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Following Twisted Street West will eventually lead a traveler to an area known as the Wastelands.


According to the New Unified History of Twisted the Wastelands where created when hordes of undead creatures where banished to another plane of existence by Twisted's original Council taking with them miles of the city and many of its innocent people. Bordering between the chaos that surrounds the planet and the influence of Gegoshi's stabilization, the Wastelands are a dumping ground of random bits of connected worlds which flicker between realities creating a harsh environment that eventually crushes those structures to dust. As such very few things exist in the Wastelands which can be considered landmarks. For this reason powerful spells where cast which eventually deposit anyone unlucky enough to get lost in them back onto Twisted Street.

One such landmark is a tree which exists in an area of the Wastelands nicknamed "Insanity". The tree is an nearly exact replica of the cherry tree that rests upon the hill of the Peaceful Glade Cemetary made entirely out of barbed wire. Approaching the sculpture will cause it to come to life, lashing out at anyone nearby. This 'tree' was created to mark and guard the connection point between the Wastelands and the world where that portion of Twisted was banished to. A world the natives refer to as Hell.

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