S-Mart Parking Lot

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S-Mart Parking Lot
S-Mart Parking Lot.PNG
Available Exits
View of the parking lot from the Simplified Map of Mabase.

Grid Description

S-Mart Parking Lot(#3072R)
There's not a lot to be said about the S-Mart parking lot. Like all department stores it's larger than it needs to be, and there are more cars parked here than anyone ever sees coming and going. At night, a lone security guard patrols around in an S-Mart-branded golf cart. The place is built on a hill, so the view of Mabase is pretty nice, especially at night - save for the forbidding void full of shattered rock to the west.

An ugly eyesore of a trailer sits badly parked off to the side of the parking lot hooked up to a faded yellow '73 Delta 88. Both the car and the trailer are covered in new and expired parking tickets since it's taking up valuable space close to the building and at least one handicap spot. It would probably have been towed by now if it hadn't been there since the store first opened.

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