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The information contained on this page is the constructed history which Señor Diablo created as a way of controlling the people of Twisted. As this information is no longer relevant all information following the creation of "Unified Twisted" will not be added to this page, and as such this page will no longer be updated. To view the actual timeline of Twisted, please visit the Complete History of Twisted.

The Unified History of Twisted

90 DT Twisted is created forged from the chaos by the Goddess Trinune. The world takes its name from the name of the first street built by Trinune.
72 DT Twisted is found in the past by the first settlers. Life is brought to the world.
68 DT The first council is forged by Concordance. Gegoshi is tasked with balancing Twisted from the Chaos.
65 DT A plague sweeps the land and begins killing off the first settlers
63 DT Medical Mechanica arrives to heal the sick and assist in the rebuilding process
62 DT The plague is found to be the cause of a beast of incredible power. 100 seals are placed on the beast to prevent the spread of its poison and the beast is chained to the chambers of the first Council.
48 DT THE TIME OF THE ZEALOUS QUEEN - One of the myriad worlds of the multiverse begins to attack Twisted lead by the Queen of Zeal to enslave every world she came across. Her wrath continues for a year before the Advent of Light, Crux, comes to the aid of the people and vanishes mysteriously.
26 DT A dark angel named Datenshi Wraithshadow arrives on Twisted, challenging the first Council and accusing it of having grown corrupted with power. His voice falls upon deaf ears.
22 DT The children of a local inventor are born having the power to control the chaos from which Twisted was forged. In fear of the possibility of them destabilizing the world, the twins are separated and sealed away in two different pocket dimensions.
21 DT Datenshi manages to start a rebellion against the Council claiming the punishment of the two children is proof of their corruption. Three members of the original Council are killed and 25 seals are broken. Illnesses are once more set loose upon the populace and a third of the population dies before a cure is found.
19 DT Tensions between those involved in the rebellion against the Council and those not involved escalate into a civil war. During the carnage two of the rebels, Cale and Meln Charis, begin performing sick experiments on the bodies of those that fall in battle. Cries of "soul stealing" only make the situation worse.
18 DT By the first of the year, the reanimated dead begin to fight alongside the rebel forces. In an effort to end the destruction the remaining Council members open a massive gateway to another world removing miles of Twisted’s landscape and sending all those upon it into this new world. It becomes known as Hell. One of the remaining Council, ironically named Diablo, follows into this ‘Hell’ to prevent it from attacking Twisted again. There he sets up a new Council to govern those banished. The miles of chaos left in the wake of the broken landscape becomes known as the Wastelands.
11 DT All chaotic areas outside of Twisted become known as the Wastelands as the phrase becomes more widely used by the populace. During this time adventurers begin probing the Wastelands trying to understand them better. Many more worlds are found connected to Twisted, but many more lives are lost.
10 DT One of the frequent Wasteland explorers, a mercenary named Samantha Li-Bogard, makes the first return trip to and from Hell discovering it was still connected to Twisted by a thin portal. Information begins to trickle from this new world as more journeys are taken to explore it.
6 DT Travel to and from Hell becomes commonplace. Families previously separated are reunited. The two Councils begin to meet to discuss the future of the two worlds. After a disagreement between Concordance and Diablo a blockade is put in place separating the two worlds once again. Old rivalries begin to resurface on both sides of the celestial wall. The first of the two exiled children are released from their prisons to serve on the Council under the threat of being sent back.
4 DT Word leaks out that other versions of Hell have begun connecting to Twisted’s Hell across the dimensions. It is soon realized that the term is more literal than figurative. Diablo tries to send messengers across the worlds to work out an agreement to offer safe passage for the citizens still in Hell to be freed before the dammed in the other versions of Hell can corrupt or kill them. Twisted’s Council refuses to discuss the matter.
3 DT With tensions high, rioting breaks out on Twisted as more supporters for Diablo’s cause rise up against the Council in response. Over the course of the year the outbursts rise into full-blown fighting as another civil war is waged on Twisted’s soil. During this the blockade between worlds falls and blood flows on the streets. As one of the final fights occur in the chambers of the first Council, Concordance is killed and the remaining seals on the beast are released. Once more the monster responsible for the deaths of the first settlers spreads infection and disease across Twisted. After the chaos literally spreads, the world begins to fall apart. Huge areas of the world are lost to the Wastelands as it spreads unchecked over the landscape. The Advent of Light returns once again, banishing the beast and restoring order to world at the cost of his own life. As Twisted rebuilds a new Council is formed with Diablo as it’s leader. It is currently unknown how many of the remaining Hell Council members stay behind to keep Hell under control without him.
1 DT It takes two years for the innocents trapped in Hell to be found and released to be free on Twisted once more. To prevent the corruption of the previous council Diablo creates a public forum where the citizens of the world are free to come speak and vote on issues themselves. As a show of respect he begins to call his advisors his new Council even though they don’t serve the same purpose as the previous one. The second of the two banished twins are released, the surviving members of the original Council discover that he has none of the powers of his sister and retreat into the shadows in shame.
0 UT With the removal of the previous Council, it is decided to create a calendar to better keep track of events as none had officially been established. Based on the 365 day Earth Calendar all dates are retroactively renumbered DT (De-Unified Twisted) with all new subsequent years referred to as UT (Unified Twisted).

A new age of Twisted begins...

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