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"All technologies including those of the micro-universal storage system are a registered trademark of Medical Mechanica. "Medical Mechanica, protecting your secrets, your family, and your lives!" If you would like to enquire about these or other fine Medical Mechanica technologies a registered notification to our enquries department is available for a nominal fee..."

Medical Mechanica
Available Exits

Medical Mechanica is something of a mystery on Twisted both before and after the Unification. What is known is that their local base of operations rests on the shores of Lake Emepherea in the form of a giant iron-shaped building which randomly produces steam at odd hours. The building has a hallway which goes around its base with no doors into the interior. Randomly a representative of MM will make an appearance to talk about how the company is helping people somehow, or to speak of a new innovation, but beyond that there is nothing.

Recently it was discovered that Medical Mechanica owns the Integra's Arms Apartments and seems to have at least one or more of its staff as a robot similar in design to Gegoshi, only much simpler.

Grid Descriptions

Medical Mechanica (#4111R)

Crossing the lake via the bridge brings you to the beach on the opposite side. Well, the 'beach' ends rather swiftly, leading into soft, warm grass. Upon the hill, a good three or four miles away is a giant iron-shaped building, sunlight reflecting off the polished surface. Once in a blue moon, it sprays out a long jet of black steam, momentarily tarnishing the sky. Curiously, the building doesn't seem to have any doors or windows - making it seem more like a sculpture than a headquarters. People do work here, right?

Mabase Road (#3174R)

Running along the far side of the Medical Mechanica building is a quaint little horseshoe road called Mabase, named after the original name of the now missing section of Twisted. Here several elaborately decorated, but still quite identical, houses are built around the street. Each one features a gated yard and the MM emblem on the doors and mailboxes. This would be a really nice place to live, if there was some other way to get here...

Known Employees


Even less was known about Medical Mechanica before the Unification. The building was only accessible by a hidden road in the Mabase city ruins, and many of the buildings in and around Twisted where branded with the MM logo.

Medical Mechanica
Employees Debbie  •  Juno Tanaka  •  Leena
Properties Integra's Arms Apartments  •  Nowhereto Park
The City of Twisted
Locations Another Way  •  Cemetary Lane  •  One Way  •  Park Road  •  Plowse Bridge  •  The Twisted Street  •  Wastelands  •  Zeku-Kari Beach
Buildings 24*7  •  Integra's Arms Apartments  •  Nowhereto Park  •  Peaceful Glade Cemetary  •  TASK Building  •  TASK Courtyard  •  The Usual Restaurant  •  Twisted Public Library
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