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Simplified Map of Twisted City

Twisted City is a large expanse of buildings, streets, and houses. However to conserve space we only have specific locations actually enter-able on the grid. This map represents only what is physically accessible on the game's grid itself. If a location does not exist but is featured or mentioned in enough scenes we'll try to get it added to the grid in the most appropriate location.

Please click on a section of the map to learn more about that area.

BLANK.png Woods-West.png Cemetary Lane.png Woods-East.png BLANK.png
Wastelands-North.png West of School.png Park Road.png TASK.png Dense Fog-North.png
Wastelands.png Another Way.png Twisted Street.png One Way.png Dense Fog.png
Wastelands-South.png Twisted-SouthWest.png Twisted-SouthEast.png Zeku-Kari Beach.png Dense Fog-South.png

For information about Twisted's neighboring city, please visit the page for Neo-Edo.

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