Truce Fountain

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Truce Fountain
Truce Fountain Courtyard.PNG
Available Exits

Directly in the center of Mabase is the Truce Fountain. The specifics of it's name and creation are a bit of a mystery.

The first thing people generally see on Twisted is the Truce Fountain. It's assumed that Bishop 3.2 had a hand in it's creation as it was the first structure created on Mabase. However much like the Usual Restaurant and the Twisted Street before them it's age is significantly older. What is known is that the fountain is covered in elaborate and intricate runes in a dead language that no one can confess to even begin to know where to begin translating it. Yet, Twisted natives who see it seem to share an automatic shared reaction when asked about it and blurt out the name 'Truce Fountain' without thinking. The cause of this is still under investigation.

Grid Description

Truce Fountain Courtyard(#5203R)
In the midst of typical streets, and flanked by relatively 'modern' buildings, is a small courtyard built around an impressive fountain. Intricate runes dot the base of the cement monolith, though few can guess at what purpose these might serve. At the apex, three layers of cascading water beg for one's attention, the sparkling diffraction of light through their downfall akin to the twinkle of stars in a clear night sky. The fountain's age is indeterminate, but it certainly appears clean, bright, and cared-for.

To the northeast, the slight high rise of the Integra's Arms Apartments is apparent, and eastward there's a larger, mysterious structure that may pique one's interest.

To the northwest is a vast, cubic building proudly emblazoned, 'POLICE'. Between this and the sidewalk is a sprawling, gated parking lot, where a variety of vehicles are parked at all hours. A guard's station and boom barrier prevent - or, at least, discourage - unauthorized access to the precinct.

Unedited Original Grid Description

A bright light sweeps past your face as you make your way into the area. Truly, you must have found your way into a heavenly chorus o-*HONK*, no. That was just a headlight and that person flipping you off out the window of the car rolling by was DEFINITELY not an angel. ... Or, if it was, it's not a very kind one.

Ok, now that you can see again, let's try describing the area once more...
There really aren't a ton of cars on the road. The streets are paved with a typical concrete mixture. The roads DO have regulation stoplights and the cityscape is dotted with relatively 'modern' buildings...but there's a quaint feeling of a mix of technologies here. It's what comes of such a mixed group! The average shmoe walking the streets can range from something quite human all the way to something that may or may not even BE there. That's no reason to be staring though! Ruuuude.

The fountain itself is not overly sized but it manages to take center stage. A few intricate runes seem to dot the cement infrastructure of the base but most around don't seem to know what, if anything, they might mean. It's hard to tell how old the fountain actually IS from looking at looks clean and bright and cared for! 3 layers of cascading water draw your attention for an undetermined length of time, the sparkling difraction of light passing through the falling streams akin to the twinkle of a rural night sky. out for the bicycle! Eh, don't mind that jerk. They were on the wrong side of the street. That snaps you from your temporary hypnosis enough to assess the surrounding area.

To the north-east of you, you'll notice the slight high rise of the Integra Inn Apartments. That's right, it's an inn...where ALL adventures begin!...but it's also an apartment. In case you don't have enough beer on hand for the adventure. Makes it easy to go grab a 6 pack before you start, etc... To the east, it's a bit tougher to tell what exactly one is looking at. It *might* be a place of battle...or they might be selling refurbished Chocobos. It's a little hard to say from here! To the due NW is the most impressive structure thus far. Imposed between you, the sidewalk and a laaaarge cubic building with a 'Police' sign on a large, gated parking lot. A large proportion of Twisted's vehicles are parked here, utilized by local authorities. The entrance is blocked by a swinging bar that can be raised by the guard. You'll need to have the right access card, the right ID or to be issued a visitor pass beforehand to get a vehicle in. There is also a main walkway into the station that's visible from the street.

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