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Eat or Die is a restaurant taken from the I Feel Sick series by Jhonen Vasquez. As most of his creations seem interconnected in some way, this facility only serves drinks from the JtHM/Invader Zim universe. The restaurant is fully automated, allowing it to be run 24/7.

Eat or Die
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Available Exits

Of the more outlandish places to eat, this is certainty one of the most unique. The theme of the restaurant is meant to be coldhearted, much like stepping into an automated factory. Orders are taken and food is prepared without a hint of human interaction. Yet, despite the lack of soulful beings the place is popular and has quickly become well known for it's flavorful Chinese food. When you want to eat out but don't want to deal with the disgusting meat-sacks who surround you, this is the place to go. Sponsored in part by the Poop Cola Company.

Grid Description

Eat or DIE(#2079R)

Formerly known as Eat or Don't, this fully automated 24-hour Chinese restaurant changed its name to simplify the choice and invite more customers. The room is a very cold, unfriendly sort of place where the DIE theme seems to run a bit too rampant...

The room is full of tables with small electronic boxes on them for you to place your order with a simple button press. Before you ask to see the drink list, this place only serves Poop brand cola. Poop, Diet Poop, Dr Poop, Cherry Poop, etc. How 'bout a nice bottle of Poop?

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