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Albert Wesker
Full Name: Albert Wesker

Series: Resident Evil

Threat Level: City Smasher
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Gender: Male
Species: Human?
Age: 37
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 182lbs.

Short Description: An intimidating man with blonde hair dressed in all black wearing a black leather trench coat and sunglasses.

Albert Wesker
Standing at just over six feet tall wearing all black with a leather trench coat, Albert Wesker tends to stand out in a crowd. When caught by the light all of his articles of clothing has a checker pattern embossed into them, a sign of the heat resistant clothing he wears at all times. Beneath his coat is concealed a gun harness into which he keeps his custom made Samurai Edge handgun holstered. A pair of spotless combat boots and leather gloves complete his wardrobe. While his appearance is striking, most find their eyes drawn to the sunglasses he tends to wear even in the darkest night. While this ensemble might make the average teenager look like just another trendy gothling, on Wesker it highlights his military service training with everything well maintained and in order. There is nothing he wears that doesn't give him an advantage of some type. Those who don't know him might think he's simply prepared for anything, but those who do know him realize that Albert Wesker is always ready for war. A war he intends to win.
Albert Wesker
Wesker holds genius-level intellect specializing in viral weaponry. His body has been augmented for superhuman strength and speed and can move faster than the human eye can follow. He is also well versed in police and military operations having previously served as head of the Raccoon City Special Tactics and Rescue Service. Luckily he prefers to stay in the shadows keeping his skills and abilities hidden behind the barrel of his custom 9mm Beretta 92F, the 'Samurai Edge'.

Samurai Edge


Created by Joe Kendo espcially for members of S.T.A.R.S., this modified semi automatic Berretta is standard issue, and each one is slightly customised for the officer they are issued to. The M92F is described by it's creator as "The most balanced of all the Kendo custom guns. ...if you miss your target with this, you should be carrying a teething ring in your holster instead of a gun."

This particular ambidextrous custom version of the 9mm Beretta 92F has been moddified to be chambered with the same 9mm cartridge as the standard issue Beretta 92F. Weighing in at 35 ounces unloaded, and featuring a magazine capacity of 13 rounds. Capable of double-action fire and producing a 2 inch grouping within 25 yards an no variation after 3,000 rounds. Also features an integrated Vertec style accessory rail on the bottom of the frame and a beavertail horn. The weapon has an optional silencer which can be installed directly into the barrel and a laser aiming module attached to the frame.


Wesker badge.png

Wesker, Albert. Approximate age 37. Originally hired as a research scientist for Umbrella Incorporated. Partly responsible for the creation of the T-Veronica Virus. Creator of the biological weapon code named Tyrant. Due to genetic manipulation was given abnormal abilities including heightened senses and 'superhuman' agility. Eventually became the leader of the Raccoon City Police Department's special S.T.A.R.S. unit, and was there during the outbreak at the Arklay Mansion which led to the eventual destruction of Raccoon City.

How long Wesker has been around on Twisted is currently unknown. In the pre-unification days he found himself there shortly before he could go through his plan to unleash the Uroboros virus that would originally lead to his downfall. Upon arriving on Twisted he immediately began researching everything he could, including himself, only to discover that this world originally viewed him as a fictional character. Learning from his own mistakes he took all the data he could collect on himself and used it to begin a new series of plans.

This was made far simpler when he discovered a version of the Arklay Mansion intact, located outside of the ruins of Mabase. For a time he resumed his research there while monitoring and collecting every piece of public knowledge about Twisted and the people who lived there. When the unification occurred, Wesker was one of the few people to not only see it coming, but devise a plan to keep himself from becoming part of the new timeline.

Finding an ally in a Chronos native named Munin, Wesker has returned to this new Twisted eager to find a way to use his knowledge for his own personal gains.

Medical Mechanica

Albert Wesker has devoted a large portion of his time and effort to uncovering the secret of Medical Mechanica. In his own world the company was a longstanding rival to the Umbrella Corporation, offering similar services throughout the world. Just as little was known about them there as there is here on Twisted.

As the company seems to be multi-dimensional as well as multi-national, Wesker is determined to discover their goals...


Subject 190210
Alias: Albert McDoodyhead

Doodyhead is a stinky, stinky little man who likes to spend his time in dark basements and brooding to himself for reasons unknown. Once offered him a snowcone and he smacked it to the ground. WARNING: HATES SNACKS AND HAVING A GOOD TIME!

One day, Doodyhead will be placed in a dress and forced to dance in public for all to see. Possibly needs to GET A LIFE. Oh, oh. And makes zombies. He's a bad man, that McDoodyhead.

~Captain Smart-man, aka Admiral Freakazoid the First!

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