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Cale Charis
Full Name: Cale Charis

Series: Original

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Species: Variant
Height: Variant
Weight: Variant

Short Description: Cale. Insane black dragon of Lunar. Soul stealer. Formerly from Lunar, then on to Nerima, then to parts unknown, and nore here. So much more to tell, yet none I care to share.

Cale Charis
You see nothing special.


Not to be confused with Dragonmaster Cale Charis, this version comes from an alternate dimension and enjoys torturing people and claiming wives alongside Datenshi Wraithshadow. Generally appears as a blonde haired blue eyed elf in a black cloak. While on Chronos, this Cale claimed a wife named Yoko who later was sacrificed to become his new body.

Eventually Cale was destroyed and reincarnated. With the sacrifice of two of Cale's wives, his memory was partially restored. But at what price? Cale now lives on as the entity which calls itself Luna.


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