TASK Courtyard

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TASK Courtyard
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Available Exits

The TASK Building is where random worlds are connected to Twisted when stable portals are discovered. A list of some of these can be found on the connected worlds page. For the interior of the TASK Building, please see the TASK Building page.

TASK Building - Southern Courtyard(#4328R)
Extending northward from the Twisted Street is an unnaturally quiet courtyard surrounded by dense trees. Bisecting the courtyard is a long walkway with several stone archways built at even intervals which direct you to the only real thing of interest here, despite you needing to look directly at it to see it...

Stretching upwards into the sky is the ridiculously tall TASK building. The building itself is a massive cylindrical tower with stairs starting at its entrance and winding upwards along the outside as far as the eye can see. Every few feet along the outside stairs is a new gateway, a swirling vortex built into an archway with an old, iron-looking gate locked open above it. Occasionally one of the heavy gates might be pulled down and the gateway locked with a glowing red symbol over the door signifying its status as part of a lock system only a select few understand.

The courtyard, and the building itself, is generally bustling with activity as civilians and officers seem to always be coming or going for various important reasons. Perhaps that's why sound doesn't travel very far? Without the dampening effect in the air the area would be a loud and chaotic mess. That doesn't quite explain why the building is so hard to look at however.

Astral Only Description
If you have the ability to see into the astral plane, what you see will very nearly knock you off your feet. The ground here is literally smashed open. Reality bleeds behind the cracks. The building itself is a living spire, wrapped in tendrils as multiple co-existing worlds are locked and bound to this one location. The skies themselves are in constant turmoil. This isn't an example of stability... this is an open wound on the very fabric of existence! The wind here whips around in a thunderous scream of worlds twisted and warped into a central location.

What's more a powerful energy can be felt rippling out of the main doorway of the TASK building. Whatever has been done here must have had a terrible price to pay to make it happen...

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