Park Road

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Park Road
Park Road.png
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Grid Description

Park Road
Stretching out from Twisted Street to the North is a long straight road lined with cherry blossom trees known as Park Road. It is along this street that the remaining government center of Twisted struggles to be stabilized. Along the road is the main Council building, Twisted's library, and Nowhereto Park which exists in its own bubble of reality behind a wall of fog. As one proceeds away from Twisted Street the skies seem to darken on their own as you approach Cemetary Lane at the end of the road. Occasionally short lived portals appear in the skies here like flowing tendrils that deposit random travelers and in rare instances pre-packaged snack cakes.

The City of Twisted
Locations Another Way  •  Cemetary Lane  •  One Way  •  Plowse Bridge  •  The Twisted Street  •  Wastelands
Buildings Mabase Medical Clinic  •  TASK Building  •  TASK Courtyard  •  The Usual Restaurant
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