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Originating from the film Ghostbusters 2, Ray's Occult Books is your one stop shop for anything book-related you might need to find on Twisted, or at least that's what Ray will tell you. Unlike most of the city, Ray won't let just anyone work here - you have to be approved first.

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Ray's Occult Books is open until 7:00 P.M. on weekdays, midnight on Saturdays

Grid Description

Ray's Occult Books (2746R)

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Walking in the door you are immediately assaulted by the smell of stale patchouli oil and incense. Is this the smell of knowledge? Ray's Occult is a densely cluttered second hand bookstore with stacks of books anywhere there isn't room to place them nicely on shelves. A glass display case makes up the counter which the register rests upon. Inside the case are random "cursed" objects (which look suspiciously like things bought in a yard sale) mixed in between old 1980's Ghostbusters memorabilia.

The view of the street outside is obscured by several rotating racks of comic books lined up in front of the window. No human would order comic books like this. Titles featuring most of the citizens of Twisted are the most prominent including everything from Batman to Gundam with a few indie titles like I Feel Sick in the mix. Either someone is deliberately ordering these books from somewhere because of who's who on Twisted, or Ray's Occult just has the most ironic random collection ever.

Speaking of obscured, in the back of the room behind a wall-mounted television, is a dusty and hard to read sign that states "Any book can be purchased here. Challenge us!"

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