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Twisted Street - Another Way(#1831R)

Following the Twisted Street past the random houses to the west of the center leads you to a small shopping district just on the edge of the wastelands. For those that know their history, the wastelands where once a major part of the city of Twisted before the entire area (and its people) where lost during one of the last big conflicts. Neighboring on that edge has left the properties here cheap and some of the establishments have been known to change hands frequently.

The most notable businesses here are Ray's Occult Books, the Coffee of Doom, and Eat or Die (an automated restaurant). All of them look a bit run down on the outside and don't see a lot of traffic, but who can really blame them? Not many would want to visit the edge of that constant chaos consuming the rest of the Twisted Street just past the barrier protecting the town.

Running alongside Eat or Die is a small road that leads to the Twisted branch of S-Mart, or at least the parking lot as the retail store is quite a bit behind the shopping district and up on a hill as if to draw attention to it.

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