniff sniffs around. Happossai's squealing catches her attention, She sort of eyes the fire. She watches Happossai, taking out a smoke bomb from her bag. She strikes a match her thigh, throwing it squarely at Happosai! "OI OI OI!" The flames don't really seem to bother her much. As soon as its thrown, she's moving into the smoke, claws showing.

Devi makes the smallest violin gesture at him. She grins at the 'fire', needing only to get a spark within the pile to make that fire a fact. "There's your fight old man! YEAH!" She is now offically in cheerleader mode.

The flames partially go 'out' as happosai works on them, but seem to spread much much faster in the other direction!

So what happened to Tabitha after the last fight? She's laying in the shade of a nearby lone tree dozing quietly. An ear flickers quietly as she tries to listen to the crowd for anything worth paying attention to. Her wounds seem to have started healing nicely, but she'll have a scab across her lips for a few days. She sits up at the sound of the commotion, rubbing an eye with the back of a hand and yawning.
Happosai flails as a smoke bomb suddenly strikes him in the back of the head, sending him crashing to the ground and a large bulb forming on the back of his balding head. With an angry growl his rage and his perversion go off together making him suddenly seem to grow twenty times his size. The gargantuan pervert (with an equally large throbbing sore on the back of his head) scream down at the gathering. "INGRATES!! HOOLIGANS!! MONSTERS!!!" He stomps the ground a second sending a slight tremble across the park. "Why I oughtta..." The crowd cheers excitedly at the display as if it where all part of the show. The distraction enough to calm the old man into returning to his normal scale. "Eh?" He turns back around to face the panties and sobs quietly as the flames seem to do whatever they want. "I suppose no one here cares about the fact that a pile of burning panties spreads fire fast enough that the whole campground would be burning in less than a few minutes?" Damn. He has a point, doesn't he?

This doesn't matter to the fire! it continues to climb and climb, until the pile is engulfed!

Mei's eyes get big "AND WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH BEING A MONSTER?!" she yells, rushing after Happosai, in a rare show of aggressiveness she raises a hand, attempting to slap the ever loving hell out of Happosai. She blinks " Good thing I don't have explosives today, just smoke bombs!" she yells out, her toe claws tapping like a velociraptor's.

Devi says, "That was just the prize right? It'll only spread if they are spread, it'll be fine, not the end of the world eh?" She's got her foam finger and beer hat back, though it's filled with slushie instead. She's joined the mindless mob with glee."

The winds catch some of the undergarments as they burn and flick them through the air like leaves. Happosai just watches them with tears in his eyes. "Alas, poor dearies, shimmering on through fire and flames. My love for you knows no bounds, even if upon you my eyes shall never again see..." He doesn't seem as terribly bothered by this as he should, "That's okay. I expected this. THE PRIZE IS STILL AVAILABLE TO THE WINNER!"
Tabitha slowly makes her way forwards crying out along with many members of the crowd, "An' how's that supposed to work?"
Happosai grins, "Did you really think I'd bring my entire collection with me today? And besides, almost all of Twisted is here and those poor dearies I didn't yet collect where all home alone and defensless!" He pulls another random bra out of his gi. "Don't worry, my pet. You'll be going to a good new home soon enough."
Tabitha just... stares. "That sneaky little shit.

Devi says, "Damn." That's sick. She's still not fighting for panties, there's no motivation for that. Not even enough to stop him. Unfortounatly, even lighting them now wouldn't be much fun, the reaction was totally worth the illusion."

Mei's fingers take out a black thong, taking a water baloon out of her bag. Using the damn thing as a sling shot before trying to run. This of course sends the thong flying with the baloon. She sort of huffs, hopping off the stage to promptly land square on her face. "Augh."

The flames abrutly vanish, leaving the pile untouched! They aren't even hot to the touch, nor damaged in the least. Strange, that.

Happosai cackles at everyone's attempts to ruin his fun as he leaps back onto the stage, "Well, we need another pair of fighters? Anyone willing to give it a go, or do we need to wait for someone brave enough to stand up to the challenge?" He eyes Tabitha walking through the crowd. "How about you, deary? Want to try your luck again?"
Tabitha takes a seat close enough to the stage to prop her feet up on the side of it. "I'm good. Thanks." She's ready to actually just watch someone else go at it. Assuming someone else gives it a try.

Music seems to come from nowhere as a fiesty woman marches onto the stage, nearly shoving Happosai into the crowd. "ALRIGHT! If anyone's welcome to fight, I'll fight! An' I choose for my opponent that lazy, good for nothing, cook from the Truce Inn! GET YOUR FAT ASS OUT HERE! I'm tired of taking your abuse and missing everything fun! THIS IS MY TURN TO SHINE!"
Tabitha blinks in confusion. "Where'd th' waitress come from?" That's probably a good question, espcially as the crowd seems to be murmering in similar confusion.

Mei gets an order of Takoyaki and soba from a vendor, sitting randomly on a big lug of a random person's shoulders, eatting her food calmly.

In the crowd, it seems everyone instantly knows who she speaks of.... for in an instant, they all move away, leaving a wide circle around a single man. He has a dirty-looking cooks outfit, with hat, a handlebar mustache, and an intense piercing look in his eyes. On his back, a glowing symbol of a fish in a frying pan suddenly appears as he glows puke-green "So.... my ungreatful apprentice in the world of all things cullinary has finally turned against me.... SO BE IT, WENCH!" He points dramaticly at her as he approaches "YOU SHALL RUE THE DAY!". He casually approaches the stage, waiting for the signal to begin!

Tabitha ow's as she spins around to take a look at the sudden voice from the crowd. Her hand rubs the back of her neck as she mutters, "Okay. I'm confused. Who are these people...?
The blue-haired waitress pulls a rolling pin out from under her apron and smacks it into an upturned hand. "The only one rueing around here are the poor saps that have EATEN YOUR COOKING!!" A golden fire seems to erupt around her as her aura flares to life. Why does she have an aura, you may ask yourself? I counter with a better question, why is she fighting again?
The second the cook reaches the stage Happy shrugs and screeches, "FIIIIIIIGHT!!!" as he bounds off the stage. The crowd cheers as the next act of the stage show begins.

"THEN YOU SHALL RUE FIRST, since YOU yourself have eaten my cooking!" with that he pulls out a pair of lemons!
These are NOT ordinary lemons, however!
They are burning with green fel-fire, or something cool like that!
He hurls them through the air at his wayward apprentice!

Mei scoots over, sitting next to Tabitha to drop squidballs towards her curiously.

The Waitres leaps backwards, thwacking the lemons like baseballs with her rolling pin causing them to explode around her in a show of green fireworks. The crowd cheers louder at the explosions, and louder still when the woman produces a box marked 'LOST AND FOUND' out of... somewhere, and throws it down on the center of the stage. From it she retrieves... a small golden shovel? With a shrug she chucks it at the Cook as he logically draws closer to her. What else? An empty mug? *throw* A can of soda? *throw!* Lucca's Wondershot? *THRO-oh wait! No too late. The gun flys through the air threatening to smack the approaching Cook in the face.
Tabitha sniffs the air and glances towards Mei in confusion. "What...?" Her eyes gaze upon the fried curiousities. Maybe she needs to check out the venders herself.

Mei offers half her order of Takoyaki to Tabitha, smiling brightly "Here ya go." she offers, taking a bite of her noodles

Tabitha ooooh's! "Thank you!" Her tail swishes happily through the air as she chows down on the offered food. Hopefully whomever is sitting behind doesn't mind. She actually begins to rock back and forth a little as she eats, swaying to whatever that jazzy music is that started playing when the Waitress showed up.

With a blink, the Chef is too suprised by this turn of events to react right away, and the shovel SLAMS into his face, dazing him. He manages to just BARELY swerve out of the way of the mug, only to step into the path of the soda!
Now he's dazed AND sticky!
Of course, this stickyness srvers him well, for when the Wondershot comes at him, he GRABS it, spins low, aims, and fires!
Of course, not being used to such weaponry, and the floor being wet from a soda, and the cold coffee in the bottom of the mug, the kick makes him slip and fall backwards! "OOF!

Whatever the weapon is it once it's fired a huge explosion rocks the stage, sending the Waitress tumbling backwards nearly off the edge. The box has been thrown through the air as well sending all manor of items lost within the Truce Inn scattering across the stage. Snatching a mop from the ground beside her and something that looks like a small battery, the Waitress regains her feet, throwing the battery at the cook and trying to shield herself with the mop. If struck or allowed to hit the ground again, the battery is actually a small shelter and will expand into a full sized tent wherever it ends up.

  • CLONK!* the object hits the Chef dead on, making the shelter expand and engulf him! A womans screams can be heard from within, and moments later, a young lass, naked except for the very small blanket she uses to cover her front, flees from within in a panic, and off into the distance!

Moments after, the chef comes out with a cigarette in his mouth "She LOVED my cooking!". He smirks, and picks up a wok and frying pan, dual-wielding the instruments like a swordmaster. However, his attack is simpler: He kicks the first thing he comes across without looking! Unfortunately, this was a NICE looking sword! THE MASAMUNE! However, Fortunately for the waitress, it's not quite the same sword, but a replica: The Matza-Mune! It's sharp, but also edible and VERY good for you!

The Waitress screams as she tries to block the sword toss with her mop, which makes no sense but sure. We'll run with it. "Magus's army loved your cooking! It did half the work for them!!" The edible sword breaks in half and somehow broke the mop in half in the process. The Waitress charges at the cook with the remaining half in her hands. "WHY DON'T YOU EAT SOME YOURSELF AND SAVE ME A LIFETIME OF MISERY!!"
The two halves of the Matza-Mune fall into the crowd where a panda and a girl with pigtails both cheer and proceed to eat it. This is a weird fight...

The chef goes pale as she demands he eat his own cooking.... and so concerned he doesn't seem to notice her running in on him "You know not what horror you ask for....". He then gets a mophead to the face, blinding him from seeing her!
As he stumbles back, however, he throws off another of those lemons at her, hoping to get time to regain his bearings!

The resulting lemony-fresh explosion sends the Waitress flying backwards in a shower of green flames. With a screech she hits the ground - outside the stage. The resulting cry of agony sends a hushed murmer through the crowd.
Happosai leaps down from where he's remained hidden and peers over the edge of the stage. Taking a small paper fan out of his gi, he flicks it open and proclaims, "WINNER!! THE TRUCE INN COOK!!"
Tabitha stares blankly. "That.. was really weird.

The cook, for his part, still looks mortified by the suggestion of eating his own cooking, like it would end the multiverse or something... he then hears that he won! He gets a stern look, and looks into the crowd at his apprentice "NO soup for you!". he then pulls out a biiiiig pot from the other side of the stage, full of an unknown liquid with a strange smell "For everyone else, my SECRET SPECIALTY!". Anyone want any, feel free to get a bowl!
No idea what it might do to you, though!

Mei keeps perched on a big man. Her ears down as she sort of quietly half hides from the strange food and what not.

The chef sets up a stand near the fountain, and several of those gathered partake in soup.

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