Happy's Eight Treasures

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Because Happosai is a shrewd businessman, he's managed to get a gentleman's club built in his name. However, because he's a lecherous old pervert he's banned from his own establishment. Oh well.

Happy's Eight Treasures
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Happy's Eight Treasures

As an establishment it's own owner was banned from on opening day, the Eight Treasures has had a long standing reputation as being one of the dingiest dives in the whole of the Red Light District. At least of the ones that have survived there. Known as the primary location for Twisted's black market dealings until recently when management was wrestled away from the careless goon who kept it running in Happy's absence and given to Lucifer Morningstar. Lucifer, an experienced businessman who was responsible for the successful nightclub Lux in Los Angeles, has taken the struggling business under his wing and has been making strides towards the betterment of the conditions for both the customers and the staff.

Grid Description

Happy's Eight Treasures - Stage room and Bar(#3043RV)
After getting past the martial-arts bouncers the first thing you're confronted with is the sheer number of lights around, shining down on the stage and flickering around the many tables surrounding it. There's poles everywhere with the dancers for the evening, personal service and even meals the size of banquets (But who eats, really? Oh- The Ranma cast!). Only place that isn't heavily lighted is the mahogany bar stretching out where there are stools and waiters, female of course, serving customers. In one part of the room there's a big golden statue of an elderly man, looking quite compact, with balding head and a gi on. Seems to be holding a giant sack of something over his shoulder that's crafted to be empty with a sign stating 'Tips!' on it. There's doors to other rooms, probably for private shows, bathrooms, changing and manager room upstairs and such.

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