One Way

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One Way
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Available Exits

Grid Description

The Twisted Street - One Way(#1856RL)
Traveling East from the center of Twisted brings you towards Plowse Bridge which extends off towards the city of Neo-Edo. Here, at this last edge of what was once called the City of Twisted you find one of the few remaining businesses not fully anchored to Twisted, the 24*7. Behind it leads a winding dirt path which goes down to Zeku-Kari beach along the shore. Across the street, and vastly more important than the convenience store, is a large open courtyard where rests the monolithic TASK building stretching up into the heavens. Why isn't that the first thing you see here? Well, for some strange reason your eyes don't seem to want to focus on the building unless you're looking right at it. Something about it isn't right and seems slightly out of phase with the rest of Twisted...

Until it was cleared at the end of UT year 1, Plowse Bridge to the East was covered in a dense, thick fog. Trying to pass through was a futile effort; one just seemed to get lost and double back.

The City of Twisted
Locations Another Way  •  Cemetary Lane  •  Park Road  •  Plowse Bridge  •  The Twisted Street  •  Wastelands
Buildings Mabase Medical Clinic  •  TASK Building  •  TASK Courtyard  •  The Usual Restaurant
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