Road To Nowhere

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Road To Nowhere
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Grid Description

The Road to Nowhere(#5245R)
The farther one journeys down this road, the more broken and miserable it seems. Eventually, there's no real road to speak of, the only trees in sight are bone-dry husks, and every building looks neglected or derelict, except perhaps one; a gaudy tin diner, slumped on the edge of a dusty lot dotted with rusting vehicles.

At road's end, the remains of its demise seem to have been cobbled loosely together into a highly suspect bridge, which arcs up into the almost literal nothing between one floating hunk of rock and the next. Leading from Twisted City to... Nowhere? Yeah, that feels right. This is fine.

The City of Mabase
Locations Adachi Boulevard  •  Cemetery Lane  •  Cemetery Lane and Nowhere Road  •  Fukuoka Court North  •  Fukuoka Court South  •  Higashi Ayase Street  •  Mabase Drive  •  Mabase Gardens  •  Nowhereto Park  •  Park Avenue  •  Peaceful Glade Cemetery  •  Plowse Bridge  •  Red Light District  •  S-Mart Parking Lot  •  The Twisted Street  •  Truce Fountain  •  Twisted St. and Fukuoka Ct.  •  Twisted St. and Mabase Dr.  •  Twisted St. and Park Ave.  •  Twisted Street West  •  Zeku-Kari Beach
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