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The Plowse Bridge is an area on the western bank of Mabase currently being used as an anchor point for connected worlds.

Plowse Bridge
Plowse Bridge Remains.png
Available Exits

Originally the Plowse Bridge was a masterful piece of architecture which somehow held the Twisted Street across the cities of Twisted and Neo-Edo. However, since the shattering of the Twisted Street the remains of the bridge have been effectively dumped on the western bank of the City of Mabase. Chunks of cities, still connected to their original worlds, are pulled here and tethered through various man-made bridges allowing free travel to those worlds. However as it is very easy to become trapped on those overlapping worlds, Plowse Bridge is often the last sight of the world of Twisted people tend to see...

Grid Description

Broken Plowse Bridge(#5378R)
Hanging unceremoniously at a strange angle is the remains of Plowse Bridge. At one time it was a two mile long bridge built to hold the Twisted Street above the bay to connect Twisted City with Neo-Edo, but now it's simply a relic of a past time. Large chunks of the suspension bridge are left dangling off the side, but whatever magic 'grew' it is long gone and the bridge rarely even sees repair these days - not that there's any need for it. Anchored to the sides are several small islands which are remnants of larger worlds once connected to Twisted. Connecting them are handmade planks and scaffolding built not for aesthetics but simply to be able to reach those pieces.

Above everything at the top of the bridge is a lookout which is currently being used as an anchor point for various airships that have only recently started to come and go.

Plowse Bridge Lookout(#5381R)
A large well-lit room with two huge windows nearly taking up the whole of two opposite walls. While the glass in the windows has mostly been broken out, each side has benches set up and lookout telescopes once used to gaze at the city skylines. In the center of each non-windowed wall a lone door opens up to a tiny balcony for those who prefer the feel of the breeze - or fly in it. All along the walkways are ropes and planks connecting various airships which are docked at the moment.

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Plowse Bridge
Plowse Bridge.png
Available Exits

Grid Description

A Bridge Between Cities (#4465R)
Stretching between the city of Twisted and the island of Neo-Edo is a two mile (about 3200 meters) long suspension bridge. Three towers keep this section of Twisted Street above the waters using an elaborate net of nearly-impossible to break cables, each the size of a tree trunk. The reason for three towers isn't just for a nifty design, the middle tower marks the eastern edge of the protective field which keeps Twisted safe. The center tower also has a spiral staircase accessible to anyone brave enough to walk the bridge and a lookout/rest area above. Marking the transition above the out-bound side of the Twisted Street is a sign which reads, "Please take care past this point," a friendly reminder that life in Neo-Edo is a tad more dangerous than in its sister city.

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