Twisted Public Library

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Twisted Public Library
Available Exits

Grid Descriptions

Twisted Public Library - Foyer(#5093R)

Stepping in from Park Road, you are promptly greeted to the smell of old books and a large desk set between two staircases which lead up to the second floor. The lobby around you has a few chairs set up in circles for reading to children. Not that anyone has tried to do this in quite a while. Everything seems to be covered in a thin layer of dust. Behind the desk is a locked door leading to a private area only accessible on the first floor. Strange.

Twisted Public Library - Main(#4256R)

Climbing the stairs brings you to a largish room full of various books, many of them out of date. You'd think someone would have gotten some new books by now. The variety is impressive, however as most of the books where generously donated by visitors of Twisted. Between rows of shelves are large stained glass windows letting in light from outside. Once upon a time this building was clearly loved. Maybe the blame should be on the internet?

Speaking of, there's a single information kiosk set up in the middle of the stairs that's connected to Gegoshi. You think there'd be a row of computers or something instead.

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