Mabase Medical Clinic

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Mabase Medical Clinic
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The Mabase Medical Clinic

Formerly known as the Twisted Wellness Center, the Medical Clinic was relocated into the Mabase City Courthouse in 4UT. Here doctors and nurses are on call 24/7 to help out patients in need. Medical Mechanica attempted to open up a fully automated hospital to compete with the Medical Clinic but was eventually shut down due to a lack of serious life threatening issues. For now the Clinic seems to be enough to handle the needs of the city. Now that a doctor from the 23rd century has taken residence, Alexander Rebane, bringing with him his equipment and knowledge, there has been even less need for a fully dedicated hospital.

Current Medical Staff

Grid Description

Mabase Medical Clinic(#5455RA)
A large medical clinic that takes up an entire side of the 3rd floor. There are two doors here byond the one that leads to the main hallway. One leads to a surgery room and the other to a recovery room. Next to the surgery room is a red light that is lit when the room is being occupied. Here in the main room is a medical table next to a cart covered with various instruments used in examinations. At the rear of the room is a large desk where the resident doctor does his paperwork and addresses potential patients as they come in. Normally there would be a reception area here but the desk is on backorder so no one has bothered to partition the room yet.

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Previous Grid Description

Twisted Wellness Center (#2678R)
The Wellness Center, named as such to try and banish the thought that doctors - and general healthcare - are painful or uncomfortable things. It's a small, single-level building, windows decorating the outer wall in each room. Outside the front doors are small gardens, growing what looks like herbs. Some are colorful and most are foreign. New ways of beating sickness await you!

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