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Munin Arshe
Full Name: Munin Arshe

Series: Original
Class: Scientist/Sorceress

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Female
Species: virus-modified Zealian
Age: 26
Birthdate: Forgotten
Height: 5'3
Weight: 130 lbs *approx*

Short Description:

Munin Arshe
Before you stands a young woman, somewhere in her mid- to late twenties. About 5'4 in height, 145 Lbs., with naturally tan skin, and a piercing, analytical gaze, causing her strikingly deep violet eyes to seem to bore into you. Black hair can be seen under the hood, although rarely in abundance, suggesting it is either tied back, or short. She's dressed in a purple silk shirt, which has definately seen better days, with a leather satchel at her waist, and brown leather pants. These are topped off by simple leather hiking boots. Adorning her shoulders is a violet silken drape with a hood, stitched with arcane patterns. She is also wearing plain leather gloves. Strapped to her theigh is a small holster with a pistol of some kind, set with a black gem, and two razor-sharp sickles hang from loops in her belt.
Munin Arshe
endgame shadow magic *as per Magus' spell list in CT*, custom illusion and misdirection spells *insubstantial images, sounds, and tricks of the light*, and lots of knowledge, particularly in past events, technology of the world setting, magic and the arcane, temporal mechanics, and infiltration and misdirection tactics. functional skill in melee with sickles or small light weapons, but easily defeated by someone with more focused training and experience in melee combat.

she dislikes making her presence known, and will use trickery, stealth, and guile wherever possible unless cornered, typicly attempting to pit those whos goals coincide with hers against those she opposes. rarely fights without reason, and even more rarely fights personally.

When she was brought to Twisted by Wesker, he injected her with a virus of unknown specification. Her vision is sharper, her reflexes slightly heightened, and her eyes have gained an occasional purple glow, similiar to his own red eye color. Where this will go and what this will grant are unwritten and are there for future plot potential.


A shadow practicioner of some ability, and former head of R&D at Zeals facilities leading up to the 'lavos incident', she was brought to 1000 AD via timegate. after discovering the outcome of the events 1000 years prior, and the circumstances of what she had REALLY been doing, she swore to defend the world and its timeline, and has been doing so ever since. However, her usually preferred methods she knows would do little to 'endear' her to the heroes like those who felled Lavos and the queen. As such, she has kept to the shadows, acting as an informant to those who already work to save the world from the flame.

For a time, however, she worked directly against this objective, as Magus, Zeal, and Lavos used powerful magics to control her mind. Using her formidable knowledge of illusion and misdirection, as well as gurilla tactics, she led their troops on many successful raids and attacks upon the heroes, and civilian populations. In the end, despite this, her life was spared upon her defeat, and Lavos and its allies were once again vanquished. She was nursed back to health by her sister, and she met Schala briefly upon the word of Zeal being still alive. After this, she nor her sister have been seen or heard from since......

While alone in the woods, for reasons as yet unknown, she was met by a strange man clad in black. He claimed to be from another dimension, and needed 'assistance'. He offered her power, which ment little to her, but simply his being there ment maybe she could learn ways to move through dimensions as well as time, to better offer aid where it might be needed. It may be a deal with the devil, but she felt it was worth the risk.

Wesker brought her to the newly reformed Twisted, and upon their arrival, injected her with an unknown substance. After this, they agreed to split up and collect information, and to meet up once more concrete data was discovered.


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