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The center of operations for TASK. Currently under renovation and reorganization under it's new director, Rayne Hurris.

TASK Building
Available Exits

Grid Descriptions

TASK Building - Entrance(#3012R)
Opening up the large double doors of the TASK Building reveals a long, straight, hallway connecting to the lobby deep within the tower. Surely there's some reason the lobby is in the center of the building, right? At regular intervals along the walls of this hallway, doors can be seen. Trying to open them is futile - they don't even seem to be real. None the less when needed these doors actually are real but they only open for specific people. As some kind of guide colored lines decorate the walls leading to one door or another. This would be more useful if there was anything explaining what these lines where for...

TASK Building - Lobby
In a round room at the heart of the building a rather plain receptionist desk sits atop a highly polished black marble floor. The walls of the room stretch higher than they should, high enough that it's hard to tell exactly where the lights in the ceiling are. Along the walls small windows seem to hover in the air, each one showing various places on a multitude of different worlds. It's hard to judge how many there actually are as they keep shifting position but somehow avoid blocking any of the necessary doorways. Weirder still these 'windows' aren't backlit making it very hard to view some of them. Clearly no expense was spared with this design...

The exterior of the TASK Building is kept on a different page and can be accessed from the TASK Courtyard page.

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