Cemetery Lane

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Cemetery Lane
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Cemetery Lane

Possibly a reconfiguration of the old and miss-spelled Cemetary Lane, Cemetery Lane is a long stretch of road running along the Northern-most area of Mabase, surrounded on both sides by tall trees and the occasional small buildings. To the North is the massive Peaceful Glade Cemetery at the base of what's left of the Arklay Mountains which used to run proudly to the North of Twisted City before the shattering of Twisted Street.

Grid Description

Cemetery Lane(#5231R)
Sparse foliage clings tightly to the edges of the sidewalk here, as Cemetery Lane arrows northward toward its namesake. Though traffic is technically allowed through, few visit the graveyard or live in the neighboring buildings, and the road itself is poorly-maintained.

Approximately halfway down, a gap on the east side connects to a larger thoroughfare.

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