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Johann van Windhoek
Full Name: Johann van Windhoek (Yo-hahn van Vint-hook)
Alias: Jan (pronounced "Yuhn")

Occupation: Head Doctor at the Twisted Clinic
Series: Team Fortress 2 AU

Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Short Description: A kindly medic of German descent.


Johann van Windhoek
Age: ~40 Birthdate: Sometime in the 1920s
Height: 6'1" Weight: 133 lbs

Johann van Windhoek, or Jan to his friends, appears as an adult caucasian male in his early forties, physically fit and healthy with reasonable grooming. He has chocolate hair and blue eyes, and a seemingly permanent, welcoming smile. His hair is cut short and seems to be receding at his forehead, the rest of it combed to one side, and it is noticeably graying at the edges. He has a large forehead, high cheekbones, and a prominent chin. On his head, he wears a dark gray beret with the shield insignia of the United States Army's 1st Special Forces Group displayed on the front, though in his world it seems to be more of a mercenary insignia. He can also be typically found wearing a pair of spectacles to aid his failing eyesight, and smoking an old-fashioned pipe when not busy in the operating room.

Johann also wears a light blue labcoat with prominent lapels and a large cowl-like collar, using golden trim and a pair of similarly colored epaulettes to show his station as head medic of the Teufort General Hospital. Under this is a white waistcoat with golden buttons, which is in turn worn over a darker blue undershirt. Around the upper arm portion of his labcoat's sleeves, he wears a pair of navy blue armbands with patches that show the red cross symbol of his profession, and over his hands are a pair of rubber gloves of the same color. At the side of his waist, he wears a gray satchel that he uses to store anesthetics, syringes, and other small, portable medical items, with a clipboard attached to the satchel for taking field notes. His legs are covered by a pair of dark blue pants, which are tucked into a pair of black combat boots.

What one might also notice is the unusual device strapped to his right arm. It is a small, gray metal box attached to his arm with three vials of some unknown liquid inserted into it; one purple, one blue, and one green. From the upper end, a tube emerges and connects to a circular piece of metal attached to his upper arm, over the insignia on his armband. On his back is a metal backpack, painted with the same cross insignia, which has two tanks of mysterious purpose attached to either side. It's unknown how, exactly, this device works, but it and the backpack give him several extraordinary abilities that aid him in his chosen profession.


Johann strictly follows the Hippocratic Oath, meaning he will never intentionally bring harm to another living being, and will always attempt to render aid to anyone who needs it, even if he knows them to be an enemy.

Johann van Windhoek
Despite being of German descent, Johann was born and raised in Windhoek, the capital of the Republic of Namibia in South Africa. He proved exceptionally brilliant in school and received top marks in the medical and engineering classes at the University of Cape Town. After receiving doctorates in Medical Science and Engineering, he moved to America, where he believed he could put his skills to good use. Soon after his arrival, he was called to Teufort General Hospital, located somewhere in the Midwestern United States, where he helped deal with the quickly rising mercenary casualties caused by the Gravel Wars and, more recently, the conflicts over the rare and immeasurably valuable metal called Australium. Within a year of his arrival, his status was elevated to head doctor.

After some time, he ended up getting involved directly in the ongoing war between Cyborneer and CyborSpy. It started with his attempting to revive a wounded Soldier Drone, and then he was drawn further in when he responded to a distress call from a kung fu temple, where he saved the Drunk Monk from death following a disastrous attempt to defend the temple from CyborMedic. Later, his position as the unofficial field medic of Cyborneer's team was established when he was brought to the hideout of a former Hazardous Environment Combat Unit (HECU) agent, codename Major Scout Guy, to heal his wounds. At some point after, he found himself transported to Twisted, where he continues his work healing anyone in need, regardless of social status or affiliation.

Johann is a kindhearted man who has wanted to help others since his childhood, and found a way to do so through medicine. He believes strongly in the Hippocratic Oath and thus has taken up a policy of total pacifism, refusing to cause anyone harm even in self defense. He is notably distrusting and even somewhat hateful toward doctors who violate the oath to do no harm, but regrets that he cannot do anything except heal those they hurt. Despite his brilliance and knowing the risks, he will often go out into the battlefield to render medical assistance to wounded warriors, even if he knows them to be hostile. This, more than anything, is his greatest fault, but one that he will forever refuse to change.

Back in his home world, Johann had a small team of medics studying under him. Although similarly intelligent and skilled in their own right, they had difficulties working as a team and had a tendency to argue with one another, and at least one was overly cynical and tried to give up on most patients. Despite being frequently disappointed by them, Johann still had hope that they would one day be the best medics Teufort ever saw. He still holds that hope, but now applies it to whoever chooses to come to him for training on Twisted, while trying not to think of how badly his students are probably screwing up without him.


Johann van Windhoek
Johann is a highly intelligent man with doctorates in Medical Science and Engineering, which he used to build the device he wears on his arm (more details on that in a bit). He is fully trained for medical work, particularly surgery, and has all the knowledge and skills that come with it. He is also quite handy with advanced machinery, though not to the same extent as a dedicated engineer, and can create devices with useful (non-lethal) effects from time to time, if given prior notice of their necessity and time to prepare and gather the resources he needs to build them.

The device on Johann's arm is essentially a compact version of the standard medigun used by most medics employed by Mann Co. Despite its relatively small size, the beam it generates can still greatly acclerate the natural healing process of the body, even allowing it to perform otherwise impossible feats of recovery, such as from disembowelment or dismemberment, if all the necessary body parts are present and in place, and the patient has not suffered brain death or cessation of circulatory and respiratory functions. In fact, it is actually more powerful than standard in this regard, though it lacks the ability to utilize the standard medigun's Ubercharge effect, and prevents Johann from using other mediguns.

The arm-mounted medigun also has a number of defensive powers to help Johann survive encounters with hostile elements. The first among these is a telekinetic stun, which can stop an aggressor in place as long as Johann is able to focus on them, and will last for up to two seconds of waning power after he breaks his focus. The stun does not stop the target's metabolic functions or prevent them from thinking, speaking, or making minor gestures; it only binds their limbs so that they cannot move from one spot or take hostile (physical) action. Those of psychic inclination, or capable of magic that does not require grandiose gestures, are still perfectly capable of using those powers while stunned, and most dedicated telekinesis users can override Johann's fairly easily. The stun also drains energy from Johann's medigun very quickly, especially against exceptionally strong targets, and thus has a maximum holding time of approximately six seconds before it runs out entirely. The second defensive feature is a simple flash of extremely bright light, which is used to blind aggressors who are not protected against it, such as by wearing high quality sunglasses or simply lacking eyes to begin with.

The medigun's third feature is an energy shield, which can be deployed up to about twenty feet in diameter, and is able to stop most projectiles (bullets, weak energy blasts) that make contact with it. If a larger mass makes contact, such as a rocket or charging enemy, it causes molecular destabilization as they pass through it, which can have very harmful effects on living beings with prolonged contact (something Johann himself will actively stop if it happens, which can be taken advantage of if one knows of his adherence to the Hippocratic Oath). The shield consumes a lot of energy, and will disappear on its own after about five seconds of continual use.

Finally, the last and arguably most potent ability of his medigun is the "blink" effect. Johann can point to any location within his line of sight and instantaneously teleport to that spot, which he usually uses to escape from patients who suddenly turn hostile. He can also use this ability to pass through walls and doors, but this is a risky maneuver if he doesn't know exactly what's on the other side. He might end up in a more dangerous situation than what he left behind, or worse yet, accidentally splice his molecules with something in the same spot as his "exit" point. In the latter case, the best he can hope for is that it will simply complicate his recovery, instead of being instantly fatal.

Also, because of his multicultural upbringing, Johann is fluent in three languages: English, German, and Afrikaans.

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