Adachi Boulevard

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Adachi Boulevard
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Adachi Boulevard

Despite it's description, the boulevard known as Adachi is quite stable. Named after the Adachi District of Neo-Edo, Adachi Boulevard is a fairly long road that abruptly drops off into a chasm just before reaching the border of the area known as the Red Light District. A makeshift bridge has been constructed allowing passage to the shattered remains of Higashi Ayasse Street, the once beautiful home of high society in the aforementioned Neo-Edo.

Many small businesses are known to make their homes here contrary to Adachi's depiction on the Simplified Map of Mabase. The Twisted Public Library is only the most prominent landmark.

Grid Description

Adachi Boulevard(#5239R)
Running from Truce Fountain at the eastern end, Adachi is a broad road that runs straight between the MCPD and the athletic track behind Kohoku Academy. Trees and benches line either side, making for a pleasant enough journey - until the boulevard passes the Twisted Public Library and on into... nothing.

Those passing through find themselves in the midst of a bizarre, distorted void. There's an occasional floating shrub, and not much else, before the road connects onto a considerably more metropolitan street to the west.

Luckily the void itself is more of an illusion caused by a gap in the road. There's a temporary bridge set up across the gap that can be safely traveled across even by large vehicles. The void in the sky is unfortunately a reminder of what exists outside the illusion of a sky above. At some angles there seems to be a large structure positioned just above the center of Mabase. What could that be...?

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