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The Arena is a Parthenon-like structure built to act as a public forum and arena for various events.

The Arena
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Available Exits
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The view of the Arena interior from the Simplified Map of Mabase.


Since the founding of Twisted, the Arena has served as a sparring ground for fighters and an easy to use central location for events. From it's earliest conception it was a Parthenon-like structure decorated with tall pillars and ticket booths set up at the entrances. During the time in which Señor Diablo had control of Twisted it was also used as a Town Hall-type meeting place for residents to voice complaints or vote on issues. Following the shattering of the Twisted Street the sides of the Arena where reinforced. Gone are the great pillars and in their place solid stone walls which can absorb different types of physical and spiritual attacks thanks to elaborate incantations put up for the safety of the citizens of Mabase.

Despite this, the location lay dormant until it was claimed by Rebecca Buck and modified into more of a wrestling-style venue complete with a steel cage in the center and massive speakers hanging from the ceiling for commentating (and really loud music).

Grid Descriptions

The Arena - Stands(#5275R)
Stepping through the fissure at the height of lopsided steps, visitors to the arena are admitted to a coliseum-like seating area, dropping away for what seems hundreds of rows. In reality it's a few dozen, but something in the air distorts perception and makes everything about this bizarre structure - including what passes within - particularly... epic. Those sensitive to fluctuations in power - be it chi, magic, magnetic leylines, or what have you - may be overwhelmed as nothing seems to pass through the walls or high domed ceiling, which broods overhead, and is mercifully lit by streamers of multicoloured LEDs and wildly swaying fluorescent strip lighting.

The very basic stone pews are scattered with debris of all kinds, from blankets and cushions left behind by dedicated spectators, to beer cans, pizza boxes, and unhurled missile weapons left behind by the wilder bunch. The latter behavior is very much encouraged; signs festooning the inner arena bear slogans such as, 'Two men enter, one man leaves!', 'If you want blood... you got it!', and 'We're all gonna die, so let's get high!'

When fights occur, as if by magic large, marsupial fur-suited attendants appear selling everything a rowdy crowd could need to be suitably rude, crude, and loud - bullhorns, massive foam hands, blank-firing assault rifles, and lots and lots of lovely Spunk. It's a beer, you filth. Actually, it's the worst beer ever designed by a mortal man - and advertisements for it are secreted away everywhere, especially where they're least expected.

But it's all about the violence, right? At the base of the gaping terrace squats a malformed, barbed and spiked cage-like structure proudly bearing a 'BLUNDERDOME' sign written in basically-probably-blood. Mutilated stuffed animals have been bolted, hooked, or impaled to the outside of the cage at strategic points, and form chaotic pseudo-rings around the two squat entrance gates. Volunteer bouncers man these keenly, ensuring nobody gets in or out who shouldn't be getting in or out.

It's about a twelve foot drop from there to the dirty, bloody floor of the fighting pit. Gather around, you brutal bastards, and place your bets!

The Arena - Pit(#5278R)
Well, this is lovely.

After dropping from the entrance gates above, competitors on the pit floor are greeted first by the heady stench of sweat, blood, and other less-savory bodily fluids, and then by the squelching sensation of their feet being enveloped by the same. Nobody has cleaned this place in... well, ever. It's a plentifully large area to work with, at least, with a good thirty feet of headspace at the highest point.

From this side it's apparent that several monitors have been slung up inside the cage, so those not able or bold enough to press themselves against the cage can be sure not to miss anything, but the experience is clearly geared toward the fighters more than the audience. There's liable to be plenty of fallen weapons around, and any attempts to flee are met on the outside with blistering metal spikes, rough-textured truck tyres, and plyboards covered in rusted tin cans and broken bottles. It's a whole mess of tetanus waiting to happen, just for you, and you!

There is one apparent exit; a small, unassuming door on the east side of the pit. It's stalwartly locked, and apparently unbreakable, so long as more than one person remains conscious and/or breathing inside. Upon a combatant achieving victory, it 'pings' open with a delightful little fanfare - customized to the participants... somehow - and allows the winning competitor to make their dramatic exit.

The loser... who cares? Probably they'll be hauled out and left up top somewhere, where their miserable fans can kiss them better.

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The Arena
Available Exits

Originally a part of The City of Twisted, the Arena was used as a Town Hall by Señor Diablo once he took control of the city from the original Council. After his succession by Lady Setsuna, the Arena was nearly demolished under orders by TASK Director Rayne Hubris. However, largely thanks to the martial arts community it was allowed to remain in service - eventually being moved to The City of Neo-Edo to help preserve it from the chaos that once more overtook Twisted when the stabilizing barrier was lifted.

Grid Descriptions

The Arena - South Entrance (#3832R)
Looking like it belongs in a classical epic, rather than on a city street, this theater-style arena obviously serves more than a single purpose. This entrance chamber has an empty ticket booth for events and various posters adorn the walls. From here a large gate hangs open looking down over the large arena in the building's center.

The Arena - Event Floor (#4390R)
The sand crunches beneath your feet as you descend into the Arena proper. Hanging from the pillars are colorful banners representing the seasons, viewable only from the inside of the building. An interesting feature of the arena is that the seats above are somehow protected against attacks. Meaning if a fight where to break out in the arena itself, anyone standing along the walkways would be completely safe should the fight get out of control. Because of this seeing people wildly testing their abilities here is not uncommon.

Once this arena served as the Town Hall of Twisted during Señor Diablo's reign. While no real evidence of its time serving that function exists, bewildered fighters will occasionally claim to see glowing red writing scrawled across every surface just before being knocked out. The subject of that writing only serves to be more confusing as it always seems to be written in that fighter's native language. The message? Presumably a riddle that reads, "fulfill the prophecy" over and over again.

The Arena - North Entrance (#4374R)
The Northern entrance of the Parthenon-like Arena looks almost exactly the same as the Southern entrance. There are still several empty ticket booths and posters on the walls advertising various events. There is still a large, heavy gate (currently closed) to restrict entrance to the Arena from outside the building. However the noticeable difference is that this side is rarely used. Dust and cobwebs cover everything. Once this side of the building led travelers to the TASK Building, but back then the Arena was in an entirely different city.

Beneath the dust on the wall opposite the ticket booths hangs a painting of the famous Carpathian, Vigo. It is said that his spirit still haunts the painting to this day - randomly giving out cryptic messages making fun of the near future.

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