Adachi Boulevard

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Adachi Boulevard
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Available Exits

Grid Description

Adachi Boulevard(#5239R)

Running from Truce Fountain at the eastern end, Adachi is a broad road that runs straight between the MCPD and the athletic track behind Kohoku Academy. Trees and benches line either side, making for a pleasant enough journey - until the boulevard passes the Twisted Public Library and on into... nothing.

Those passing through find themselves in the midst of a bizarre, distorted void. There's an occasional floating shrub, and not much else, before the road connects onto a considerably more metropolitan street to the west.

Luckily the void itself is more of an illusion caused by a gap in the road. There's a temporary bridge set up across the gap that can be safely traveled across even by large vehicles. The void in the sky is unfortunately a reminder of what exists outside the illusion of a sky above. At some angles there seems to be a large structure positioned just above the center of Mabase. What could that be...?

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