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Park Road

Recently separated into two halves (north and south) Park road was intended to be the governmental center of Twisted City. The construction of what is now called Park Road South was halted and many of the landmarks were ignored until remodeling began anew recently. It is best known for Kohoku Public Academy, and of course Nowhereto Park.

Park Road North (#2091RLA)

A smooth, carefully maintained path rolls out before you, cherry-blossom trees lining the way. The gates of Kohoku Academy break through the parade of colors, with the pleasant expanse of the park lying across from them.

The northern portion of Park Road consists of the Kohoku Public Academy and Nowhereto Park, connecting eventually to Cemetary Lane.

Park Road South

The southern section of Park Road is densely populated with the buildings clustered around the center of Twisted City. These buildings of course begin to thin as you head north towards the school. Here is located the Twisted Public Library and the Nanukakan Hospital (which is currently closed for remodeling). Across the cherry-blossom tree lined street is a halted construction project to build a new road towards the TASK Building.

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