Another Way

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Another Way
Another Way.png
Available Exits

Grid Description

Twisted Street - Another Way(#1831R)
Following the Twisted Street past the random houses to the west of the center leads you to what was once a small shopping district just on the edge of the wastelands. As the barrier keeping the City of Twisted was removed, chaos flooded forth from the Wastelands. Crumbling remains of buildings, with the occasional stubborn homeless living inside them, litter both sides of the street. As you get further away from stability the buildings give way to rows of doors jutting out of the ground as if trying to break free. From here continuing into the Wastelands is obviously a bad idea. Proceed there at your own risk.

The City of Twisted
Locations Cemetary Lane  •  One Way  •  Park Road  •  Plowse Bridge  •  The Twisted Street  •  Wastelands
Buildings Mabase Medical Clinic  •  TASK Building  •  TASK Courtyard  •  The Usual Restaurant
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