Bishop 3.2

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Bishop 3.2
Full Name: Bishop 3.2 (BISH-uhp)

Series: Original
Class: Plot Device
Threat Level: Planet Breaker
Alignment: Undetermined
Gender: Male
Species: Synth
Age: Unknown
Birthdate: Unknown
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable

Short Description: An extremely powerful AI Synth tasked with maintaining Twisted. Bishop's exterior resembles the merger of a mechanical woman and an angel with a slight demonic influence.

Bishop 3.2
Created to embody the physical traits of the former rulers of Twisted, Bishop appears to be a tall angelic woman merged with technology and a demonic presence. However when speaking the illusion is shattered coming across more as a man trying to sound feminine. Generally Bishop ignores the concept of gender but typically assigns themselves the gender of male despite no physical evidence on the contrary. When asked he references an old quite from a famous general with the response, "Male...female.....what's the difference? Power is beautiful, and I am powerful."

Bishop has a white feathery wing on his right and a sleek metal mechanical wing on his left. His hair is partially pulled back into a bun on the right and left long and flowing on the left. His body seems flawlessly stitched together between a beautiful human form and a corrupted demonic one in patches as opposed to a clean left and right split. Over this he wears a flowing blue dress that resembles the robes of a mystic inlaid with gold trim in intricate designs. While there is a long sleeve on her right arm, her left one is bare save for a pair of gold bracelets. Most interestingly her left palm has an eye pulsating inside of it, but this is easily missed as she generally keeps her hands in fists. Behind his head floats a series of halos which rotate around at all times each with at a different speed and direction.

Bishop 3.2
While Bishop is currently tasked with maintaining stability on Twisted (which includes everything from gravity, the illusion of day and night, to the generation of electricity), he also has several abilities of his own. Like his predecessor he can manipulate his appearance to better suit a situation (not that he chooses to generally). He can do massive mathematical computations on the spot without taxing himself too heavily (for example he could probably determine the exact orbit of all planetary bodies in a solar system including the speed, trajectory, and weight of all objects in the system without much pause). He can additionally generate an insane amount of electricity wirelessly which is how he keeps power running in Mabase.

Furthermore he is very talented at crocheting.

Bishop 3.2-icon.gif



    Bishop 3.2 arrived on Twisted shortly after Lady Setsuna forged a new Council following the casting out of Señor Diablo for control over the cities. Bishop's purpose was described as to allow the synth Gegoshi 3.0 to further study her newfound freedom and change of status from a belonging to a person. All control over the operation and stability of the world of Twisted was transferred over to Bishop who then began to act as Setsuna's second.

    Over the next year Bishop 3.2 undertook many renovations and upgrades across the cities of Twisted and Neo-Edo. During this time Lady Setsuna became more withdrawn, eventually deciding to avoid all public appearances. Bishop eventually became the defacto controlling entity for Twisted deciding to disband the Council after the majority of it's members stepped down. It was shortly after this that Bishop raised the structure located beneath the bay to use as a base of operations for himself.

    As a result of the disbanding of the Council, TASK was also retooled to become a proper police force. During the deconstruction of the TASK Building it was discovered that Señor Diablo and Gegoshi had somehow pulled all of the dimensional portals to this one central location and by taking down the building the forces keeping those portals where released. The end result shattered the Twisted Street and destroyed most of the world of Twisted. Bishop 3.2 managed to create a new city from the ruins which was dubbed the City of Mabase.


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